07/22/2013 4:53PM

Del Mar: Pick-six carryover chase may have two stumbling blocks

Shigeki Kikkawa
Sweet Lulu will try to stay unbeaten in a second-level allowance route.

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DEL MAR, Calif. – The pick-six pool Wednesday at Del Mar is expected to soar well past $1 million when bettors take aim at a single-day carryover of $238,499.

While hitting the pick six never is easy, the degree of difficulty is increased Wednesday because of challenging circumstances facing two top horses in the sequence – Indy Point in race 7 and Sweet Lulu earlier in race 6.

Indy Point is a multiple Group 1 winner from South America and the class of the field the $90,000 Wickerr Stakes. The challenge is that the mile turf race is Indy Point’s first start in North America.

Trainer Richard Mandella is bullish, with caution.

“I would think he would run a big race,” Mandella said. “I expect him to, but some South Americans I have had have not run their best race first time out and then came on later.”

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Indy Point faces an outstanding Wickerr field – 10 of the 11 starters are graded stakes winners including contenders Corporate Jungle, Wilkinson, Tigah, and Chips All In.

In race 6, Sweet Lulu tries to stay unbeaten in a second-level allowance route for fillies and mares. Jerry Hollendorfer trains Sweet Lulu, an impressive sprint winner in her first two starts. Her pedigree – by Mr. Greeley from an Orientate mare – says sprint. Assistant Dan Ward says her physique is long.

“She’s not bred to route, but she is built to route,” Ward said. “She’s big and tall and really long.”

Sweet Lulu faces route-proven Ondine and streaking sprinter Bella Viaggia in race 6 on a terrific card that would have been appealing even without the carryover.

The pick six covers races 3 through 8 and begins with a potential single.

Race 3 is turf route for 2-year-old maidens, and Taelyns Prince stands out for trainer Jeff Mullins. He told jockey Joe Talamo before the gelding’s debut, “I think he’s going to want two turns”

Taelyns Prince finished well at six furlongs, missing by 1 1/4 lengths and galloped out strongly.

“That race didn’t take much out of him,” Mullins said.

Key rivals for Taleyns Prince include second-time starter Sunny Kat and well-regarded firster Station House, trained by Mandella.

“I expect he would run very well first time out,” Mandella said.

Race 4 is the second leg, and a key handicapping component for the $8,000 claiming sprint is unknown – track bias. The Polytrack favored speed opening week – 13 of the 23 sprints were won gate to wire, and every sprint was won from a forward position.

The 13-for-49 veteran Streets of Heaven may be the horse to beat, despite his closing style. If the speed bias persists, he is up against it. Other contenders include front-running dropper Iron Joe T, shipper Jim’s No Preacher, Position A, Blake, and Shediak.

Race 5 is perplexing – slow-working juvenile fillies race 5 1/2 furlongs. First-time starters Wickedly Sassy and Thunder Bonnet entered, with dropper Tom Kha.

Race 6 wil be the first route for Sweet Lulu, who was initially targeted for the Grade 1 Prioress on July 27 at Saratoga. Since jockey Julien Leparoux already planned to be at Saratoga for the Diana, Hollendorfer asked if he would ride Sweet Lulu.

Leparoux worked Sweet Lulu twice, and by the time plans changed to run her at Del Mar, Rafael Bejarano already had given the call to Bob Baffert with Ondine. No matter. Sweet Lulu can win if she stays two turns. Her most recent win was an allowance sprint.

Although Sweet Lulu won with a perfect trip, Ward said, “She proved she could come from off the pace, race inside, and settle. She answered a lot of questions.”

Race 7 is the Wickerr, which marks the anticipated U.S. debut for Indy Point. He won 5 of 12 in Argentina before arriving at Mandella’s barn early this year.

Indy Point initially was to make his U.S. debut in the American Handicap in late May at Betfair Hollywood Park, but got sick.

“He had a little virus, a temperature, no big deal,” Mandella said. Since then, the 4-year-old has trained well.

Mandella has high hopes.

“He trains very straightforward, but he hasn’t run in a while, and sometimes it take a race to get the cobwebs out.”

Corporate Jungle has targeted the Wickerr since scratching from the Firecracker on June 29 at Churchill Downs because of a yielding course. He is trained by Tom Proctor.

Race 8 is a $20,000 maiden claiming route that Tuckers Point can win if he reproduces his most-recent effort, a neck loss at the level while finishing more than 10 lengths clear of third.

dan ingle More than 1 year ago
Lawrence Macselwiney More than 1 year ago
A horse should never be taken down. It ruins the integrity of the game. Europe has it right. The order of finish is not changed. The jockey is fined.
Quite A Dude More than 1 year ago
Are you kidding? Fine a jock with no other penalty and we'll have a Rodeo instead horse racing..
Lawrence Macselwiney More than 1 year ago
Yeah they have a lot of rodeos in Europe don't they.
dan ingle More than 1 year ago
Maldonaldo caused his own problem by trying to go through a hole that wasn't there. So they take down the winner and wa la !!! a giant carry over
Bob More than 1 year ago
Hitting the Pick Six is never easy and hitting it at Del Mar is all but impossible as there is always one winner in the sequence that is trained by a no-count trainer, ridden by a no-count jock and hasn't finished within 40 lengths of the winner in any race they have ever run in.....Anyone who would bet serious money into the P6 pool at Del Mar without having solid inside information on at least two of the six races is a fool, and as we know "a fool and his money are soon parted." Oh, and yes, there IS such a thing as "solid inside information" at the racetrack, especially when it comes to MSW races with high-priced young horses making their first or second start.
rfbeaks More than 1 year ago
You are a clown. I have hit the pick 6 4 or 5 times the past two years for some big money and have not had one bit of "inside information". It is people like you that cast a cloud over the Sport of Kings. We have enough problems with racing in California and the last thing we need our people like you posting garbage like this.
Andrew Young More than 1 year ago
congrats on your wins just out of curiosity what is your average investment in pic 6 bet, I have to stick with the pick 4 and 5 due to limited bankroll
Elijah Allison More than 1 year ago
Yea well your an idiot cuz there isn't a msw in the sequence, you have your own opinion and we have ours, how bout be a handicapper
Ron Solberg More than 1 year ago
most cases like this are just a matter of what side of the fence your on.i didnt see either so i have no comment.
Walter More than 1 year ago
This was the third terrible call by SoCal stewards in the last two weeks. They took down Maldonado in a turf race @ Hol, where they had no conclusive video of what happened. The 2nd was the non DQ of the Place horse in the CTBA stakes, where he crushed two horses at the start of the race and left them no chance of winning or running. The third was the DQ in 9th race @ Dmr on Sunday. The 6 did nothing wrong. All horses were dead tired at the end of the race and swaying. maldonado's horse was late getting to a spot and it closed up. These stewards need to be replaced ASAP.
zerosumzen More than 1 year ago
DRF, tell this guy to stop spamming the board or give us an ignore button. Thanks.
Walter More than 1 year ago
Are you talking about me? Get a clue.
zerosumzen More than 1 year ago
Yeah, you. With your moronic monotonous moan in every single topic about Del Mar.
Mortimer Post More than 1 year ago
What "spam?" His comment is CORRECT!
Ken Kawaguchi More than 1 year ago
Actually there are three stumbling blocks. The other one is the stewards at Del Mar.
John More than 1 year ago
I was wondering, if the DQ was that bad, why didnt the stewards see it and post it ? Honestly, Ive never seen a jockey objection take a horse down, usually the stewards see it first, then you are in trouble, but a well known saying around the track is "no DQ in a jockey objection "..............something a little stinky here ! In all honesty, the horse did come over on the 3rd horse..........................thank God I wasnt involved, I would have been fuming ! WHERE WERE THE STEWARDS, already at the bar someone said !
Greg Scherr More than 1 year ago
there was interference and the 6 was most at fault, as if the space was open the 4 wins, easily, but I wasn't sure if the 6 was 100% at fault or if the jock on the 4 went to a space that was already closing and just acted it up a bit for the stews, if he did, the owner should pay him 2x mount fee as he did an awesome job
zerosumzen More than 1 year ago
It was interference. No question. However, this reflects very poorly on Maldonado. The stewards had no choice but to DQ, but they would have let it pass without his objection. People who complain about the stewards in this scenario don't understand the system. If Maldonado keeps his mouth shut, about an otherwise insignificant race, all is well with the world.
Adam Edwards More than 1 year ago
I agree to a point. The race itself was a bottom level claimer with a weak group of horses, but still the stewards job is to protect the betting public and review/rule on race incidents. Although someone gets jobbed out of a 250k p6, is that better than the connections of the infracted horse (#4) getting jobbed out of the winners share of the purse because of interference? It's a double-edged sword. Maldonado was essentially trying to get his connections (the ownership and trainer) their rightful amount of the purse based on the race because he believed his mount was interfered with. He is not at fault for that. Irrelevant that it has been a rough 2 weeks for the CA stewards, the stewards should have posted the inquiry and not waited for the objection. Each race is a separate entity and just because the stewards have had a rough recent go at it, doesn't mean they can turn a blind eye to the next race. The betting public still holds an interest pari-mutually in every, single race. The real shame on the CA stewards is not the dq itself (because all rulings are subjective and everyone can make case for a dq/no dq), but the fact that they didn't do their objective job to even look into the incident in the first place. Very frustrating for bettors and horsemen....
Mortimer Post More than 1 year ago
Jeff Wilson More than 1 year ago
It was a judgment call, the decision was 2 for DQ and 1 against. Like umpires in baseball mistakes are made and decisions we disagree with are made. I would hardly call it concocted or fraudulent., it was a judgment decision. I am sorry if it cost you money on your bets, that always sucks when a DQ happens.
Elias Katogiritis More than 1 year ago
Judgement call hilarious you must be kidding go check the replay again,did anybody say double carryover.
Bob Marr More than 1 year ago
I watched the replay about 10 times. No dog in the hunt for me. but the six horse did move from the 5 path all the way into the 3 path and clearly obstructed the 4 horse. I think some of you want a conspiracy. ??
Greg Scherr More than 1 year ago
might be a questionable call but I doubt Maldonado (who made the objection) cares about a carryover, relax or someone's going to take away your CAPITAL key
Elias Katogiritis More than 1 year ago
Maldonado might not care but the greedy management does.
Duglas.Arreaga More than 1 year ago
There was no reason for the DQ on Sunday for #6 and horse #4 no way was gonna win that race...Pure BOGUS objection, these Stewards knew there was no single ticket with #11 so they went and decided to call it DQ and cause a pick 6 CARRYOVER.
Oldy Coronel More than 1 year ago
#6 did not even touches or bumped #4 so why ruled it out! something's cookin'. Stewards please wake-up! be fair & square.
Mortimer Post More than 1 year ago
You're darn right somethin's cookin! Carryovers are fine--but not when they're manufactured!
Elijah Allison More than 1 year ago
Theres gonna be a triple carryover after tonight