09/22/2016 3:49PM

Del Mar gains approval for jackpot-style pick six


Del Mar will offer a jackpot-style pick six, with a portion of the pool dedicated to the holder of a single winning ticket, at its 15-day autumn meeting from Nov. 11 to Dec. 4.

The track received approval of the newly structured wager at Thursday’s California Horse Racing Board meeting at Los Alamitos.

This is the first time a Southern California track has offered a pick six bet with a jackpot provision, emulating a similar bet popular at Gulfstream Park in Florida.

Del Mar will dedicate 70 percent of the net pick six pool to tickets with six winners, 15 percent to tickets with five out of six winners, and 15 percent to a single ticket holder. If there is more than one ticket with six winners, the jackpot portion will carry over to the following race day. The entire pool must be distributed on closing day.

In the event there are no tickets with six winners, there will be a carryover to the following race day. It is highly likely there will be some days in which the pick six has two carryovers – a conventional overnight carryover and a carryover in the single ticket jackpot.

The minimum bet will remain $2. A similar bet at Gulfstream Park has a 20-cent minimum.

Track officials told the racing board that the new structure could “greatly enhance the wager.”

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“The pick six needs a little boost,” said Del Mar’s chief operating officer Josh Rubinstein. “It’s one of those things you hope it carries over and on the final day, there is a big payoff.”

In the last decade, pick six pools have declined, with bettors focusing on 50-cent pick five and pick four bets. Pick four pools on weekends typically surpassed $1 million at the track’s summer meeting.

This is the second change to the distribution of the pick six in as many meetings at Del Mar. At the summer meeting earlier this year, 85 percent of the net pool went to tickets with six winners, or into a carryover, and 15 percent was dedicated to tickets with five winners. In past years, the distribution was 70-30.

Rubinstein said pick six pools were largely unchanged at the summer meeting compared with past years.

Frank More than 1 year ago
I use to always bet the most money on Breeders Cup day -- until they moved the BC to CA.  Now its like just another Saturday -- I dont bet big and in some races not at all 

The CA racetracks (especially turf courses) are a joke they are small and tight with a heavy speed track bias.  

Why do you think that CA is the place where a single trainer (Mandella) set a record for most BC races won in a single day -- cause the courses favor locally based horses -- it is the worst place to hold a BC championship day -- it is NOT a fair racing surface for all -- I know the Europeans hate it too.
Dennis Pineda More than 1 year ago
What kind of improvement is that? Look at golden gate, they just got rid of that suckers bet. That decision is not smart to do. Del Mar is making terrible decisions now. They need to close with this nonsense.
Gregg Thomas More than 1 year ago
I would prefer that the consolation payouts be discontinued. 15% for 5/6? Are you kidding? “It’s one of those things you hope it carries over and on the final day, there is a big payoff.”???? Quality thinking!
Frank More than 1 year ago
Del Mar is a has been dive!  it needs to close -- it has seen its best days and they are long long gone!  Just like CA racing in general.

SA is the most beautiful setting for a racetrack however the racing oval is a joke - small and tight -- build a nice wide 1 1/2 mile course (like Belmont) and they will come!
Nick Naumenko More than 1 year ago
name a single dirt horse from outside of California that you would put your money on at any level over a california stabled horse????? It will be awfully difficult. I'll let you go back several years if you'd like. 
Frank More than 1 year ago
Nick - I wasnt referring to the horses stabled in CA only the racetracks (courses) themselves.

But if you want to get technical -- the ONLY good/great dirt horse from CA is California Chrome -- the rest have all been born and raised in KY. 

Plus even the horses stabled in CA are not recognized as top champions until they come east and race in all the classics and big races.  

CA (SA) can be a great place only if they fix there race course -- like build a bigger oval for dirt and grass.
Kit More than 1 year ago
Frank...Belmont is always a sloppy and soft racetrack.