08/14/2012 8:52AM

Del Mar: Woodmans Luck and Romeo Royale have a disagreement

Benoit & Associates
A frustrated Woodmans Luck tries to take a bite out of Romeo Royale during the sixth race on Saturday at Del Mar. Romeo Royale went on the win the race and came out of it unscathed.

DEL MAR, Calif. - As the field in Saturday’s sixth race came to the finish, Woodmans Luck suddenly reached to his left and attempted to bite Romeo Royale, who was in the process of winning the race and sending Woodmans Luck to his fourth straight runner-up finish and seventh second-place finish in 19 starts.

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Trainer Mike Puype said the behavior was uncharacteristic for Woodmans Luck, and theorized he got frustrated by trading bumps in the stretch with Romeo Royale.

“I think the bumping was the provocation,” Puype said. “I think he just got pissed. He has a tendency to lean on horses, but what got it going was getting bumped. I think he was trying to fight back and defend himself.”

Gary Stute, the trainer of Romeo Royale, said his horse emerged unscathed.

“Not a mark on him,” Stute said.

Rick Fernandez of Benoit and Associates, the track photographer, captured the incident.