08/01/2013 9:47AM

Del Mar: Trifecta and Superfecta Keys, B's and C's for Friday, August 2


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Key's - Gutshot Straight

B's - Magic Beam, Frenemy

C's - Street Car, Runaway Wildcat, Whining

Mitchell takes no prisoners by jamming Gutshot Straight (#9) in for a lower tag than for what the gelding won for ($40k in June) and for what he claimed him ($32k in May), and the outer post should afford Garcia a comfy stalking trip from just behind speed aplenty. Key this one in the verticals with the likes of Magic Beam (#2) and Frenemy (#11) while also tossing in last-out winner Street Car (#1) and a couple of price plays with live jocks, Runaway Wildcat (#5, Leparoux) and Whining (#6, Maldonaldo).

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