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Dick Jerardi: Todd Beattie willing to travel with talented Taris

Jim McCue/Maryland Jockey Club
Taris is now 2 for 2 after winning the Wide Country Stakes for 3-year-old fillies at Laurel Park.

Trainer Todd Beattie usually does not leave his Penn National base unless he thinks he has a horse who is very live. So, when Taris, a 2-year-old filly, showed up at Aqueduct on Dec. 21 to make her debut, it should not have been a complete shock that she ran off the screen, winning by nearly 12 lengths and getting an 88 Beyer Speed Figure.

In 2013, Beattie started 81 horses out of town. He had 22 wins, 9 seconds, and 15 thirds. He won another 45 races at Penn from 171 starters.

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Taris was nearly 4-1 in that debut. She ran like 1-4. She was 1-5 when Beattie brought her back in the $100,000 Wide Country Stakes at Laurel Park last Saturday. She ran like 1-5, winning by 5 1/2 lengths. Her Beyer (72) was not nearly as impressive as that debut, but she was impressive, winning with complete ease. Penn National regular Clinton Potts has ridden the filly in both starts.

“It was a pretty simple race,” Potts said. “I had some pressure early in the race and I was a little concerned because the track was deep, but this horse handles everything right. Todd deserves great credit for getting this horse ready because she does everything just like an older horse. Her career is definitely going to go far.”

Taris was purchased for $90,000 at the 2012 Keeneland fall sale. She has already won $102,000, with the promise of much more.

“She just continues to impress me,” Beattie said. “I’m going to go south with her and try to avoid this cold weather, freshen her up a little bit at my sister Holly’s farm in Ocala. The logical spot to run her back would be the one-turn mile [at Laurel] on March 8,” in the Caesar’s Wish Stakes, “but we’ll have to see how the weather and all plays out.

“I love to run in this region. I’m stabled at Penn year round and I like the way I get treated when I come down here, but I have the option in Florida to stay there and run.”

Taris was not the only impressive 3-year-old to run on that Laurel card that featured four stakes.

Extrasexyhippzster won the one-mile, $100,000 Miracle Wood by nearly four lengths and got his second straight excellent Beyer. The colt got a 93 when he won a stakes at Aqueduct and 92 for winning the Miracle Wood.

Extrasexyhippzster’s trainer, Mike Trombetta, is no stranger to good 3-year-olds. It was 2006 when he sent out Sweetnorthernsaint as the favorite in the Kentucky Derby. The horse finished second to Bernardini in the Preakness.

“I’m extremely pleased with this performance,” Trombetta said of Extrasexyhippzster. “You hope that everything turns out perfect the way a race develops but rarely does it. This was so impressive the way he rated behind all that speed. He was kind to Julian [Pimentel] the whole way. When he found that spot at the top of the lane I was very impressed with the way he went forward.

“This time of the year you start trying them a little further to see if they’re going to be able to get the longer distances and for me today he passed the test. I don’t know where I’ll run him back, but the obvious is to continue to add distance and two turns.”

Black not retired, still winning

When he won race 5,200 last spring, Parx Racing-based jockey Tony Black announced his retirement. That lasted until Pennsylvania Derby Day on Sept. 21, when he took a mount. He does not take many rides, but he does take a few and only those that are quite live.

That was Black, 62, winning the What a Summer Stakes at Laurel on Winning Image. It was win No. 5,205 and the eighth stakes win for Winning Image.

“She has natural speed,” Black said. “She’s as quick as some of the better horses I have ridden like Dave’s Friend and My Juliet.”

Black is talking about two of the fastest horses of the 1970s and 1980s. My Juliet won an Eclipse Award as champion sprinter. And Dave’s Friend should have won at least one, if not more.

Matthew Ellis More than 1 year ago
I was touting this horse Winning Image after the race It was visually impressive SPEED from the start/Turn and game destroyed a quality form in Lifetime Form right now. Take serious where ever she runs. BEWARNED !
Patricia Doyle More than 1 year ago
How come no one is paying attention and failed to mention all of the free articles? DRF is trying to keep its fans happy and I think that we should let them know we appreciate them. I still think they have a right to charge for their product. its not greed just business. The writers are working people trying to support their families. .
Bugsy Anderson More than 1 year ago
All the free articles? There is NONE about any tracks that matter.
Patricia Doyle More than 1 year ago
What tracks are you referring to as tracks that matter? I saw Gulfstream, Santa Anita and Aqueduct. I have seen articles at other times for Parx, Laurel, Churchill Downs etc.
Hail No More than 1 year ago
It's admirable that you are defending the drf, have you even seen the "new" form? It's a slap in the face to handicappers, you know, the people who put the money through the windows? we deserve better, and there are no + articles worth the price of admission.
Hail No More than 1 year ago
Oh, and they do (over) charge for their product, the PPs.
Hail No More than 1 year ago
PS, DRF doe's have a nice "deal" for the 60 card classic plan, (probably others too) using code DRFPH25
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You can always take up writing and freelance by sending YOUR articles to DRF and other racing daily and weeklies. Better yet, start your own racing daily. No one forces you to buy DRF. They would not be in business if they give away their services for free. As for overcharge, you don;t have to buy it.
Alan Bush More than 1 year ago
Dead and in the hole.......only thing left is to put the dirt on it!! Entries and results is about all that is left. What other similar sources would all of you recommend now?
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I cannot understand why people want DRF to GIVE away for free their product. We use the information to make money or to try to make money. DRF handicapping info and articles are their business. Let's say you are a plumber, would you like it if people expected you to go house to house offering your skilled plumbing services for free? See what I mean here?
Patricia Doyle More than 1 year ago
if you want to read the articles then subscribe. I have read other racing mags and the quality of work is so,etimes not up to that of DRF. DRF has had historic writers and personalities. BTW in a lot of the other racing mags you will notice very few comments posted. Could be the management of the competition mag is censoring some comments. DRF gives us plenty of chance to post even when the posts are anti DRF. DRF posted a lot of free articles, so go to the DRF home page and enjoy.
Bugsy Anderson More than 1 year ago
Ummmm they will make the money when people return to the track and buy the form. At the track, it is the only place to get your info on all the tracks running. But like most knobs in this business.... no one cares about people returning to the tracks. Look at NYRA charging MORE just to enter the grounds. A place that is losing people and fast.... raised prices. Oh, and the overnights and stakes just got a purse raise. Common sense is lower the price, dont give the purse raises, get the fans back, and the wagering will rise to justify any purse increases. Common sense is totally lacking. I do not go to the track anymore, because I know nothing about the tracks I wager on..... because they want me to pay. I am a lost customer. I have no need for the form. I cant keep up with the day to day runnings of the tracks that I wager on.
peter k More than 1 year ago
Ah the days of yore - especially Daves Friend - one of my all time favorites
Patricia Doyle More than 1 year ago
I think some of the posts below are a bit unfair. If this had been pre internet age we would all have to fork up the money to buy a (paper) DRF. Why do we expect something for nothing because we are on our computers? If DRF gives away its articles how do the writers get paid? In 1975 we were all buying DRF so why should 2014 be any different? As for Tony Black, hope he keeps on riding. Good rider.
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I agree about the lack of free articles but DRF is not responsible to revive a dieing sport but to report responsibly. This is a business just like any other business, make money.
Richard Catalano More than 1 year ago
i no longer bet with drf bets bacause of their incrediblr greediness u should be ashamed of yourselves
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I don't know what you do for a living but let's say you are a skilled computer programmer or technician. Well, what if I and everyone on this comment forum asked you to come to our houses and fix our computer software or asked you to make us up a program to aid us in picking winners? BTW we want your service for free. It is for the good of the sport. What would you say to giving away for free the very service that earns you a living for your family. Not one on this forum would ask you to provide that service for free because we understand that is how you earn your living. Nothing to do with greed just good business.
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How is this crap the only free article we get? can someone explain how this is gonna help a sport that is losing fans rapidly? "Hey horse racing fans...... we want you to follow your favorite stars..... after you pay a fee?" ps - to make it a relevant post, Tony..... missed seeing you ride daily
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Joseph Giambra More than 1 year ago
Thanks for mentioning Blood Horse, I can take these money hungry touts off my favorites list. I can get entries from brisnet for free.
Darrell Peck More than 1 year ago
I agree about the lack of free articles but DRF is not responsible to revive a dieing sport but to report responsibly. This is a business just like any other business, make money.
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You do not get that by attracting fans to the racetracks, and keeping fans interest, they go to the track and buy the form? Show me another professional sport where the main news journal requires you to pay for it? NBA? NFL? NCAA? Auto racing?
Cory Casebier More than 1 year ago
Taris is gonna win the 2014 Test Stakes at Saratoga
michael More than 1 year ago
I too hope we get to see more of Taris in Maryland. Though Taris maybe not as freaky fast, can't help remembering Xtra heat when you talk about fast fillies at Laurel. Wow, ran faster than the wind.