07/31/2013 9:09PM

Del Mar pick six hit for $352,891 by three bettors


DEL MAR, Calif. - Wednesday’s pick six at Del Mar paid $352,891 to three ticketholders after a 36-1 shot won the sixth race and a strong favorite held on to win by a half-length after holding a four-length lead on the turn in the eighth and final race.

Interest was high in Wednesday’s pick six. There was a carryover of $261,359 from Sunday. Bettors added $1,492,488 on Wednesday.

Track officials said that two winning tickets were purchased through the TVG account-wagering system and one was purchased at Del Mar.

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The winners of the pick six races were Spring Up ($5.20), Almost Better ($16.20), Hotradamus ($12.80), Passing Game ($74.20), California Chrome ($14.40), and Athina Lee ($4.40).

Spring Up and Athina Lee were favored.

Passing Game, racing as a gelding for the first time, was the second-longest shot in the sixth race, an optional claimer for California-breds.

Athina Lee was the only horse covered in the pick six in the final race, a maiden claimer which drew a field of 12. Athina Lee led by four lengths at one point, but was fully extended to hold off 7-1 Flaxen Maiden and provide three ticketholders with a memorable day.

Benjamin H. More than 1 year ago
DRF is getting more & more sloppy they have been slacking off for a long time now. They need to remember that they are not the only Company selling past performances. Get your act together! Especially for the high price you are charging your customers! Should be ashamed of yourselves! And now you want to start charging your customers to read website articles that should be free, time to head on over to Handicaper's Edge where news is still free! Soon I will stop buying your "racing form" all together.
soroka More than 1 year ago
This is an issue DRF refuses to address. I wrote to Mike W and Steven C on multiple occasions and have never received a response. ALL comments are true, but we should not have to research this. 7.50 is not a nominal fee. Enjoying and handicapping a few races does not necessarily mean we must research every form of data. Solution.......list FTG in the PP with g next to f and b or G next to L and B. The best part.......it is a onetime equipment change !
mikey More than 1 year ago
Do you think the drf is taking us for granted.Get rid of all the writers and just give us pps and drop the price.Who needs those suck up srories. .
Steve Brown More than 1 year ago
Passing Game won the race on a fluke! #7 Ballard Ruler nearly fell on his face coming out of the game and lost 6-7 length on the start. #7 wins with any type of decent break. Watch for Ballard Rulers next entry. Better than watching FTG. There is NO advantage in winning % of FTG any more than Gary Sherlock winning 25% of his races. Passing Game gave Sherlock his first win since Shag was a puppy.
Joel Winicki More than 1 year ago
There are many other websites to get handicapping information these days. DRF....by not including FTG in your PP's, you are leading your loyal customers to your competition. Just include it now, or watch how fast the competition capitalizes on your ignorance! FTG is a very important angle in handicapping that needs to be acknowledged in your PP's. There is no good reason for it NOT to be. It's a slap in the face really!
thomas j More than 1 year ago
FTG should be included for the high price we pay for the DRF.
John More than 1 year ago
I think someone who hit the PICK6 , had a little insight to the feature race. The DD and excata payoffs were really out of line slanted to the winner, and he won like they knew it was in the cards....................................nice hit you guys ! I went out with a couple hundred to play, couldnt settle on a ticket, played a $16 ticket and got ZERO, but 4 seconds, isnt this fun ?
Paul Perata More than 1 year ago
1st time Lasix and Blinkers on, always a solid angle. Also the Value odds horse, this horse was very useable.
John More than 1 year ago
MPF FTW.........good info, thank you ! I often wondered, why the Racing Form cant help the players a little more and get this info in at least the front where the scratch box is listed ! AND, when a horse is Gelded, why cant they put a asterick next to the date the horse first ran with thje new equipment . TVG is pretty inept ! Its sad to have such poor info prattled into the airwaves, but I guess what do you expect when you have "air-heads" in the booth !
William More than 1 year ago
6.50 for a Form, yet no gelding info....shame on DRF
MPF FTW More than 1 year ago
yeah TVG was wrong when they said (FTG) were only listed in the del-mar program on track. you can get them online through del-mars website in the overnights...
MPF FTW More than 1 year ago
OVERNIGHTS people!!! O-V-E-R-N-I-G-H-T-S!!!!!! it tells u 1st time geldings and its abbreviated as (FTG) its simple log on-to Del-Mar website or any cali race track website and scroll to OVERNIGHTS! do this every time b4 u start handicapping. its also listed under the horsemen bar. its "NOT" a secret ppl (FTG) have always been listed in the overnights.. overnights can be key so pay close attention to them. :)
thomas j More than 1 year ago
Many thanks.
Andrew More than 1 year ago
Had the two longest priced winners and still want close