08/21/2011 7:26PM

Del Mar: Jockey Tyler Baze sits out after failing breathalyzer test

Benoit & Associates
Tyler Baze must meet with the Del Mar stewards before he is allowed to resume riding.

DEL MAR, Calif. -- Jockey Tyler Baze, who has been off his mounts at Del Mar since Friday, failed a breathalyzer test ordered by the track physician that day and, though named on mounts on Wednesday, will not be allowed to ride until meeting with the stewards Wednesday morning and being re-evaluated, steward Scott Chaney said Sunday afternoon.

Del Mar is dark Monday and Tuesday.

According to Chaney, Baze came in Friday to look at films from an incident in a race on Thursday. During that film session,  Baze’s behavior prompted stewards to send Baze to the track physician, who recommended Baze be tested for pain medication -- which Baze said he had taken because of an ailing back -- and for alcohol. Baze also was removed from his mounts that evening; first post was 4 p.m. Pacific.

On Saturday, according to Chaney, the tests came back negative for the pain medication, but the breathalyzer was “higher than the legal limit,” Chaney said. At that point, by mutual agreement, according to Chaney, Baze was taken off his mounts for the remainder of the weekend.

“We’re having a meeting Wednesday morning,” Chaney said. “At this point, a subsequent penalty is not contemplated. Some would say having three days off is enough of a penalty, though that was by mutual agreement.”

Chaney’s comments were in response to a press inquiry. Up until Sunday afternoon, Del Mar’s publicity staff had said Baze was off to address his ailing back.