05/04/2014 8:47AM

Court breaks hand in Derby Day finale spill


LOUISVILLE, Ky. – Jon Court suffered a broken hand while fellow jockey Jose Ortiz emerged body-sore but otherwise uninjured in a two-horse spill in the 13th and last race of the Kentucky Derby program Saturday at Churchill Downs.

The incident occurred nearing the half-mile pole on the main track, where Canadian Winner, ridden by Court, broke down badly. Appealing Alex was trailing him and could not avoid him, throwing Ortiz.

Court’s agent, Steve Krajcir, said Court was “resting comfortably” while in Audubon Hospital early Sunday.

“It’s a clean break,” said Krajcir. “The doctors haven’t estimated how much time he’ll miss, but hopefully, it won’t be all that long.”

Ortiz was on a flight home to New York early Sunday and took off his mounts Sunday at Belmont Park but is expected back in action Wednesday, said agent Jim Riccio Jr. Ortiz rode Samraat to a fifth-place finish in his first Derby mount.

Canadian Winner, trained by D. Wayne Lukas, had to be euthanized. Appealing Alex, trained by Nick Zito, was vanned off the track. The extent of his injuries was not immediately known.

Allan Gauthier More than 1 year ago
I was at Churchill all week, and a race on wed comes to mind. The 2 in the 6th Follow the Kitten got loose at the gate, and she is 3-5. Now we have the 3-5 favorite loose on the track before the race You would think she would be scratched??? Did the the vet think she was ok, after running down the shute on her own? The jock gets back on and loaded in the gate after running around on her own for awhile. What a ripoff the the people who bet on her. The vet should have not let her race.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Why, if there was nothing wrong with her? If you don't want any horse to race after they have gotten loose on the track, that would be a matter for the stewards or a racing commission rule. The vet is there to determine if the horse is ok or not. Not to determine if it should otherwise race.
Autumn Carew More than 1 year ago
I've actually seen horses win after doing just that; depends on the horse.
Bugsy Anderson More than 1 year ago
Polytrack supporters get more Ammo. 2 bad accidents on Derby day? No good
Veronica Greene More than 1 year ago
Guess we will never know the condition of TB, Canadian Winner, before he started the race. He fell. Question is, did he fall & fracture his left front ankle, or was the ankle already compromised BEFORE the race & "doctored-up" with pain killers & other means. For it is not unusual to get a horse on the track to race who should not be. Obviously Canadian Winner suffered much for this race. Pray Appealing Alex, the horse who collided with Canadian Winner after the fall, is ok. The jockeys are fairing well. Good to know. However, per usual, more concern is given to the jockeys than the horses who are forced to run, no-matter-what. RIP Canadian Winner.
M More than 1 year ago
I really liked Court in "Jockeys" and followed him some. He is a really talented, very experienced jockey that gets the most out of his mounts. Really a lunch pail rider--that goes to work every day. But whether because competition, circuit switches, politics, or other factors he has gotten bad breaks (literally like this one--which I hope he heals from). He gets the wins to get horses in big races but doesn't always get the call for the big shows. But I think he may find the right connections for a win in a triple crown race before he is done.
M More than 1 year ago
Steve Burton More than 1 year ago
It hard to watch a race that has one break down. I refuse to watch the replay. It really bothers me when an otherwise healthy horse becomes a casualty because he/she can't avoid a fallen rival. I really hope Appealing Alex is OK! Johnny Court very fortunate! He's one of my fav's, good guy too!
Geral John Pinault More than 1 year ago
This sucks! First off Court loses the ride on Ride on Curlin, then he breaks his hand! Fate can be a cruel mistress. Court would have ridden a much better ride than Borel did in THE DERBY! Borel allowed the press to get into his head, insisting that he get to the rail or when or how long would it take him to get to the rail? Everyone knows that a straight line from the 19 hoe to the first turn is a much smarter, shorter route than dropping back and getting stuck behind plodders! Especially when the track was favoring the speed horses. SHAME ON YOU CALVIN! Sorry for you Jon... - RAMMER
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
What Borel did was inane. I could not believe he did that.
Dee Englehart More than 1 year ago
My condolences to the connections of Canadian Winner. It's sad when a horse is injured but it's even worse when the horse cannot be saved. I also sending good thoughts to Jon Court for a speedy recovery and glad to hear Jose Ortiz was ok. I hope the news is just as good for Appealing Alex.
John Jp More than 1 year ago
A Wayne Lukas horse broke down!? Well knock me over with a feather
Linda More than 1 year ago
maybe PETA should come to his barn to check things out.
Hail No More than 1 year ago
Maybe the "slow" time in Derby can be attributed to this hard track? would like to know what was said to all the jocks before the race. Get well jocks and condolences to Canadian Winner's connections and friends..