07/31/2013 10:18AM

Del Mar Picks August 1, 2013


DRF Plus Preview

Consensus Totals Based on 5 points for First (7 for Best Bet), 2 for 2nd,1 for 3rd. Best Bet in Bold Type.

  89-15(45) Rich Wroble Michael Hammersly      

  Hawfinch Hawfinch Hawfinch Hawfinch 15
1 Frequent Fame Katy's Kitty Frequent Fame Frequent Fame 4
  Igotnosixes Igotnosixes Katy's Kitty Katy's Kitty 3

  Zuzu's Petals Midnight Lady Zuzu's Petals Zuzu's Petals 12
2 Lets Get Frisky Zuzu's Petals Lets Get Frisky Midnight Lady 6
  Comin Easy Lets Get Frisky Midnight Lady Lets Get Frisky 5

  Rousseau Whatsallthedrama Rousseau Rousseau 13
3 Tookmebysurprise Silver N Sassy Vegas Bound Whatsallthedrama 5
  Thunder Bonnet Rousseau Silver N Sassy Silver N Sassy 3

  Sacred Ovation Wild Media Insideondoutside Sacred Ovation 7
4 Strong Wind Brutally Handsome Sacred Ovation Wild Media 6
  Wild Media Unusual Heatwave Brutally Handsome Insideondoutside 5

  Scatman Blues Citron Kid Money Machine Money Machine 10
5 Boss of Me Money Machine Mikey T Citron Kid 5
  Money Machine Sir Searsucker Sir Searsucker Scatman Blues 5

  Doyouseemecoming Fury Kapcori Doyouseemecoming Doyouseemecoming 12
6 Fury Kapcori Doyouseemecoming Fury Kapcori Fury Kapcori 11
  Trelawny Trelawny Trelawny Trelawny 3

  Old Time Hockey Old Time Hockey Irish Art Old Time Hockey 12
7 Irish Art Lucayan Old Time Hockey Irish Art 7
  Hawk's Eyes Kid Edward Camp Victory Lucayan 2

  In a Wine Tizzy Know Plans Warren's Tyler S. Warren's Tyler S. 6
8 The Gatekeeper Saint Leo The Gatekeeper In a Wine Tizzy 5
  Warren's Tyler S. Si the Ocean Saint Leo Know Plans 5