03/20/2012 2:06PM

Contest draws 6,521 name suggestions for Rachel Alexandra foal

Courtesy of Stonestreet Farms
Stonestreet Stables received more than 6,500 submissions as part of the “Name Rachel’s Foal” contest.

LEXINGTON, Ky. – Stonestreet Stables’s “Name Rachel’s Foal” contest generated more than 6,500 submissions from around the world, from which the stable expects to choose a winner by this summer.

The six-day contest drew a total of 6,521 name suggestions for the 2009 Horse of the Year’s first foal, a colt by two-time Horse of the Year Curlin that was born Jan. 22 in Lexington. Stonestreet Stables owns both Rachel Alexandra and Curlin.

“Submitters ranged from CEOs of hospitals to 92-year-old horse lovers to members of various clergy,” a statement from the stable said. “Classrooms of children even joined together to offer fun names.”

The most popular submissions included various forms and spellings of Jess’s Dream, Alexander the Great, Raylin, Curlander, Currajess, and Vintner’s Legacy. Some of them – such as Jess’s Dream and Vintner’s Legacy – provided a hat tip to Stonestreet Stables’ late founder, Kendall-Jackson winery owner Jess Jackson, who campaigned both Curlin and Rachel Alexandra but died before he could see their foal. Jackson’s widow, Barbara Banke, now operates Stonestreet and, with family members, is sifting through the 95 pages of suggested names.

“There were names that incorporated an astonishing amount of research as well as those that were incredibly fun, such as War Taco, Duck Ragu, and one grandson’s favorite, Buttery Pancakes,” the stable’s statement said.

Curlinsanity touched on the current hype over National Basketball Association player Jeremy Lin of the New York Knicks. Another suggestion, perhaps from a meditation practitioner or a physicist, was Ohm.

“When we asked for suggestions, we expected a great response, but we had no idea it would be this big,” Banke said. “From the number of suggestions to the diversity of those submitting them, the amount of time and thought fans from literally around the world put into their suggestions has humbled and moved us. It is a great testament to how well fans respond to involvement.”

Submissions came from all over the United States (including several from Alaska) and from Japan, England, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Costa Rica, and Venezuela.