12/07/2016 5:14PM

Del Mar to pay out consolation tickets for closing-day pick six


Del Mar will provide a consolation payout of $81.60 to pick six ticketholders with five of six winners from last Sunday’s program, the closing day of the autumn meeting that was mired in confusion regarding payouts for the newly structured pick six.

At its 15-day autumn meeting, Del Mar offered for the first time a jackpot structure to its pick six that featured a carryover unless the bet was hit by a single ticketholder. For Sunday’s closing day, the entire pool had to be distributed – $780,563 bet that day and a carryover of $89,411 from the single ticket pool.

After Sunday’s race, the track announced a payoff of $15,660 to 44 ticketholders with all six winners, but no payoff to ticketholders with five winners. Del Mar’s pick six structure included a payout for tickets with five of six winners during the first 14 days of the meeting.

Del Mar cited pick six jackpot rules set forth by the Association of Racing Commissioners International in its initial decision to provide payouts on tickets only with six winners. ARCI rules do not provide a consolation payout on days with a mandatory payout, such as a closing day. Before the final program began, track officials were unaware that consolation ticketholders would not receive a payout in such a scenario. The situation was realized in the minutes after the final race was run.

In an announcement on Wednesday afternoon, Del Mar said it will provide a payout to consolation ticketholders in an effort to “make it right” for its fans. The track said there are 1,095 tickets with five winners, and that those ticketholders would have divided 15 percent of the net pool, or $89,352.

“We not only value our customers, but we also value a sense of fairness,” Bill Navarro, the track’s director of mutuels, said in a statement.

“In this case, we’re going to say to everyone involved that we hear you and understand how you feel that the letter of the law unfairly affected you. There is no better way to do that than to pay those who believed they had a consolation prize coming their way.”

The track has devised three ways for bettors with valid consolation tickets to receive payments. Bettors who used an account wagering service are advised to contact that organization and request payment. Bettors who retained their tickets can bring them to Del Mar or mail them to the track. Bettors who did not retain their tickets are advised to fill out an affidavit with details of the tickets, which the track said can be tracked, according to Wednesday’s statement.

Del Mar has set up a special phone line to deal with the matter – (858) 794-1019. Bettors can mail their tickets to DMTC, Attn: Accounting Department, P.O. Box 700, Del Mar, CA 92014-0700.

Tickets must be mailed by Feb. 15 or brought to Del Mar by that date. The track stated that tickets cannot be cashed at satellite locations.

The track announced on Wednesday that ticketholders who hit the pick six on Sunday will not be entitled to the $81.60 consolation payout because their initial payouts included approximately $2,030 in monies that should have been dedicated to consolation ticketholders.

Del Mar was the first track in Southern California to offer a pick six with a provision for a single-ticket payout.

On the first 14 days of the autumn meeting, 70 percent of the net pool was distributed to ticketholders with all six winners or into a carryover; 15 percent was paid if there was a single ticketholder or was placed in a carryover until there was a single winning ticket; and 15 percent was distributed to ticketholders with five out of six winners.