09/02/2013 10:08PM

Del Mar: Egg Drop by a head in Yellow Ribbon Handicap

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Egg Drop (No. 5), with Martin Garcia aboard, wins the Yellow Ribbon Handicap by a head over Appealing on Monday.

DEL MAR, Calif. – Del Mar’s stewards have had several difficult decisions to make this summer, and they might have had their most challenging on Monday in the Grade 2, $151,000 Yellow Ribbon Handicap, in which original winner Egg Drop remained in first after a lengthy inquiry into an incident in deep stretch.

Egg Drop ($8) was first under the wire by a head over 34-1 shot Appealing, but third-place My Gi Gi, who wound up 1 1/2 lengths behind Appealing, took up nearing the wire. It was a challenging sequence to evaluate because Egg Drop appeared to be coming in slightly, and Appealing appeared to be coming out slightly. The specter of a double disqualification certainly loomed.

It took several minutes for the stewards to make their ruling, and they decided, unanimously, that My Gi Gi’s finish position was not compromised by the incident.

So, Egg Drop wound up with the first stakes win of her career. She had finished second in the Grade 2 Royal Heroine Mile at Betfair Hollywood Park in her previous start July 6.

“If they’d have taken her down, it would have broken my heart,” said Mike Mitchell, who trains Egg Drop for the Little Red Feather ownership group. “This was such a big race for us. From the first time I ran her, I thought she could win a stake for us.”

Martin Garcia rode Egg Drop, who was timed in 1:40.50 for 1 1/16 miles on firm turf. She was forwardly placed throughout, tracking pacesetter A Jealous Woman before taking the lead in upper stretch.

Garcia thought Appealing, ridden by Brice Blanc, was at fault, if anyone. Blanc thought it was Garcia and Egg Drop, if anyone.

Garrett Gomez, who rode My Gi Gi, did not agree with the decision, telling trainer Pete Eurton as he watched a head-on view of the stretch, “I’m gonna beat both of them.”

Halo Dolly, the 9-5 favorite, finished fourth. Customer Base was fifth and was followed by Closing Range, Quiet Oasis, A Jealous Woman, and Royal Empress.

Egg Drop, 4, is by Alphabet Soup. She has won four times in 10 starts.

Walter More than 1 year ago
Gomez lost the race by letting the 10 get inside position early in the race. Regarding the infraction, the stewards had to go all or nothing here. The 5 & 10 both drifted. Either a double DQ or result stands. They didn't have the stones to enact a double DQ.
Surasak More than 1 year ago
I lost the bet, but that is the joc's riding skills to drifted slightly to shut off the late surging Gi Gi. Go-Go lost all momentum in the last few yards. That is racing, you can win the race but you can't beat them!
B More than 1 year ago
Glad Egg Drop won, but it looked to me that both she and Appealing should have come down.
John More than 1 year ago
I think "the dude" (below ) is spot on as Trevor would say ! Both horses drifted , slightly, but it was a real toss up whether My Gi Gi would have caught either one of them, the wire was right there . IF, My Gi Gi had been caught for 3rd, then the decision would have been double tough, either they both come down or leave it............................tough tough call , when money is on the line, I feel for everyone, we have all been on both sides of the DQ !
edb More than 1 year ago
You can't take down two horses on a what if. Definitely both horses drifted, but can't be sure My Gi Gi would have got up. Hole closed and it is tough racing luck. We all been on both sides of a call like this.
Quite A Dude More than 1 year ago
The hole closed before Garrett could get up into it. The Stewards made the correct decision...
Jon More than 1 year ago
see the video again, he was on the flank of both those other horses.
Bob More than 1 year ago
In claiming race it's a DQ. Case closed
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
garret was cut off by brice ..it was an obvious dq..these stewards need to protect the riders by making the proper decision otherwise someone will get killed..california stewards dont have balls
Joel Winicki More than 1 year ago
I'm not sure why all the comments direct the blame at Brice??? The winner shifted out, creating the opening, Gogo went to shoot the gap between horses, then Egg Drop shifted back in causing the surging Gigi to pull out. If anybody was at fault, it was M Garcia not B Blanc. For the steward to insinuate that the incident didn't affect the outcome is asinine! Gigi had every chance to win that race without the interference! Would it have been close? Yes, very close. The stewards reasoning, that it did not affect the outcome, was obsurd....... Period!
[removed] More than 1 year ago
This comment has been deleted
Bob More than 1 year ago
Stop soliciting. If you made that honestly you wouldn't be posting it. Why don't you lose it betting horses now ?
John Karczewski More than 1 year ago
And for those of you that think NY racing stewardsare the standard then take a look at this race. Both horses arguably played a part in impeding the 3rd place finisher. No DQ's http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w0DmpWcZiV0
John Karczewski More than 1 year ago
That is the definition of a tough call. Holes close up in racing all the time. This time it just so happened to have been within the last 100 yards. Egg Drop seemed to be a bit erratic through the stretch weaving a bit. Apealing also seemed to veer out at the end. Both horses seemed to play equal parts in closing up that hole. There was nowhere for Gomez to go at the top of the stretch a hole opened up and then closed again. I think Gomez has a legit shot but I can't say with any certainty whether he would have won or not but I do think he had a legit shot if he got through. No question he was impeded with but neither the 5 nor the 10 did anything drastic enough to make it obvious and the stewards probrably didn't feel comfortable declaring a winner in a graded stakes by DQ'ing 2 horses. Gomez saw that hole open and close atleast twice down the stretch, he could have adjusted accordingly based on how the horses in front of him were running but he decided to try shoot the gap and he got pinched. I like the call. Thats racing
Mark More than 1 year ago
So if one comes out/ in take him down . But if TWO come out/in leave them up ? The two of them both had clear paths to run with no horses in front of them. They altered course causing go go to take up sharply. If you can not run a clear straight path through the stretch especially on then lead and you cause anothervtobtakevup then you should come down . Period. IMO.
Mark More than 1 year ago
Its not racing to get your path impeded in the stretch drive while the two you are splitting are in the clear. Its called infraction.
John Karczewski More than 1 year ago
You see horses back out of it and have holes close up everyday at the track you this is just getting attention because it was a Graded Stakes on closing day at Del Mar and you probrably had money on Go Go. Point is neither horse did enough individually to warrent them being taken down. Because of the combined actions of both horses the hole was closed. Plus Go Go saw how those horses were running down the stretch and still tried to hit the gap. Gomez didn't get squeezed when he was already between horses. He got squeezed when he tried to hit the hole and got shut off. Like I said though you can argue it either way and I wouldn't have a problem. I just wouldn't like a Graded Stakes races to be decided by DQ'ing 2 horses who didn't do anything drastic individually
Mark More than 1 year ago
did not have one cent on the race . and they both caused him to take up so they both come down . not to hard to figure out . keep a straight path and no issue . and your observation of how they were running down the stretch indicates two tired horses . and gomez horse was hitting the hole . this tells me he had every chance to get up had the both of them not impeded his progress in their unimpeded stretch runs .
John Karczewski More than 1 year ago
Like I said tough call. I don't disagree with your opinion Mark. I just don't feel comfortable taking down 2 horses that didn't do anything drastic enough to warrant a DQ individually IMO.
Mark More than 1 year ago
If one doesn't then he has room. Both did. Both come down. Agree to disagree. Glad I had no $ on this one. I would like a rule book / definitions of infractions ? That is in black and white and standard from track to track first off. That limits the stewards interpretations while reviewing each inquiry. Something. There seems to be no consistency at all. For example it took a jockey objection to get the Arlington million winner put up . Something I saw with my own two eyes live on the pan shot . Very frustrating.