08/06/2002 11:00PM

Columbus track report


COLUMBUS, Neb. - On Saturday night a pair of maidens, Space Cowgirl in the second and Pirate's Wench in the third, each created a delay of over a half-hour when they crashed through fences.

Space Cowgirl refused to approach the gate when loading for the second race. After several attempts were made to coax her to the gate, she backed off and flipped over backward, crashing through the wooden outside fence. In the following race Pirate's Wench escaped the assistant starter and weaved through the crowd of pony people and assistants behind the gate, and also crashed through the outside fence.

* A mix-up on the type of wagers offered on Sunday's races caused what may be the smallest trifecta pool in the state. Trifecta wagering is generally offered on all races with seven or more betting interests. Sunday's Nebraska Breeders' Sweepstakes Sophomore Fillies and Sophomore Stakes each drew only six horses and five betting interests. Trifecta wagering was not canceled on the seventh race, the Sophomore Fillies, although the wager was not listed in the track program. A total of $284 found its way into the pool and resulted in a $35.80 payoff with outsider Sweetiegunzallus ($19.40) winning the race.