07/17/2013 4:13PM

Del Mar: Garrett Gomez takes off mounts again

Barbara D. Livingston
Garrett Gomez was named on five mounts for Wednesday, including in both divisions of the Oceanside.

DEL MAR, Calif. – Jockey Garrett Gomez took off his mounts on Wednesday’s opening day at Del Mar, a week after he resumed riding following a self-imposed month-long break to deal with what he described as marital problems.

Gomez, 41, was booked to ride five of the 10 races on Wednesday, including Examen and Olympic Blue in divisions of the Oceanside Stakes. Wednesday morning, Gomez’s agent, Tony Matos, told stewards that the jockey would not ride.

“We were contacted by his agent, but we don’t know the details,” steward Scott Chaney said.

Gomez and Matos did not return phone calls Wednesday seeking comment.

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Gomez took off his mounts on June 13 at Betfair Hollywood Park, citing the need to spend time with his family. He returned to riding at Hollywood Park on July 11, but was winless with five mounts through closing day last Sunday, including a third in the Grade 1 American Oaks on Topic last Saturday.

On July 11, he said he was glad “to be back in action and doing what I do,” expressing excitement about the upcoming Del Mar meeting.

Gomez declined at the time to discuss his family issues at length.

“It’s working with my wife and family,” Gomez said. “It’s personal business. It’s typical married life. You have your ups and downs. Everybody goes through it.”

stev lauria More than 1 year ago
First of all none of us have the right to kick a person when their down, Garrett rode for me here in NY,and always treated me with respect,and like a gentlemen. Go Go your doing the right thing by taking care of your family first, my prayers go out to you, Pam,Amanda,and Jared. Hope to see you soon take care & be safe my friend! Stevie Saratoga Springs,NY
stev lauria More than 1 year ago
First of all, none of us have the right to kick anybody when their down, Garrett rode my horse for me back here in NY,and always treated me with respect,and like a gentlemen, my thoughts and prayers go out to him, and his family. Go Go you ,Pam Amanda,and Jared take care, Family comes first your doing the right thing, Hope to see you soon! Stevie Saratoga Springs, NY
George Russell More than 1 year ago
I never knew there are so many PERFECT PEOPLE out there !!! What's the big deal ??? People take off work all the time when there are more important issues to resolve, for all you speculators who just assume he is on drugs or booze, put away your Crystal Balls, Gomez has been nothing but clean and sober for years and even if he were to slip, who is qualified to pass judgement.
IggyPuglisi More than 1 year ago
It's regular problems like everybody else has. Give him some room he'll be back in action soon enough. Stop with the negitive comments. Bunch of haters out there that wish they had a talent. IGGY
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
GOing, GOing, GOne! Good riddance Garrett! SoCal trainers please take note, you cannot depend on this guy anymore. Stop putting him on horses.
katherinelarge2 More than 1 year ago
why do you hide behind anonymous...perhaps you are the one with the bigger problem. thats usually the case when someone passes judgement. Garrett is and always will be one of the nations top riders so get over it.
Marco Antonio Guerrero More than 1 year ago
maybe back at drinking maybe
Steve More than 1 year ago
Sounds fishy to me. Hope this is all there is to this story.
Matt More than 1 year ago
Personal Life comes First! Handle your Business Garrett! Mounts will always be there for a top notch jock! However, I did Like Olympic Blue as a live longshot today, but the loss of Go Go is a big negative.......