08/03/2016 2:50PM

Diamond Joe, sire Dazzling Falls together in Omaha

Lynn Buckner
Current Nebraska-bred star Diamond Joe (left) and his sire, the 24-year-old Dazzling Falls, were side by side in trainer Chuck Turco's barn at Horsemen's Park last weekend.

Dazzling Falls, the 24-year-old Nebraska-bred who ran in the 1995 Kentucky Derby after winning the Arkansas Derby, made a special appearance last Saturday at the Horsemen’s Park meet in Omaha, Neb. A race was named in his honor, and while he was on the grounds, he was stabled with his old trainer, Chuck Turco.

“He had a blast,” Turco said. “I think he thought he was going to run. He was excited. He wasn’t nervous. He was a gentleman. It was really neat. The people that were there really enjoyed it. It was nice to bring him out and show him to the people.”

Dazzling Falls, who was paraded ontrack, was stabled alongside Turco’s current barn star, Diamond Joe. Diamond Joe won his 24th career race last Saturday at Horsemen’s in the Roman Zipper. He is a son of Dazzling Falls.

“They were just looking at each other,” said Turco. “A big question is, ‘Do horses know who their dad is?’ A lot of people say no, and you have to go with the experts with that. But I think Diamond Joe knew something was up. We’re always guessing about what they’re thinking, and I’m going with he knew that this big brown horse was important. He didn’t maybe know why. It was a fun day.”

Turco said Diamond Joe has since been sent to Canterbury to train for the $40,000 John Bullit, a 1 1/16-mile race Sept. 16. He won last year’s John Bullit.

Racing in Nebraska resumes Friday with the opening of the Columbus meet. It runs through Sept. 5.