08/21/2013 10:17AM

Del Mar Picks August 22, 2013


DRF Plus Preview

Consensus Totals Based on 5 points for First (7 for Best Bet), 2 for 2nd,1 for 3rd. Best Bet in Bold Type.

  218-53(125) Chuck Kuehhas Michael Hammersly      

  Shackbamalama Hardliner Beast of Bourbon Beast of Bourbon 8
1 Beast of Bourbon Hunger Hardliner Hardliner 8
  Hardliner Beast of Bourbon Hunger Shackbamalama 5

  Toomanytomatoes Our Heat Only Josie Knows Only Josie Knows 7
2 Cotton's Point Only Josie Knows Hey Cowboy Our Heat 6
  Our Heat Hey Cowboy Cotton's Point Toomanytomatoes 5

  Dreamcatcher Irish Surf Grandstand Grandstand 7
3 Extensive Grandstand Affrettando Dreamcatcher 6
  Starspangled Heat Huntsville Dreamcatcher Irish Surf 5

  Market Notes Hobbits Hero Market Notes Market Notes 12
4 Tosheen Deli Dude Smokin' Ten Hobbits Hero 5
  Mr. Cactus Smokin' Ten Tosheen Smokin' Ten 3

  Lanida Koko Loca Full's Figurehead Lanida 7
5 Sean S Eltoninadress Warren's Judy Full's Figurehead 5
  Tribalicious Lanida Lanida Koko Loca 5

  Midnight Lady Here's to Rose Midnight Lady Midnight Lady 12
6 Here's to Rose Gabbiano Here's to Rose Here's to Rose 9
  Lets Get Frisky Real Bright Boots Citizen Jane Gabbiano 2

  Winning Prize Chips All In Chips All In Chips All In 14
7 Chips All In Winning Prize Boat Trip Winning Prize 7
  Boat Trip Ivanho Ivanho Boat Trip 3

  Rousseau Sweet Millicent Rousseau Rousseau 10
8 Tookmebysurprise Ascription Ascription Sweet Millicent 6
  Ascription Tookmebysurprise Sweet Millicent Ascription 5