08/16/2013 1:26PM

Del Mar Picks August 17, 2013


DRF Plus Preview

Consensus Totals Based on 5 points for First (7 for Best Bet), 2 for 2nd,1 for 3rd. Best Bet in Bold Type.

  183-41(105) Rich Wroble Michael Hammersly      

  Indygo F M A Legacy Indygo F M A Indygo F M A 11
1 Ginger Tap Ginger Tap Legacy Legacy 8
  Legacy Indygo F M A Ginger Tap Ginger Tap 5

  Cal Gal Kantina Kowgirl Meinertzhageni Cal Gal 9
2 Singleinthelast Cal Gal Cal Gal Kantina Kowgirl 6
  Meinertzhageni Singleinthelast Kantina Kowgirl Meinertzhageni 6

  Hard Buns Miz Wounded Knee Hard Buns Hard Buns 13
3 Chestnut Moon Chestnut Moon Miz Wounded Knee Miz Wounded Knee 7
  Warren's Lorie S. Hard Buns Bench Beauty Chestnut Moon 4

  Test Ride Can the Man Can the Man Can the Man 12
4 Can the Man Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Test Ride 5
  Confisio Confisio Candy Boy Yes Yes Yes 4

  Rock Me Baby Big Bane Theory Rock Me Baby Rock Me Baby 10
5 Kid Edward Gab Power Kid Edward Big Bane Theory 5
  Holladay Road Kid Edward Holladay Road Kid Edward 5

  My Secret Affair Gravity Force New Year's Day New Year's Day 8
6 Hi Fashioned New Year's Day My Secret Affair My Secret Affair 7
  New Year's Day Little Shack Hoosier Dada Gravity Force 5

  Justa Runner Germany Bay Germany Bay Germany Bay 14
7 Germany Bay Justa Runner Cast a Doubt Justa Runner 8
  Carbonite Syndicated Justa Runner Cast a Doubt 2

  Kitten's Dumplings Wishing Gate Emotional Kitten Wishing Gate 7
8 Pearlside Need You Now Kitten's Dumplings Kitten's Dumplings 7
  Wishing Gate Charlie Em Wishing Gate Emotional Kitten 5

  My Lucky Rose Heaven and Earth Say's Who Heaven and Earth 9
9 Heaven and Earth Too Obvious Heaven and Earth My Lucky Rose 5
  Too Obvious Lethal Story In Dad's Honor Say's Who 5

  Warren's Veneda Warren's Veneda Star Vesta Warren's Veneda 10
10 Branding Star Vesta Corlett Drive Star Vesta 10
  Star Vesta Corlett Drive Branding Branding 3