11/20/2016 8:17PM

Del Mar: Pick six carryover of $82,426 for Thursday holiday program


DEL MAR, Calif. – There will be plenty of money awaiting fans betting the Thanksgiving Day card at Del Mar on Thursday after no one hit the pick six on Sunday, producing a carryover of $82,426 in the general pool and adding to the growing carryover in the single-ticket jackpot pool.

 The single-ticket jackpot pool has not been hit for three days, and now stands at $58,120. A single winning ticket on Thursday would take down both pools.

 There was a jackpot carryover of $40,457 into Sunday’s card after seven tickets hit the pick six on Saturday. Fresh money of $154,293 was bet into the pick six on Sunday.

 Under the new rules this meet in the pick six, 70 percent of the pool goes to those with six winners. If no one hits six, that money is carried over in the general pool.

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 Of the remaining 30 percent, half – 15 percent – is reserved for a single winning pick six ticket, and is referred to as the jackpot carryover.

 The other 15 percent goes to those with five of six when six winners are hit, or those with the most winners when no one has six. On Sunday, when no one hit six, there were 30 tickets with five winners, each worth $588.60.