Updated on 07/26/2013 4:14PM

Delaware Park rules off trainer Roberson


Donald Roberson, a trainer at Delaware Park, has been ruled off the grounds of the track after a search of his barn turned up “injectable medications, syringes, and needles,” according to a ruling posted on the website of the Delaware Thoroughbred Racing Commission.

Roberson, who has 3 wins from 24 starters at the current Delaware meet, was ejected from the track as of July 17, according to the ruling, and will be denied access to the grounds until a hearing in front of the stewards.

John Wayne, the executive director of the Delaware commission, said on Friday investigators searched the barn on the morning of July 13 and confiscated a number of needles with substances already loaded in them. A horse entered by Roberson on that day’s card was required to be scratched after the search turned up the materials, Wayne said.

Wayne said he would not comment on what was found because investigators were waiting on the results of lab tests on the materials found in the syringes.

“We’re leaving no stone unturned,” Wayne said.

The Delaware stewards were unavailable to comment on Friday, a dark day at the track. Phone calls to the racing office also went unanswered.

Trainers are prohibited from possessing medical syringes in every major U.S. racing jurisdiction.