08/28/2013 2:45PM

Del Mar to review Pacific Classic time

Shigeki Kikkawa
Game On Dude's Beyer Speed Figure for his Pacific Classic victory was changed from a 109 to a 113.

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DEL MAR, Calif. – Del Mar racing officials planned to meet Wednesday afternoon to review a discrepancy in the final time of the $1 million Pacific Classic last Sunday.

Race winner Game On Dude was given an official time of 2:00.69 for the 1 1/4-mile race on a Polytrack synthetic surface. But track timer Russ Hudak hand-timed the race in 1:59.96, and Trakus, a horse-tracking system used at Del Mar, recorded a final time of 1:59.26.

Hudak said on Wednesday morning that the slower official time could have been caused by a person accidentally tripping the beam that starts the clock. He said he planned to ask track officials for a variety of camera views of the start of the Pacific Classic to see if that occurred.

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As a result of the discrepancy in the final times, Andrew Beyer revised Game On Dude’s Beyer Speed Figure from 109 to 113 after a video review comparing the race with the 2012 running.

The official split times of the race were 24.19 seconds for the first quarter-mile, 47.96 for a half-mile, 1:12.61 for six furlongs, 1:36.61 for a mile, and 2:00.69 for the final 1 1/4-mile time.

Trakus recorded quicker times throughout: 22.91, 46.83, 1:11.36, 1:35.31 and 1:59.26.

The Pacific Classic is the only race at 1 1/4 miles at the meeting. The run-up to the beam that starts the timing mechanism in races at 1 1/4 miles is 45 feet from the starting gate, less than the 55- to 60-foot run-ups for most distances at Betfair Hollywood Park and the 60 to 70 feet at Santa Anita, Hudak said.

Beyer said on Wednesday that his original figure of 105 for Game On Dude seemed wrong, leading him to change it to 109.

“The whole day was consistent from start to finish,” Beyer said. “But the figure would have come up a 105. It looked implausible. I thought I can’t accept that. I bumped it a few points. When I learned about the Trakus time – and they’re not flawless – I thought there is clearly something wrong.”

When Beyer’s colleague Randy Moss, also a television racing commentator, studied Sunday’s race on a frame-by-frame basis and compared it to the 2012 running won by Dullahan, Moss said the race was .20 of a second slower than last year’s, at 1:59.74.

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Basing the assessment on that final time, Beyer revised Game On Dude’s speed figure to 113.

“That looks so logical,” Beyer said. “All the horses ran back to their recent form, with that number for the winner. That’s as good as we can do.

“Randy did say he thought the Trakus time was too fast. I think 113 is the right number.”

Walter More than 1 year ago
At this point who really cares! If you were fortunate to cash on Dude, you probably moved on to the next race or next day. This is completely irrelevant now.
Courthouseguy1999 More than 1 year ago
It's amazing that the Dude puts up such great numbers on the synthetics. I think I've read that generally, synthetics figs are lower than those on conventional dirt. I really hope he can show the world just what a superstar he is in this year's Classic.
Horse Cents More than 1 year ago
200.69 final time and a 105 beyer figure. Beyer says, he won by 8 1/2, the number should be higher, screw the math, let's just add a few points and make the number 109. Surely he ran faster, surely the timer malfuncioned, why not, it malfunctioned in the Charlestown Classic. Yep, frame by frame analysis shows the time to be 159.96. Andy says have to move the number higher, but let's go back to the 105 and adjust from there and make it 113. Now the Del Mar officials say wait a minute, we don't know that Moss's frame by frame got it right, let's review this and take a look at Trakus. We think he had a new track record. Yep, a new track record, get Andy on the phone, he'll be so excited to move that number up a third time. Too bad you can't use these numbers in the Breeders Cup Classic, he'd be a shoo-in.
Alexander Danzig More than 1 year ago
You're right, Dude doesn't need numbers. He'll crush the BC field without ever learning to count.