08/22/2013 1:35PM

Del Mar Picks August 23, 2013


DRF Plus Preview

Consensus Totals Based on 5 points for First (7 for Best Bet), 2 for 2nd,1 for 3rd. Best Bet in Bold Type.

  218-53(125) Chuck Kuehhas Michael Hammersly      

  One Firm Cat Justa Gusta Change of Plan Change of Plan 5
1 Space Runner Space Runner Humorous Justa Gusta 5
  Humorous Humorous Space Runner One Firm Cat 5

  Mr. Obeso Warrens Backntown Mr. Obeso Mr. Obeso 11
2 Heyyoucan Steppingood Heyyoucan Warrens Backntown 5
  He's a Wizard Mr. Obeso Salt Power Heyyoucan 4

  Meltarib Ruby Pumps Prettypriceygirl Ruby Pumps 7
3 Ruby Pumps Miss Well Molded Ricspretentiousgal Meltarib 5
  The Only Key Gittel Gittel Prettypriceygirl 5

  Sugar Spice Tiz the Route Sugar Spice Sugar Spice 12
4 Quinnette Inner Groove Ralphy Girl Tiz the Route 5
  Inner Groove Suances Flower Inner Groove Inner Groove 4

  Broker Brett Mi Hijo Southern Sunrise Broker Brett 8
5 Southern Sunrise Expo and Fig Broker Brett Southern Sunrise 7
  Expo and Fig Broker Brett Fly High Mi Hijo 7

  Midnight Music Midnight Music I Dazzle Midnight Music 14
6 Good Karma Topic Midnight Music I Dazzle 5
  Topic High Jinks Miss Pippa Topic 3

  Chocolatier Chocolatier Chocolatier Chocolatier 15
7 Public Defender Public Defender Public Defender Public Defender 6
  Will He Amaze Alkaray Tuckers Point Alkaray 1