08/23/2013 2:04PM

Del Mar Picks August 24, 2013


DRF Plus Preview

Consensus Totals Based on 5 points for First (7 for Best Bet), 2 for 2nd,1 for 3rd. Best Bet in Bold Type.

  234-58(135) Chuck Kuehhas Michael Hammersly      

  Hustlin Nu Always the Same Legal Separation Hustlin Nu 10
1 Legal Separation Hustlin Nu It Doesn't Add Up Legal Separation 7
  It Doesn't Add Up Pack Your Bags Hustlin Nu Always the Same 5

  Tap It In Sir Searsucker Tap It In Tap It In 10
2 Candy Sweetheart Trial Spin Candy Sweetheart Sir Searsucker 8
  Heza Great Friend Grant Sir Searsucker Candy Sweetheart 4

  Royal Import Black N Beauty Royal Import Royal Import 12
3 Black N Beauty Royal Import Black N Beauty Black N Beauty 9
  Shediak Deal' Em Shediak Shediak 2

  Crucero Navarre Imperial Fortune Imperial Fortune 9
4 Imperial Fortune Imperial Fortune Crucero Crucero 7
  Navarre Midnight Casanova Airfoil Navarre 6

  Brown Boss Tommy O Brown Boss Brown Boss 11
5 Scorcher My Friend Jimmy This One's for Mel Tommy O 5
  This One's for Mel Brown Boss Scorcher Scorcher 3

  Wild Dude Cat Burglar Wild Dude Wild Dude 11
6 Cat Burglar Drover Crazy Drover Crazy Cat Burglar 8
  Vavoom Wild Dude Cat Burglar Drover Crazy 4

  Noise of the Crowd Noise of the Crowd Noise of the Crowd Noise of the Crowd 15
7 Tribal Chatter Power of Ten Tribal Chatter Tribal Chatter 4
  Goldilocks Planet J and S Express J and S Express J and S Express 2

  Vagabond Shoes Mr T Bird Vagabond Shoes Vagabond Shoes 12
8 Fire With Fire Holding Glory Holding Glory Mr T Bird 5
  Lucayan Fire With Fire Huntsville Holding Glory 4

  Inner Groove Inner Groove Sleep Tight Inner Groove 10
9 Brooklyn Rose Woebegon Youtheprizeandi Sleep Tight 6
  Sleep Tight Brooklyn Rose She's All Yours Brooklyn Rose 3

  Hope 'n Pray Riseseastsetswest Hope 'n Pray Hope 'n Pray 12
10 Excessive Tequila Hope 'n Pray Warren's Tyler S. Riseseastsetswest 5
  Warren's Tyler S. Excessive Tequila The Gatekeeper Excessive Tequila 3