08/07/2013 12:21PM

Del Mar Picks August 8, 2013


DRF Plus Preview

Consensus Totals Based on 5 points for First (7 for Best Bet), 2 for 2nd,1 for 3rd. Best Bet in Bold Type.

  132-27(72) Chuck Kuehhas Michael Hammersly      

  Distant Image Koko Loca Secret Cove Koko Loca 8
1 Koko Loca Speedi Mouse Smart Striking Secret Cove 6
  Smart Striking Secret Cove Koko Loca Distant Image 5

  Swiss Sugar Swiss Sugar Patty Wack Swiss Sugar 11
2 Patty Wack Patty Wack Raja's Rose Patty Wack 9
  Inherit the Throne Raja's Rose Swiss Sugar Raja's Rose 3

  Promiscuoussuances Nava Nataly Promiscuoussuances Promiscuoussuances 10
3 Horsesanddivorces Horsesanddivorces Tangerine Tickle Nava Nataly 5
  Atta Girl Alma Atta Girl Alma Luxuriance Horsesanddivorces 4

  Akiss Forarose Rhodium Rolanda Akiss Forarose 7
4 Firendesire Akiss Forarose Tebowing Rhodium 5
  Tebowing Firendesire Awe' Some Kitten Rolanda 5

  Bourne Hot Carson's Ten Carson's Ten Carson's Ten 11
5 Oso Smart Tax Enough Diamond Bachelor Bourne Hot 5
  Carson's Ten Diamond Bachelor Oso Smart Diamond Bachelor 3

  Justalittleloopy Justalittleloopy Woebegon Justalittleloopy 10
6 Joyce and Me Madoffwiththemoney Swiss Bliss Woebegon 5
  So She Dances Joyce and Me Joyce and Me Joyce and Me 4

  Miss Ellany Miss Ellany Dancingtothestars Miss Ellany 13
7 Hard to Resist Hard to Resist Hard to Resist Dancingtothestars 7
  Dancingtothestars Dancingtothestars Miss Ellany Hard to Resist 6

  Bardy Chocolatier Bardy Bardy 12
8 Affirmed Arch Mr. Fitzramathorn Mr. Fitzramathorn Chocolatier 8
  Chocolatier Perfect Jersey Affirmed Arch Mr. Fitzramathorn 4