03/16/2017 10:44AM

Despite cold, qualifying action heats up


The big news is the contest world last weekend was Eric Moomey, the 2014 National Handicapping Championship Tour winner, finding himself back in the winner’s circle at the Ultimate Betting Challenge. Moomey, who bested a strong field by running up his starting bankroll to over $17,000, played from Santa Anita. This weekend, DRF Tournaments is hosting the first feeders for the Santa Anita Preakness Challenge, a live-bankroll tournament to be held over Preakness weekend at the Great Race Place.

The featured contest action on DRF Tournaments kicks off on Saturday with three events, two qualifiers and a credit builder.

Players interested in participating in Monmouth’s Pick Your Prize event in June will have an opportunity to win in for $126. One in 23 entries will win their $2,500 Monmouth entries plus $500 in travel. The Pick Your Prize contest is a one-day, live-bank event that takes place on Saturday, June 3.

You wouldn’t know it from the weather this week in the Northeast but spring is just around the corner. And what better harbinger of spring is there than making your travel plans to Keeneland? Players interested in playing in the Grade One Gamble on Sunday, April 23, can put up $162 on Saturday. One in 25 will win their $3,000 entries plus $500 in travel.

Saturday’s third featured event is an all-in credit builder with a projected purse of $3,000. It costs $50 to play, and assuming a full field of 68, the winner will receive $1,200 in site credit. It’s a great way to fund your upcoming contest play.

The most time-sensitive event of the weekend is Sunday’s Horse Player World Series qualifier. The HPWS begins March 30 and is a three-day, mythical-money marathon. Sunday’s contest costs $90 to play and one in 19 entries will win their $1,500 HPWS buy-ins.

The richest prize of the weekend is also on offer on Sunday. There is a $400 buy-in for a qualifier to the Del Mar Handicapping Challenge, where one in 22 entries will receive their $7,000 seats for Del Mar’s July tourney plus $500 in travel.

Finally, for $108, players can compete for seats to the Wynn Challenge on Aug. 4-5. One in 27 entries will win $2,000 Wynn seats plus $500 in travel. The Wynn contest is a mythical-money event focusing on Del Mar and Saratoga that takes place at the Wynn Las Vegas.

There are many other lower buy-in contests on DRF Tournaments as well, from Wednesday through Sunday most weeks. Players can choose between feeders, credit-builders, and match-up contests, depending on their bankrolls and goals. Be sure to check out the new five player winner-take-all credit builder contests.

For more information, including a list of which races will be used for each contest, go to tournaments.drf.com.