12/03/2016 8:20PM

Del Mar: Pick six carryover jackpot must pay out on closing day


DEL MAR, Calif. – There is a single-ticket jackpot carryover of $89,411.16 awaiting pick six players on closing day Sunday at Del Mar, and since the pool must be paid out, it’s essentially a pick six carryover, period.

 The carryover money will go to anyone who hits the pick six on Sunday. If a single ticket hits the pick six, that money goes only to the winner. If more than one ticket has six, the money will be equally dispersed as additional funds to the winners, on top of the money from the general pool. And if no one has six, that money goes to those with the most winners, again on top of the money in the general pool.

 There was a general pool carryover of $42,767 entering Saturday’s card, plus $50,550 in the single-ticket jackpot. Bettors wagered $339,461 in fresh money.

 There were 13 winning tickets in the pick six on Saturday, each worth $17,929.40. Those with five of six got $96.80. So, the general pool carryover was divided among the 13 winners on Saturday, but the single-ticket jackpot carried.

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 Under new pick six rules this meet, 70 percent of the net pool goes to those with six of six. If no one had six, that amount was carried over in the general pool. Of the rest, 15 percent went to those with five of six, and the remaining 15 percent was set aside for the single-ticket jackpot.

 On Sunday, if a single ticket hits, that person gets 70 percent of the net pool, plus the single-ticket jackpot, which will be increased by 15 percent of the fresh money wagered Sunday. If no one has six, 100 percent of the net pool, plus the single-ticket jackpot funds, will be divided among those with the most winners.