08/30/2013 10:05AM

Del Mar Picks August 31, 2013


DRF Plus Preview

Consensus Totals Based on 5 points for First (7 for Best Bet), 2 for 2nd,1 for 3rd. Best Bet in Bold Type.

  8-4(5) Byron King Chuck Kuehhas      

  Ghost N Your Heart Ghost N Your Heart Funny Belle Ghost N Your Heart 10
1 Rossi Reserve One Magical Girl One Magical Girl Funny Belle 6
  Suances Flower Funny Belle Night Dance One Magical Girl 4

  Confisio Southern Freedom Confisio Confisio 12
2 Southern Freedom Confisio Flat Gone Southern Freedom 8
  Bourne Hot Bourne Hot Southern Freedom Bourne Hot 2

  Beachcombing Danderek Midnight Crooner Beachcombing 9
3 Husband's Folly Beachcombing Beachcombing Danderek 6
  Danderek Sky Cape Major Magic Midnight Crooner 5

  New Year's Day New Year's Day New Year's Day New Year's Day 15
4 Carson's Ten Bond Holder Cautious Giant Bond Holder 3
  Bond Holder Oso Smart Candy Boy Carson's Ten 2

  Liaison Sky Kingdom Batti Man Liaison 7
5 Clubhouse Ride Summer Hit Sky Kingdom Sky Kingdom 7
  Wilkinson Liaison Liaison Batti Man 5

  Socialbug Llandudno Mum's Truckee Socialbug 7
6 Spring Breeze Socialbug Mia Lady Llandudno 6
  Llandudno Spring Breeze Spring Breeze Mum's Truckee 5

  Stole a Kiss Heaven and Earth Sixy Eddie Heaven and Earth 5
7 Eddies Curl Eddies Curl Native Empress Sixy Eddie 5
  Swissarella Swissarella Shoot Me Another Stole a Kiss 5

  Unusual Heatwave Tiz the Truth Blue Tone Blue Tone 10
8 Tiz the Truth Blue Tone Holy Candy Tiz the Truth 7
  Blue Tone Unusual Heatwave Northern Iowa Unusual Heatwave 6

  Awesome Baby Concave Secret Compass Concave 7
9 She's a Tiger Awesome Baby She's a Tiger Awesome Baby 7
  Concave She's a Tiger Concave Secret Compass 5

  Rookie Sensation This One's for Mel China Prince Rookie Sensation 10
10 Ranulf Rookie Sensation Meydan Magic This One's for Mel 7
  Cacau Cacau Rookie Sensation China Prince 5

  Sidebar Wasted At Midnight Miss Charming Wasted At Midnight 7
11 Wasted At Midnight Shand Tappingintherain Miss Charming 5
  Illicit Affair Tappingintherain Scherzinger Sidebar 5