08/27/2013 9:36AM

Del Mar Picks August 28, 2013


DRF Plus Preview

Consensus Totals Based on 5 points for First (7 for Best Bet), 2 for 2nd,1 for 3rd. Best Bet in Bold Type.

  0-0(0) Kenny Peck Chuck Kuehhas      

  Brannaman Turn On the Brites Topper's Ghost Brannaman 7
1 Stormin Lute Brannaman Stormin Lute Turn On the Brites 6
  Turn On the Brites Stormin Lute Advisory Topper's Ghost 5

  Kristo Toowindytohaulrox Kristo Kristo 10
2 Roundupthelute Melatonin Roundupthelute Toowindytohaulrox 5
  Melatonin Roundupthelute Melatonin Roundupthelute 5

  Peacenik Peacenik Iron Joe T Peacenik 13
3 Marine Fog Classic Bobby Afleet Cowboy Iron Joe T 5
  Classic Bobby Bev N Bud Peacenik Classic Bobby 3

  Dreamnofatticus Dreamnofatticus Accomplish Dreamnofatticus 12
4 Accomplish Bro's Bro Bro's Bro Accomplish 7
  Bro's Bro Sidepocket Champ Distinctive Cougar Bro's Bro 5

  Domonation Guidopanzini Street Car Domonation 5
5 Magic Beam Magic Beam Blue Jay Attack Guidopanzini 5
  Blue Jay Attack Truelee Scrappin Gutshot Straight Street Car 5

  Turn On the Pumps Sizzlin' Joe Heat Streaker Heat Streaker 8
6 Keep Movin' Turn On the Pumps Christopher Street Sizzlin' Joe 7
  Sizzlin' Joe Heat Streaker Sizzlin' Joe Turn On the Pumps 7

  Sunday Rules Sunday Rules Rovenna Sunday Rules 11
7 Moving Desert Moving Desert Moving Desert Moving Desert 6
  Whatsallthedrama Whatsallthedrama Sunday Rules Rovenna 5

  J K's Mischief Make More Money Make More Money Make More Money 10
8 Maddog Maddie Magic Number J K's Mischief J K's Mischief 8
  Nonna Reese J K's Mischief Huera Bonita Maddog Maddie 2