08/20/2013 1:14PM

Del Mar Picks August 21, 2013


DRF Plus Preview

Consensus Totals Based on 5 points for First (7 for Best Bet), 2 for 2nd,1 for 3rd. Best Bet in Bold Type.

  218-53(125) Rich Wroble Michael Hammersly      

  Sweet Assay Golden Production Sweet Assay Sweet Assay 14
1 Brilliant Melody Sweet Assay Golden Production Golden Production 7
  Avarooskie Brilliant Melody Upbeat Mood Brilliant Melody 3

  No Rachmones South Floyd No Rachmones No Rachmones 11
2 Zip Cat Zip Cat Langfurs Lightning South Floyd 6
  Langfurs Lightning No Rachmones South Floyd Zip Cat 4

  Frequent Fame Unkept Rendez Vous Unkept Rendez Vous Unkept Rendez Vous 10
3 Three Cuties Raisin' Cain Full's Figurehead Frequent Fame 5
  Raisin' Cain Lia Juliana Raisin' Cain Raisin' Cain 4

  Midnight Crooner Sebastian Flyte Midnight Crooner Midnight Crooner 12
4 Oak Kye Why Midnight Crooner Sebastian Flyte Sebastian Flyte 9
  Surrey Star Surrey Star Oak Kye Why Oak Kye Why 3

  Sir Barclay Sir Barclay Sir Barclay Sir Barclay 15
5 Compulsive Sooo Major Mosso Compulsive 2
  Song of the Times Clouds Clearing Anythingtogeteven Mosso 2

  Floating Feather Raised a Secret Zuboff Floating Feather 7
6 Master Chef Door's Open Floating Feather Raised a Secret 6
  Korban Zuboff Raised a Secret Zuboff 6

  Burns Turn Broken Sword Qiaona Qiaona 10
7 Qiaona Burns Turn Burns Turn Burns Turn 9
  Broken Sword Qiaona Broken Sword Broken Sword 7

  Katey Pie Oh My Enberg Floatthrutheair Floatthrutheair 9
8 Floatthrutheair Floatthrutheair Moonlight Splitter Katey Pie 6
  Glad's Gals Katey Pie Glad's Gals Oh My Enberg 5