01/03/2014 1:15PM

Delta cancels Thursday card after back-up generator fails


Delta Downs canceled its racing program Thursday night after a backup generator stopped working.

The generator is designed to automatically switch on if the main power supply for the lights illuminating the track surface fails. The lack of backup power was considered a potential safety hazard, and led to the decision to abandon racing.

The generator failure, a Delta official said, was being repaired Friday morning and the track was hopeful of conducting its Friday night card as scheduled.

Darrell Peck More than 1 year ago
Good lord, what happened to the announcement about the freezing rain. Yesterday right here on DRF they posted that racing was canceled because of freezing rain that could make the bridges around the facility to be hazardous. So I post that the coldest it got was 37 and that was at 11:20 pm. Also I posted that the total rain for the 24 hours was .07". Now I notice the entire news column is gone and replaced with this lame excuse. Are you kidding me the back up generator, whats next the back up to the back up going bad. Tracks that have casinos don't care one bit about the racing and to prove that would be did they also shut down the casino, no they didn't. The temperature was 57 for a high and 37 for a low, stop lying about why you didn't want to run the card but I guess you can't help it. There is a dog track in Iowa called Horseshoe council bluffs that has offered the state over 10 million to keep the casino but eliminate the Dog racing and the state said no. Boy you talk about racing being on life support this is another example of just that. I'll even go to say that racing is coming to a halt in Illinois soon. They say because of of the money that could be lost from online racing would be the reason for that. Illinois only had this money for a few years now and racing was just fine before that. Horse racing needs to clean up the game and start listening to the bettors and less of the owners that run the business.