07/19/2013 10:36PM

Del Mar Picks: July 21, 2013


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Consensus Totals Based on 5 points for First (7 for Best Bet), 2 for 2nd,1 for 3rd. Best Bet in Bold Type.

  18-2(8) Rich Wroble Michael Hammersly      

  Joint Attempt Joeandbetty'sbaby Joeandbetty'sbaby Joeandbetty'sbaby 11
1 Irish Presence Joint Attempt Joint Attempt Joint Attempt 9
  Joeandbetty'sbaby Princess of Pearl Tebowing Irish Presence 2

  Socialbug Socialbug Humor Me Socialbug 12
2 Humor Me Humor Me Socialbug Humor Me 11
  Fanticola Fanticola The Magic Stone Fanticola 2

  Curly Top Everton Everton Everton 12
3 Everton Curly Top Curly Top Curly Top 9
  God Of War Holy Candy Holy Candy Holy Candy 2

  Go First Tamarando Tribal Mystic Tamarando 8
4 Johns Journey Better Bet Smogcutter Go First 5
  Tamarando Dubai Ruler Johns Journey Tribal Mystic 5

  Summer Hit Risky Reward Summer Hit Summer Hit 13
5 Lucky Primo Compari Lucky Primo Risky Reward 5
  Holladay Road Summer Hit Compari Lucky Primo 4

  Fascinating Southern Sunshine Fascinating Fascinating 11
6 Spring Moon Satirical Spring Moon Southern Sunshine 5
  Tacit Approval Fascinating Satirical Spring Moon 4

  Floating Feather Gutshot Straight Wiredfortwotwenty Floating Feather 5
7 Chapman's Peak Korban Chapman's Peak Gutshot Straight 5
  Korban Chapman's Peak Carbonite Wiredfortwotwenty 5

  Wishing Gate Wishing Gate Iotapa Wishing Gate 10
8 Iotapa Judy In Disguise Judy In Disguise Iotapa 7
  Unusual Way Lilbourne Eliza Miss Empire Judy In Disguise 4

  Hustlin Nu Hustlin Nu Warren's Parolee Hustlin Nu 12
9 Cosmic Heat Robie the Cat Hustlin Nu Warren's Parolee 6
  Warren's Parolee Cosmic Heat Robie the Cat Cosmic Heat 3