08/15/2013 8:51AM

Del Mar: Pick 3 Keys, B's and C's for Friday, August 16


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Key's - Oscar Party (R6)

B's - Romance Is Sosa (R5), Hair On Fire (R7)

C's - Brown Boss (R5), Jim’s No Preacher (R5); Liar Liar Liar (R7), Little Bit Cactus (R7)

Recent auction purchase Oscar Party showed considerable potential in Ky. and now switches into the Cassidy barn while adding HOF jock for her SoCal return. Key her in Race 6 in your multi-race gimmicks by creating tickets using Romance Is Sosa (R5) and Hair On Fire (R7) in the highest increments and the "C" horses less prominently but still with a chance to hit.

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