08/08/2013 5:38PM

Del Mar: Gomez cleared to ride on Saturday

Coady Photography/Keeneland
Garrett Gomez's doctors and the stewards have cleared him to ride.

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DEL MAR, Calif. - Garrett Gomez will resume riding on Saturday after receiving doctor’s clearance following recent treatment for alcoholism.

Gomez’s doctors told California Horse Racing Board officials on Thursday that Gomez was fit to resume riding, according to steward Tom Ward. In recent days, Gomez has undergone counseling for substance abuse and mental health issues with a psychiatrist in Newport Beach, Calif.

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Thursday afternoon, Ward said that the racing board had received the required documents allowing Gomez to resume riding. Gomez was named to ride on a conditional basis from Wednesday through Friday, pending clearance from doctors.

Ward and fellow stewards Scott Chaney and Kim Sawyer granted Gomez’s reinstatement to ride early Thursday afternoon, and said the 41-year-old jockey would be allowed to exercise horses on Friday.

Gomez has been named to ride three of the nine races on Saturday, including Dice Flavor in the Grade 2 La Jolla Handicap.

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The Eclipse Award winner as the nation’s outstanding rider in 2007-08, Gomez has not ridden since July 14, and has ridden only four days since June 9 after undergoing treatment for alcoholism and to take time off to deal with family problems. On July 28, Gomez said that he was separated from his wife, Pam, and that divorce proceedings were underway.

Forego137 More than 1 year ago
Good to hear you got cleared to ride again, go out and be the professional you are and get back in that winners circle. Good luck and continued succes
Elena More than 1 year ago
do what u do best KEEP RIDEN STRONG
stev lauria More than 1 year ago
GO GO, Glad to see your name back in the entries, now I just want to see your face in the the winners circle, you're the best at what you do. I've always respected you, and wished you the best, maybe Toney can get you a few mounts here at the old Spa, wouldn't mind seeing you again. Hope this note finds you well my friend. Stevie Saratoga Springs,NY
Dan More than 1 year ago
You have a conspiracy theory on a maiden claimer race??
Justin Time More than 1 year ago
Is the Jockey’s colony in Southern California the worst in the country or are they simply too doped and too drunk to ride efficiently. I want to specifically point out the old man Martin Pedroza and yesterday’s race at Del Mar on Sadler’s horse Chocolatier that was the favorite at 2 to 1. I am so sick and tired betting on Del Mar where consistency seems to go out the window and as a result the bettors are suffering the consequences. The big question is this kind of riding due to the state of the jockey or a simple matter of fraud and collusion? The last race usually pays out on every conceivable bet and yet we get nothing but bad riding from these morons.
sugarbabe moebear More than 1 year ago
i have been playing the s.cal major league circuit for 23 years. it is not the jockey colony,it is the horse colony that makes results inconsistent. once the best in the country that dominated the triple crown,and breeders cups.now see 4md.claimers on a weekday card.to sum it up,40 to 50% of the horses on a daily card would not be allowed on the grounds 20 yrs ago. delmarmoe
Nona Kaenel More than 1 year ago
So why don't you go there and show them how to ride? Huh? Go on and please post the video.
georget More than 1 year ago
These were 20 claimers and you gotta know anything can happen. I thought that race was a trap race so I played the bug #11 @11-1 who just ran out of gas 120 yds from the wire. The five certainly figured and what about the 70-1 with 114# who just missed also.
Forego137 More than 1 year ago
Then may I suggest quit betting Del Mar and your problem will be resolved, or are you a drunken moran high on drugs and can't stop betting on what you call corrupt. Idiot comment
Barry Lushan More than 1 year ago
You can always ride at Suffolk.
Steve Reed More than 1 year ago
The best at charging down the avenue in the "big Race" . When Garrett got the lead in the Classic not even Zenyetta was going by.Great ride Mr. Gomez. Stay strong.
Jordan More than 1 year ago
Yes, Garrett's ride on Blame in the 2010 Classic was exceptional, as you pointed out. Key to that ride, and something Garrett revealed right after the race, was his decision to maneuver Blame outside towards the middle of the course coming down the stretch. First, Garrett wanted to position Blame so that he would be able to see, hear, and feel Zenyatta when she came up to him; Garrett knew Blame was a true pro, and would really dig deep and fight if in a duel(Blame had already won the Clark, Foster, and Whitney in tight finishes). Second, he hoped that seeing a horse in front of her crossing over onto her projected path would cause Zenyatta to hesisitate ever so slightly, and/or force her to change her path. Like in other sports, the difference between the elite and everyone else is often quite small. However, it is in these small differences upon which championship races and events are determined.
Walter More than 1 year ago
I wonder if the stewards are making Gomez adhere to the same testing process as Tyler & PVal? No word on that going forward?
Big Jeff More than 1 year ago
Know the story before you post.
Elena More than 1 year ago
@big jeff amen
Walter More than 1 year ago
I don't know, is probably why i am asking. I wasn't looking for a wise comment from you
Fran Doos More than 1 year ago
I think there is way too much private information that has been reported. Enough is enough. Wishing Garrett success with his personal life and great success riding.
zerosumzen More than 1 year ago
Good to have you back, Garrett. If you're feeling down, while in Del Mar, check out the beautiful garden overlooking the ocean over at those Golden Lotus towers on the PCH down the road in Encinitas. Great place. ;)