08/03/2014 7:26PM

Desormeaux fined for failed Breathalyzer test

Barbara D. Livingston
Kent Desormeaux must submit to a Breathalyzer test submitted by the California Horse Racing Board each racing day through Nov. 3.

DEL MAR, Calif.- Kent Desormeaux, the leading rider at Del Mar, was fined $1,000 by track stewards on Sunday for failing a Breathalyzer test at Santa Anita on June 26 that led to him being removed from his mounts that day.

In a two-paragraph decision, stewards Scott Chaney, Luis Jauregui,  and Kim Sawyer fined Desormeaux and stated that he must be evaluated by the Winners’ Foundation and following its recommendations, and must submit to a Breathalyzer test submitted by the California Horse Racing Board each racing day through Nov. 3.

The Winner’s Foundation counsels people in Southern California with dependency issues.

Desormeaux was booked to ride two horses on June 26 but was removed from his mounts after failing the Breathalyzer test. The incident was the subject of a racing board investigation that led to Sunday’s ruling.

Desormeaux resumed riding at Santa Anita the next day.

A member of racing’s Hall of Fame, Desormeaux, 44, has had alcohol-related troubled in the past. He failed a Breathalyzer test at Woodbine in 2010, and again at Belmont Park in May 2012. As a result of the failed test at Belmont Park, Desormeaux was taken off Tiger Walk for the Preakness Stakes run the following day.

Desormeaux, who has won 13 riding titles at Southern California tracks, rode on the East Coast in recent years. He returned to riding in Southern California earlier this year and is having a successful summer. Through Saturday, he led all riders at the Del Mar meeting with 12 wins.

Cover2 More than 1 year ago
Its state to state license conditions, if Tyler Baze failed a test would penalty be the same ?
. More than 1 year ago
too bad because California is hurting for good riders. they don't have enough. I wish Rosario would go back there.
ken n More than 1 year ago
Once a boozer,always a boozer.
Derrick Paine More than 1 year ago
once a winner, always a winner
Forego137 More than 1 year ago
The bottom line here is the safety of the horses, jockey's, the next issue is the betting public, the track has to maintain integrity of the sport for the betting public to bet w/confidence on a horse will get a proper ride from a jock not under the influence of some kind of drink or drug. When your in the spot light like these jocks are they have to be sqeeky clean not like you and me that are not in the spot light we can drink and do drugs and get away w/it as long as we don't smell of it or get too crazy to make it obvious we had a drink or ingesteted some kind of drug to the extent it gets noticed.
Cover2 More than 1 year ago
What NFL game is on NBC thurs ?
Natasha Banks More than 1 year ago
Ignoance truly must be bliss to many of you. You go to any track, on any day, test the whole jockey colony, and I'll garauntee you ........maybe 5 riders will pass. This industry is BRUTAL! It messes up your head. No one can do what we do every day and see what we see, and go through what we go through ......and remain sober. It's impossible. This business is not rainbows and unicorns "as seen on t.v." Oh no. Far from. Bottom line, don't judge. Don't act like a bunch of pricks until you've been a jockey. Then, and only then, do you have the right to flap your jaws! The public has NO frickin idea what it's really like.
Frank Reach More than 1 year ago
Amen Natasha. Well said !!!!!!
Derrick Paine More than 1 year ago
Ok Back in June he failed a breath test, one day, at Santa Anita, and he didn't ride, so what. His loss that day is not yours. The test did what it is supposed to do. However this guy wins, and very much to the delight of the drunken fans and horse owners in the stands. Being a jockey is one of the toughest jobs on, the face of the earth, riding a beast approx. 12 times his body weight at breakneck speeds that could give any rider a near death or worse experience on any given day. KD has had a near death experience with a passed breath test ! He gets the right to be social. Unlike most armchair riders, he is the real deal and he does it almost everyday. Like the rest of us he gets the right to unwind and enjoy life. Problem is for his body weight, a dinner party with friends the night before, with a healthy glass of wine will fail any test the following day. I stand hopeful that he measures his unwind in the nights before he races. Personally I hope that none of the genius reactionary minds listed below continue to bet on him and instead continue to bet their favorite silk color to then create a useful bet overlay that I will continue to use to make lots of money on their poor understanding of the real world. KD will always be worth the bet and the toast.
Cover2 More than 1 year ago
We've seen bombers from Red Pollard to Milo --- to these guys now--bottoms up !
Scott Scheib More than 1 year ago
He won't a dime of mine Derrick. Here is a genius reactionary comment for you Mr. know it all, I do unwind, and i am social, but i dont climb on a horse or get in my car and endanger others. He was good, but if he was still great, he would be at the hall of fame circuit at Saratoga, and he cannot even sniff the top ten there.
Scott Scheib More than 1 year ago
Great rider back in the day, but definitely a drunk. It is simply not fair to the rest of the rider colony that put their lives in danger on every mount, without the possibility of a drunk rider in the mix during a race. These athletes have to make split second decisions throughout the majority of a horse race. When is racing going to stop the BS testing and start long term suspensions. Ridiculous
mike More than 1 year ago
Have you ever had one drink too many? Agreed he doesn't need to be racing under the influence. FYI he's STILL a great rider.
Frank Reach More than 1 year ago
Ok Ok... I appreciate Mike's and Scott's opinion on this matter. But, I will say one thing .... the best riders I ever saw...Patrick Valenzuela, Marty Wentz and Jim Powell all were stoned when they rode...and they truly were the best ever if you ask me.
Irene Davis More than 1 year ago
I stopped being a fan of KD when he gave Big Brown a dismal ride in the Belmont. IMHO, he pulled up because he didn't want to be accused of losing a 2nd TC. I was there, and you could see from the get-go that he was fighting BB as BB's head kept pulling back. Let's face it, if 1 of the longest shot on the board, DaTara, could go wire-to-wire, no doubt BB on his worse day could have beaten him. To this day, I will never forget that race, and I wasn't a BB fan. Sad, but all I remember about that race is KD not doing the right thing by the horse.
Stephanie Broussard More than 1 year ago
Please GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT before you convey your opinion. Different story had you been in the KD Fan Pack!!! Sorry for your disappointment.. He did what was best for the horse not the horseman, owners, gamblers, etc.
Cover2 More than 1 year ago
Not the most reliable, but have cashed a lot of good ones with KD
mark oleary More than 1 year ago
also a bad decision. i love kent and his ability but , sorry , dont ride my horse buzzed, and dont expect me to bet on a horse where the rider is impaired.
David More than 1 year ago
if they REALLY tested all the horses in each and every race, than they would have nothing to send out and put their spectacle on with, all the horses are doped up either with pain killers, masking agents, etc, and management seems fine with that as long as people are willing to throw $$$ at their game, than all is well, but to try and shame a jockey in public seems like a low blow, instead they should do something about their horses that are breaking down and dying in the afternoons, and the untold amount that breakdown in the mornings and are swept under the carpet.