08/29/2013 9:27AM

Del Mar Picks August 30, 2013


DRF Plus Preview

Consensus Totals Based on 5 points for First (7 for Best Bet), 2 for 2nd,1 for 3rd. Best Bet in Bold Type.

  0-0(0) Byron King Chuck Kuehhas      

  Splendiferous Moon Lilly's Perfect Bonita Star Lilly's Perfect 7
1 Lilly's Perfect Bellamine Ribot Belle Splendiferous Moon 6
  Tornado Allie Splendiferous Moon Bellamine Bonita Star 5

  Vegas Bound My Lucky Rose Susans Express My Lucky Rose 8
2 Grazenette Grazenette My Lucky Rose Susans Express 5
  My Lucky Rose Another Victoria Full of Slew Vegas Bound 5

  Double Ante Blues and Silvers Gulsary Double Ante 9
3 Blues and Silvers Double Ante Seolan Blues and Silvers 7
  Fantastic Mizz English Crossing Fantastic Mizz Gulsary 5

  Mia's Storm Mia's Storm Take One Mia's Storm 10
4 Goodhumorgirl Goodhumorgirl Shopping Savannah Take One 5
  Gracie Ragazza Peggy Lynn Quick Approval Goodhumorgirl 4

  Frenemy Afflication Afflication Afflication 12
5 Seven Bridges Frenemy Bardy Frenemy 8
  Hurry Home Clover Hurry Home Clover Frenemy Hurry Home Clover 2

  Fury Kapcori Fury Kapcori Tree of Life Fury Kapcori 13
6 Tiz the Truth Tiz the Truth U'narack Tree of Life 5
  U'narack U'narack Fury Kapcori U'narack 4

  Sidepocket Run Van Dien Avenue St. Malo's Gate St. Malo's Gate 8
7 Van Dien Avenue St. Malo's Gate Tribal Valentine Van Dien Avenue 8
  St. Malo's Gate Gypsy Friday Van Dien Avenue Sidepocket Run 5