08/31/2013 2:17PM

Del Mar Picks: September 1, 2013


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Consensus Totals Based on 5 points for First (7 for Best Bet), 2 for 2nd,1 for 3rd. Best Bet in Bold Type.

17-6(13)Kenny PeckChuck Kuehhas

HuntsvilleHuntsvilleSoi PhetHuntsville11
1Soi PhetSoi PhetAmerican ActSoi Phet9
AdmissionLucky PrimoHuntsvilleAmerican Act2

Moonlit MeteorPerfect Magic ManMoonlit MeteorMoonlit Meteor10
2Perfect Magic ManIce Cream TruckScatman BluesPerfect Magic Man7
Ice Cream TruckJuwanIce Cream TruckIce Cream Truck4

3Becky LouCharlie EmSweet TessCharlie Em3
Miss EmpireMiss EmpireCharlie EmMiss Empire2

Lumberyard JackLumberyard JackSumerianLumberyard Jack14
4Lil Bit O'FunBrother PeteLumberyard JackSumerian5
Mambo ManKey DecisionStoney FleeceBrother Pete2

DancingtothestarsSugarinthemorningMaker Or BreakerDancingtothestars7
5Charm the MakerDancingtothestarsVia VillaggioMaker Or Breaker6
Maker Or BreakerLady AspenCharm the MakerSugarinthemorning5

GervinhoPure LoyaltyRedwood KittenRedwood Kitten7
6Gabriel CharlesRedwood KittenOutside NashvilleGervinho5
Rising LegendProcurementChief HavocPure Loyalty5

Tiz the KeyExotic BehaviorTiz the KeyTiz the Key13
7Exotic BehaviorLoan SavantMiss MachiavelliExotic Behavior7
Say's WhoTiz the KeyColonel JoanLoan Savant2

Hail MaryHeir KittyHeir KittyHeir Kitty12
8Heir KittyHail MaryHidinginplainsightHail Mary8
Kinz Funky MonkeyKinz Funky MonkeyHail MaryKinz Funky Monkey2

Den's LegacyDorsettKid DreamsKid Dreams7
9Dice FlavorEthnic DanceDice FlavorDorsett6
Infinite MagicOlympic BlueDorsettDen's Legacy5

Oh Daddy OhOh Daddy OhMissing GroomOh Daddy Oh12
10Sudden RumorAjacOh Daddy OhMissing Groom5
Charisma CodeCharisma CodeAjacAjac3

With a MiracleGelilaDolphin ShortsWith a Miracle6
11Julio's GoldFlashy DameJulio's GoldDolphin Shorts5
Smart N DreamyWith a MiracleMezzanotteGelila5