08/16/2012 4:58PM

Del Mar: Carryovers make for hefty payouts


DEL MAR, Calif. - Fueled by nationwide interest generated by massive carryovers, Wednesday’s 50-cent pick five and $2 pick six produced massive pools with payoffs of $474 and $16,329 in the popular bets.

The all-sources handle of $12,949,289 for the eight-race card was a record for a Wednesday program at Del Mar that was not the opening day or closing day of the meeting, track officials said.

Wednesday’s 50-cent pick five, covering the first five races, had its first-ever carryover at Del Mar, $362,503, from last Sunday.

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Bettors added $2,549,097 to the pool on Wednesday. The bet has proven popular in Southern California since it was introduced in the spring of 2011 because of a 14 percent takeout, much lower than other multi-race exotic bets, which have a takeout of 23.68 percent.

The winners of Wednesday’s pick five races were Muny ($9.40), Oscillator ($11.40), Hoorayforhollywood ($3.80), Shining Copper ($9.40) and Inner Groove ($3.80). Hoorayforhollywood and Inner Groove were favored.

The pick six began with a carryover of $240,680 from Sunday. Bettors added $1,566,853 to the pool on Wednesday. The pick six began with Hoorayforhollywood’s win in the third race. The winners of the last three races were Lia Juliana ($7.20), Shrug and A Day Away ($14.80).

Lia Juliana was also favored.