08/10/2013 6:17PM

Delaware Park bans trainer for two years


Stewards at Delaware Park suspended trainer Donald Roberson for two years on Saturday, effective immediately, after a search at Roberson’s barn in July turned up syringes and injectable material, according to a ruling released Saturday.

The stewards issued the ruling following a Tuesday hearing in which the trainer admitted to possessing the syringes. The stewards also fined Roberson $2,500 and held him responsible for the $1,500 cost of testing the materials pre-loaded into the syringes. In addition, the stewards referred the case to the Delaware Thoroughbred Racing Commission for “further consideration and action if deemed appropriate,” the ruling said.

Investigators for the racing commission searched Roberson’s barn at Delaware Park on July 13. Following the search, the stewards ordered that one of Roberson’s horses be scratched from the day’s card. Four days later, the stewards ruled Roberson off the grounds. Roberson had won 3 races from 24 starts at Delaware at the time of the search.

All major racing states prohibit trainers from possessing syringes on the grounds.