04/29/2015 11:03AM

Daily Racing Form Announces “Thoroughbred Aftercare Alliance Magazine”


Daily Racing Form in conjunction with the Thoroughbred Aftercare Alliance (TAA) will be publishing a new annual Magazine to increase awareness of the TAA’s mission and its ongoing efforts to support Thoroughbred Aftercare on a national level and in Canada. The inaugural Magazine will be published on October 15, 2015, and distributed throughout Lexington, Ky., in advance of the Breeders’ Cup at Keeneland Race Course. 100% of costs will be underwritten by sponsor support.

The Thoroughbred Aftercare Alliance Magazine, produced by Daily Racing Form, will be approximately 80 color pages and highlight each of the TAA-Accredited organizations. There are currently 42 accredited organizations and over 20 more have recently submitted applications for acceptance. The magazine will include articles on the TAA, its mission, and how it is funded by multiple sources with a low general and administrative overhead of only 7.2% of the annual budget. It will recognize the many industry contributors that are sharing the responsibility of providing safe landing spots for these retired athletes. Readers will be treated to several off-the-track Thoroughbred success stories from around the nation - from sanctuary horses to rehabbed horses that have been re-homed and have had a successful second career. Potential adopters will also learn about retraining an OTTB by a panel of equestrian experts.

“Part of our mission for 2015 is to get the message out on what we are doing at the TAA,” said Jimmy Bell, President of the TAA. “What better way to inform, share and educate the public than to collaborate with the Daily Racing Form to give real insight into what we are accomplishing. There are so many great success stories that need to be shared and so many initiatives that need to highlighted and supported. This new communication platform will be of great benefit to us all.” “We are proud to support the TAA in such a meaningful way,” said John J. Hartig, CEO, Daily Racing Form. “The TAA is tackling an important issue, to make sure that the Thoroughbreds that race for our entertainment and livelihoods are provided a safe and comfortable place to continue their lives after their racing days end. We salute those on the front lines at each of the TAA-accredited organizations and are happy to provide this marketing tool that will showcase the great progress being made every day.”