06/16/2016 7:12PM

Del Mar increases amount of pick six pool for carryovers


The racing board approved a request from Del Mar to alter the portions of the pick six pool dedicated to payoffs, or for carryovers when there are no winning tickets, and the amount paid to consolation tickets.

Del Mar will offer 85 percent of net pools for payoffs or for carryovers, an increase from 70 percent at past meetings. The amount dedicated to consolation tickets will be reduced from 30 percent to 15 percent.

The changes go into effect with the start of the track’s summer meeting, on July 15.

Del Mar officials told the racing board they hope the changes will lead to greater interest in the $2 pick six at a time when bettors have migrated to pick four and pick five bets that have minimum units of 50 cents.

“We see this as an experiment, said Del Mar marketing director Craig Dado. “We believe this experiment will increase handle. If we’re wrong, we’ll admit it and try something else next year.”


Ray Sousa More than 1 year ago
No they know exactly what they are doing .it all about getting carry overs. It not about you or what's good for their customers. It's all about generating more buzz and more revenue. That's why the money will now be taken from those that hit 5 of 6 and go to the top prize and make carry overs bigger. It's why those .20 pick 6's pay to only one winning ticket. Now they will manipulate the sequence of races to make it impossible to hit and then advertise and market the carry overs. The poor fools will bet into those pools with $20 and $50 tickets and not realize they might as well be throwing that money in the garbage. They have no shot . 
Ray Sousa More than 1 year ago
So much for differing opinions. Post anything contrary to the marketing of these bets and it magically disappears. Why have a forum if only one side is allowed?. I'll say it again these bets are waste of time . They are increasingly designed to carryover and now they don't even want people to receive anything foe getting 5 of 6.. It's all about creating hype for a bet that is all but impossible to hit for anybody spending less than a few thousand dollars. I've hit a few pick 6's that pay decent but nothing life altering and have hit 5 of 6 many times. The 5 of 6 is what makes a player like me try. Now that it's going to pay nothing I'm not even bothering with it. As for del mar I'm not going to bother looking at the card .
Bob More than 1 year ago
Why don't they just reduce the bet size for the P6 to .50 cents? I guess they are too stupid to figure that one out?
Frank Avilla More than 1 year ago
try the 20 cent pick 6.  it's a great bet and many tracks have it.  EMD has a 20 cent Pick 7.