07/19/2013 10:45PM

Del Mar: Sprouts heads 1-2 for Reddam in California Thoroughbred Breeders Association Stakes


DEL MAR, Calif. – Sprouts and Eddies Curl gave owner Paul Reddam and trainer Edward Freeman a sweep of the exacta in Friday’s $100,250 California Thoroughbred Breeders Association Stakes at Del Mar, but only after the stewards reviewed Eddies Curl’s action shortly after the start.

Eddies Curl broke from post 4 and lugged to the inside leaving the gate, causing Pay the Debt and Evening News to be checked. The stewards ruled that Evening News had stumbled at the start and was not cost a better placing by Eddies Curl and that the interference to Pay the Debt was minimal.

Sprouts gave jockey Mario Gutierrez his first stakes win at Del Mar. Gutierrez is best known for winning the 2012 Kentucky Derby on the Reddam-owned I’ll Have Another.

The first two finishers were bred by Reddam and are by his freshman stallion Square Eddie.

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Leading throughout, Sprouts ($2.80) led by a half-length on the turn and pulled clear in early stretch to lead by two lengths with a furlong remaining. Sprouts won by 1 1/2 lengths over Eddies Curl, a maiden who closed from third in the field of seven. Say’s Who finished third, followed by Time for Angie, Harlington’s Rose, Pay the Debt, and Evening News in the field of California-bred 2-year-old fillies.

Sprouts ran 5 1/2 furlongs in 1:05.01 after setting fractions of 22.30 and 46.10 seconds. Gutierrez said the filly had no difficultly facing an early test from Harlington’s Rose in the opening quarter-mile before taking a clear lead.

“She was very comfortable,” Gutierrez said. “It was the first time that she had that pressure. I think it will help her. She’ll be familiar with horses on her outside.”

Sprouts has won 3 of 4 starts and $149,240. After finishing fifth in her debut at Betfair Hollywood Park in late April, Sprouts won her next two starts at that meeting – a maiden race for California-bred fillies on May 16 and the Cinderella Stakes against open company June 15.

Reddam said that Sprouts will be pointed to the $300,000 Del Mar Debutante, a Grade 1 stakes over seven furlongs, on Aug. 31.

Michael More than 1 year ago
Exactly. Well said!!!
Michael More than 1 year ago
CM66 that's a rough account you tell there, as i hope I have paid my dues, as far ad DQ's go, but we all know that we shall all be wronged several more times over as we continue to support this marvelous game we all love. May you be atoned with a massive pk6 score as the only ticket in a multi day c/o my friend!!!...if there are any petitons started to relieve these clowns of their services, of shall I clarify...disservices, I can get 100+ signatures on my end to contribute!!! I would gladly travel from Del Mar to Saratoga and back to make this happen!!! Haven't we all suffered enough???
Michael More than 1 year ago
I have no issue with the occassional "tough one to swallow"...but come on here, the inconsistencies ARE consistent!!! Without the betting public, there is NO horse racing...I've slept on it and still can't believe Trevor's explanation over the p/a..."...the incident iccurred at a stage of the race where it did not warrant a disqualification." LMAO. If I ever have the oppurtunity to own a racehorse, my instruction to my trainer would be to tell the jock to veer in sharply as the gate is opened and make as many jocks have to check as he/she can within the first 10 yards of race because on 7/19/2013 r8, Del Mar, the precedent had been set...
CMathieu66 More than 1 year ago
You mean how Cordero built his career?
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Speaking of the stewards...I do applaud the stewards (as terrible as they are) for requiring Gomez to meet with them before he can ride. They should also test him like they do with Tyler & PVal. If he isn't clean, he needs to get suspended for a long time! No reason for him to keep being Iisted on horses then getting taken off. You are taking away opportunities from other, more deserving riders.
CMathieu66 More than 1 year ago
Whoops. The pool that day was only $745k. The grief caused by the stewards is now affecting my memory.
CMathieu66 More than 1 year ago
Adam, I played the late P3 that day and had Meydan Magic in the 7th when Pulpit's Express was taken down and didn't even see PE lug in during the stretch as I was focused on MM. The replay shows PE come in quite severely and Bejarano clipped heels while battling for 2nd at the top of the stretch and faded to 6th. You could make an argument that Bejarano was coming out as PE was coming in and there was equal responsibility but I believe the final judgement that should prevail is did the offending horse prematurely take the path of another depriving it of an OPPORTUNITY for a better placing. No forecasting, no referencing of odds with the only caveat being the offended horse running out of gas and contention at that point in the race (which makes me queasy leaving it to Mo, Larry, and Curly to determine.) Was Pulpit's Express best? Clearly. Was my $101 late P3 I had multiple times handicapping genius? Clearly not. Was I fortunate? Yes. Will I take it? HELL YEAH. There is neither space here nor do you have the time to read my entire tales of woe concerning steward's decision's over the years but I will give you a good one. In 2007 there was a $4M P6 pool at Santa Anita. Me and two others had gone in on caveman ticket where we bought the two grass races. The first leg produced an easy 7/2 winner, the second a 24/1 bomb in a maiden turf race, and in the third we had to survive a ten minute inquiry (concerning the start) to leave up our 4/1. The next was our big challenge (our only single) as we went 12 deep down the hill in the feature and had the only three nags who could stand up in the nasty MDC finale. It was a 3YO Baffert stretch out in a $62.5k dirt heat who was 6/5. As they straightened out the Baffert was fending off a Spawr and finally put him away 50 yards from the wire. As I recall a minute or two passed before Trevor announced the inquiry. Espinosa, on the Baffert, had come out in deep stretch but was inching away at the time of the incident and the Spawr was well clear of third so he didn't lose a placing. As we squirmed during the endless replays the sense of doom grew and when Trevor gave the "LADIES AND GENTLE..." it was confirmed. The late double was two 9/2 shots so the sequence went without a favorite. An argument could've been made that the incident didn't alter the original order of finish but Victor had clearly come out and it left to the steward's interpretation of the rules that day.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I was part of that DQ last week when Maldonado was taken down. It did look like some incident happened, however the camara angles they had did not CONCLUSIVELY show what occurred. The result should have stood. There was an incident this past winter at SA. Gryder & Krigger were going head and head down the stretch. Gryder bumped Krigger significantly THREE different times and won by a head. Stewards left him up saying there was a foul but in their determination it would not have changed the outcome. How could that be? The SoCal stewards need to be fired immediately.
Jack Frazier More than 1 year ago
Congratulation to Eddie Freeman, one of the hardest working and under appreciated trainers on the SoCal circuit.
Greg More than 1 year ago
How about the stewards decision on Tyler Baze, now thats a joke.
[removed] More than 1 year ago
This comment has been deleted
Greg More than 1 year ago
jump off a bridge, how can u keep allowing this moron to comment
Adam Edwards More than 1 year ago
Absolute joke. The 4 wipes out the 2 and 3 and no change. Last thurs in the 7th at bhp the 1 wins by daylight and gets dq'd with no conclusive video evidence. Watch it. Zero consistency. Just keep throwing darts at the board CA stewards...
Michael More than 1 year ago
AE, I just watched that replay at BHP. Wow!!!...but par for the course, I guess! Unbelievably, unbelievable!!! How do these guys keep their jobs??? Do they answer to no one?
CMathieu66 More than 1 year ago
Michael- Just to clarify, the load up chalk tri's, P3's, and 4's I believe are most the aggravating as your projected (often dissected, confirmed, and reconfirmed for more time than we care to admit) clear running order generate tectonic passion during the race(s) only to multiply when a hot turd from an unholy Fate is dropped upon it. Sometimes the flaming turd is a jockey decision, sometimes it's a ridiculous trip, sometimes it's your horse with a four length lead jumping the rail inside the 1/16th pole. In this instance it's the steward's forecasting an outcome that wasn't allowed a true race and them playing handicapper instead of their appointed task of ombudsmen. My example was hyperthetical though through my 30+ years of playing I've had some doozy's. Objectively, you should've cashed. Realistically, the 4 was miles better than your place and show choices. As I said, may this injustice come back to you many times over when the unfortunate moves you up.
Michael More than 1 year ago
Well said, CM66...after all, it is horse racing and, well, as they say, it is what it is. {Btw, i hate that cliche} I've conceded to this injustice (like i have any other recourse) and am left to try to put this behind me...May we all hit the Super Lotto or Power Ball accordingly to how many times we have been done over by a terrible horse racing DQ!!! At least they can't put up a new Mega ball # once they show it on TV...or can they??? Hmmmmm, sarcasm noted.....lol