09/03/2013 2:55PM

Del Mar Picks September 4, 2013


DRF Plus Preview

Consensus Totals Based on 5 points for First (7 for Best Bet), 2 for 2nd,1 for 3rd. Best Bet in Bold Type.

  57-16(34) Rich Wroble Chuck Kuehhas      

  Gypsy Robin Wednesday Madame Cactus Wednesday 11
1 Wednesday Curvy Cat Wednesday Gypsy Robin 6
  Curvy Cat Gypsy Robin Curvy Cat Madame Cactus 5

  Explosive Argument Pebble Beach Baby Lady Rosamond Lady Rosamond 7
2 Lady Rosamond Julio's Gold Magestic Stinger Explosive Argument 6
  Roveing Patrol Katy's Star Explosive Argument Pebble Beach Baby 5

  Diamond Bachelor Station House Home School Diamond Bachelor 10
3 Station House Diamond Bachelor Station House Station House 9
  Ontology Ontology Diamond Bachelor Home School 7

  Final Step Candy Anniversary Karma King Karma King 7
4 Sawyer's Hill Karma King Snuggley Bear Candy Anniversary 5
  Big Medicine Man Snuggley Bear Number Five Final Step 5

  Roman Threat So Brilliant So Brilliant So Brilliant 11
5 Chiloquin Roman Threat Chiloquin Roman Threat 7
  So Brilliant Rail Trip Ain't No Other Chiloquin 4

  Magic Channel Horizontalyspeakin Warrant Magic Channel 7
6 Quiet Force Magic Channel Bench Light Horizontalyspeakin 5
  Te Rapa Unbridled Giant Quiet Force Warrant 5

  Crystalline Indy Red Red Door Crystalline Indy Crystalline Indy 10
7 Hanserella Yawannagokid Red Red Door Red Red Door 7
  That's a Bingo Heavens Stairway Heavens Stairway Heavens Stairway 2

  Celtic Moon Rum Point Celtic Moon Celtic Moon 10
8 Alberts Hope Can the Man Dance With Fate Rum Point 5
  Can the Man Dance With Fate Alberts Hope Alberts Hope 3

  Omega Star Raised a Secret Appealing Tale Raised a Secret 7
9 Amazing Hearted Appealing Tale Amazing Hearted Appealing Tale 7
  Raised a Secret Omega Star Raised a Secret Omega Star 6

  Lake Maracaibo Switched Up Rockabye Lady Lake Maracaibo 7
10 Nicegirlsfnishlast Nicegirlsfnishlast Lake Maracaibo Rockabye Lady 6
  Fanticola Rockabye Lady Nicegirlsfnishlast Switched Up 5