08/30/2013 11:32AM

Closer Looks: Saratoga August 31, 2013


DRF Plus Preview

Race 1

Mlle Margaux
Not sure if we can expect her to come right back with the same level of performance that she showed up with in her latest outing when considering what she had been doing before that, and it might be worth noting the presence of Castellano aboard another in here.
Clever Spirit
Broman-owned miss is coupled in the wagering with Satin Sheeks and that one appears to be the stronger of the two; late running filly will need her best performance to date to beat these and she was beaten by a couple of today's rivals in her latest start.
Kate Is a Ten
Tenpins has been a poor influence as a turf sire and this filly will need to take her game to another level if she's to beat this field in her first attempt against winners; she looks like more of an outsider.
John's Mariah
In a race where the winner is very likely to earn a Beyer Speed Figure above 70, this filly has topped out at 68 through her first 12 starts; she does have some early speed, and it doesn't look like the early pace will heat up all that much, but looking toward others regardless.
Flirtatious Spring
She's run well in three of her five starts this year and like to see that she bounced back from a couple of sub par performances in her latest outing; this barn has been quiet at this meeting, but not going to be surprised if this mare is involved in the running through the final furlong.
Satin Sheeks
She boasts the best last race Beyer Speed Figure in here, and if she's ready to come right back with that level of performance, she figures to be tough to tackle; a little concerned that she won't get as favorable an early pace scenario as she saw last time, but still feel that she merits top contender status.
Mela Dramatically
This mare has always been tough to gauge because she's been known to be very difficult to manage in her races while often being rank; however, she is capable of giving a pretty good account of herself on her best day, and it is interesting to see blinkers being removed for this.
Golden Cheetah
Her recent form has been improved, and like to see that she's shown the ability to run well from up close to the pace and from far behind, but still feel that she's going to have to show up with her best performance to date to prove to be the one in this spot.
Late running type exits the same race as a couple of today's rivals, a race that was kind to closers, and feel that this nine-time winner is the one to focus on of those coming out of that event.
The Lady Says Yes
She really hasn't run a bad race to date, and even though she might have burned up a few dollars before breaking her maiden in her latest outing, she put together a solid run to get the job done; this looks like a very reasonable assignment for her first attempt against winners.
Four-time winner meets mostly limited winners, and she's only two races removed from a performance that would make her very competitive in this spot; third place finisher from latest won next out at Bel on 7/13 going 1 1/16m over turf vs. 35k OPC's with a 76 Beyer.
Another Page
Of the horses in the main body of this race, Schillerette has the best dirt form, but like the idea of this filly getting back over dirt after being given some time off; runner up from latest won next out here on 8/5 going 1 1/16m over turf vs. 20k OPC's with a 77 Beyer; first call for Maragh.
Swift Taylor
An ideal early pace scenario played a role in her earning a career best Beyer Speed Figure in her latest outing and her form prior to that had been so-so at best; winner from latest won next out at Bel on 7/11 going 1m vs. 35k OPC's with an 85 Beyer.
Motion Lounge
She wasn't able to get to a heavy odds-on favorite in her latest outing, but that was a decent effort, and she's now two-for-two in the quality start department over the Saratoga main track; first call for Castellano.
Like to see what she did the last time she raced over a dirt surface with moisture in it, but she hasn't been that sharp lately, and she's been beaten by a few of today's rivals in her recent starts.

Race 2

1/2 SP Alamanda Drive (209K, 5-22 turf, 1st-turf winner) by 12% 2yo FTS, 4% 1st-turf sire; unraced dam has 4 winners from 5 runners (1-3 turfers, 1st-turf winner); dam 1/2 multiple G1 SW Left Bank (1.4M, 1-2 at 2); barn 1-2, $3.60 past 5 years 2yo FTS MSW turf route Spa; 8/15 work match Ever Awesome (68 turf Beyer); not out of it.
1st starter by German G2 turf SW (187K, 4-18 turf); 1st starter from sprint winner (42K); 3rd dam French turf SW Euphonic (100K, 1-1 at 2, 1st-turf winner); family G1 turf SW Danehill (England, 321K, 1-3 at 2); barn 1-2, $14.60 pst 5 yrs 2nd-out 2yos dirt/turf sprint/route MSW Spa; 8/15, 8/22 works match Flat Jack (42 dirt Beyer)
Patty and Nooche
50K wnlng, 95K yrlng; sire 15% 2yo FTS, 12% 1st-turf; dam won sprint (46K) with 4 winners/5 runners (1-2 with 2yos, 1-2 turfers, 1st-turf winner); dam 1/2 SW 2yo sprint King of Syn (80K, won debut), SW sprint Memory Work (123K); barn 0-11 pst 5 yrs 2yo FTS MSW turf route; 8/10 work match Cielo Soleggiato (5th 25K MCL turf 57 Beyer 8/21)
Shadow Banking
100K yrlng, 250K 2yo after 1F work 10.2; 1/2 trf SP Profiteroles (161K, 1-3 at 2), full G1 trf SP Stormy Len (229K, 1-3 at 2, won debut) by 15% 2yo FTS, 12% 1st-trf sire; unraced dam has 3 wnnrs/3 rnnrs (2-2 2yos, 1 FTS wnnr, 3-3 trf); dam full G1 trf SW Dynaforce (1.0M, 1st-trf wnnr); brn 19%, $2.16 pst 5 yrs 2yo FTS MSW trf route Spa.
Sire 10% 2yo FTS, 13% 1st-turf; placed dam (11K) has 1 winner from 4 runners (1-2 with 2yos, 0-3 turfers); dam 1/2 G3 SW Fortitude (426K, 0-3 at 2, 4-38 turf, 1st-turf winner); barn 19%, $2.16 pst 5 yrs 2yo FTS MSW turf route Spa; 8/5 work match Zloty (3rd FTS MSW turf 69 Beyer 8/18); jock's 1st call; respect.
Long Station
30K short yearling, 85K yearling; sire 229-1267 (18%) 2yo, 27-330 (8%) 1st turf; 1st starter from sprint winner (47K, 1-7 at 2, 0-2 turf); female family multiple G1 SW Excellent Meeting (1.4M, 4-8 at 2, 0-1 turf); barn 3-15 (20%, $2.09 ROI) past 5 years 2nd-out 2yos dirt/turf sprint/route MSW (0-7 Spa); tackled sharp 2nd-out winner on dirt.
Ring Weekend
1/2 SP 2yo sprinter Bamboo (73K, 0-1 turf) by 12% 2yo FTS, 9% 1st-turf sire; multiple SP dam (78K, 2-3 at 2, won debut, 3-10 turf, 1st-turf winner) has 5 winners/5 runners (2-4 with 2yos, 1-5 turf, 1st-turf winner); dam 1/2 G2 turf SW 2yo Forest Wind (163K, 1st-turf winner); barn 1-20, $0.38 pst 5 yrs 2yo FTS MSW turf route (0-8 Spa).
Romans Paradise
1/2 SP Local Celebrity (289K, 4-10 turf, 1st-turf winner) by 8% 2yo FTS, 10% 1st-turf sire; multiple SP dam (289K, 0-2 at 2, 0-3 turf) has 3 winners/3 runners (1-2 with 2yos, 2-2 turfers); dam 1/2 SP Two Eyes Fer You (168K, 1-2 at 2, won debut, 0-3 turf), G3 SP Two Fer Boston (201K, 1-4 at 2, 0-3 turf); barn 2-10, $3.38 pst 5 yrs 2yo FTS MSW turf route Spa
Johnny Football
By multiple G1 route SW sire (1.7M, 2-4 at 2, 1-1 turf, 2-11 with 2yo FTS, 2-3 with 1st-turfers); unplaced dam (0-2) has 3 winners from 4 runners (0-3 with 2yos, 1-2 with turfers); dam 1/2 G1 sprint SW Richter Scale (1.1M, 1-2 at 2, won debut, 1-5 turf), G3 turf SW Outperformance (291K, 0-1 at 2, 3-12 turf, 1st-turf winner); barn 0-12 past 5 years 2yo FTS turf.
English Star
1/2 trf SP Centaurus (54K, 1-1 at 2, 1st-trf winner) by 9% 2yo FTS, 18% 1st-trf sire; dam won sole start (trf at 2 in GB) and has 3 wnnrs/6 rnnrs (2-3 with 2yos, 1 FTS wnnr, 3-5 trf, 1 first-trf wnnr); dam 1/2 G2 trf SW Courteous (349K, 1-2 at 2); barn 1-10, $5.70 pst 5 yrs 2yo FTS MSW trf route Spa; 7/30 work match Neith (5th AN1X trf 72 Beyer 8/11); intriguing
Smooth Daddy
1/2 multiple SP Virgin Voyage (226K, 2-9 at 2, 0-3 turf), multiple SW Prairie Charm (270K) by 17% 2yo, 14% turf sire; dam multiple SW (294K, 4-11 turf) with 5 winners from 6 runners (1-3 with 2yos, 1-5 turf); barn 2-24 (8%, $1.30 ROI) past 5 years 2yos adding Lasix; much improved turf debut in live race; jock's 2nd call; capable.
Mack Miller
42K yrlng, 120K 2yo after 1F work 10.1; 1/2 G3 route SW Electrify (666K, 3-4 at 2, 0-1 trf), G3 SW sprint Rothko (282K, 0-1 trf) by 15% 2yo, 8% trf sire; unplaced dam (0-3 at 2) has 8 wnnrs/11 rnnrs (3-8 with 2yos, 2-6 trf); dam 1/2 G3 SW sprint Kazoo (637K, 2-5 at 2, 0-2 trf), barn 3-11, $1.43 pst 5 yrs 2nd-out 2yos sprint/route turf MSW; can improve.
1/2 G2 SW Tizaqueena (654K, 1-1 at 2, 4-12 turf) by 16% 2yo, 14% turf sire; dam won sprint (58K, 0-1 turf) with 3 wnnrs/5 rnnrs (1-3 with 2yos, 3-5 turf); dam 1/2 SP Cosmic Wing (114K, 1-3 at 2, 1-6 turf), SW Charley Tango (237K, 2-5 at 2, 1-14 turf); barn 1-9, $0.37 pst 5 yrs 2yo MSW turf route Spa; improved distance/surface switch; factor if in.
Greek God
1/2 multiple SW Hard Enough (140K, 1-5 at 2, 3-9 turf) by 45-207 (22%) 2yo, 69-529 (13%) turf sire; SW dam (165K, 0-2 at 2, 1-4 turf) has 3 winners from 4 runners (2-3 with 2yos, 2-3 with turfers); 2nd dam SP Turning Around (90K, 0-1 at 2, 3-14 turf); barn 2-15 (13%, $1.25 ROI) past 5 years 2yos MSW turf route; good effort for tag.
1/2 G1 route SW Sis City (795K, 3-7 at 2, 0-2 turf) by 13% 2yo FTS, 15% 1st-turf sire; unplaced dam (0-2 at 2, 0-1 turf) has 2 winners from 3 runners (1-2 with 2yos, 1-2 turfers); dam 1/2 SP 2yo sprinter Billy Mousse (66K, 2-8 at 2), G2 turf SW Swamp (306K, 1-1 at 2, 5-14 turf, 1st-turf winner); barn 1-2, $3.60 past 5 years 2yo FTS MSW turf route Spa.
Financial Mogul
185K wnlng, 170K RNA yrlng; 1/2 G1 SP sprint Bear in the Woods (210K), SP sprint Mr. Negotiator (79K, 1-6 at 2), SP Cane Garden Bay (89K, 1-3 at 2, 2-17 sprints) by 18% 2yo sire; dam 2yo G2 sprint SP (68K) with 6 wnnrs/8 rnnrs (4-6 with 2yos, 4-8 sprint); barn 1-3, $2.13 pst 5 yrs 2nd-out 2yos MSW dirt sprint Spa

Race 3

Purple Sky
Sire 45-372 (12%) 2yo FTS; dam G3 route SW (533K, 0-1 at 2, 1-6 sprint) with 1 winner from 1 runner (0-1 with 2yos, 0-1 with sprinters); dam 1/2 SW Inner Harbour (350K, 1-1 at 2, 4-14 sprint); barn 1-7 (14%, $3.14 ROI) past 5 years 2yo FTS MSW dirt sprint Spa.
Pulpit's Legacy
Sire 45-372 (12%) 2yo FTS; 1st starter from G1 SP router (225K, 0-4 at 2, 0-1 sprint); female family G1 SW Catinca (864K, 0-1 at 2, 4-12 sprint); barn 0-47 past 5 years 2yo FTS MSW dirt sprint Spa; 8/23 work matches Nevada Kid (93 Beyer top); jock's 1st call; interesting.
Bro Rodrigeaux
60K RNA yrlng; sire 18% 2yo FTS; 1st starter from sprint winner (64K, 1-1 at 2); 2nd dam 2yo SW sprinter Yasou Kayla (52K); barn 0-36 pst 5 yrs 2yo FTS MSW dirt sprint Spa; 8/8 work match Order of Magnitude (9th MSW 49 Beyer 8/24); 8/22 work matches American Creed (46 Beyer, enter Fri. R2)
Jackson N Lorimer
Sire 15-164 (9%) 2yo FTS; dam 2yo SW sprinter (80K, 1-1 at 2, 2-9 sprint) with 0 winners from 2 runners (0-2 with sprinters); dam 1/2 SW sprinter Malibu Light (134K, 1-3 at 2, 4-12 sprint); barn 2-9 (22%, $5.46 ROI) past 5 years 2yo FTS MSW dirt sprint Spa; 7/31 work matches Simplistic (68 Beyer, entered Thurs. R9); seems capable.
School Yard
90K shrt yrlng, 200K 2yo after 1F work 10.2; sire 13% 2yo FTS; unplaced dam (2K, 0-1 at 2, 0-3 sprint) has 3 winners from 3 runners (0-1 with 2yos, 0-2 sprinters); dam 1/2 G2 route SW Mud Route (672K, 1-2 at 2, 1-4 sprint), SW sprinter Nursery Rhyme (167K, 0-3 at 2); barn 0-41 past 5 years 2yo FTS MSW dirt sprint Spa.
Honor Code
1/2 G2 turf SW Noble Tune (492K, 2-3 at 2, won debut) by 11% 2yo FTS sire; dam turf SW (131K, 1-3 at 2, 0-2 sprint) with 1 winner from 1 runner (1-1 with 2yos, won debut); dam 1/2 G3 turf SW Vocalised (England, 73K, 1-2 at 2); barn 0-20 pst 5 yrs 2yo FTS MSW dirt sprint Spa; 8/25 work match Guilty Verdict (53 Beyer); nice pedigree, but lots of turf.
Signature Smile
100K yearling; sire 89-530 (17%) 2yos; unraced dam has 2 winners from 3 runners (1-2 with 2yos, 1-2 with sprinters); dam 1/2 multiple SW Procreate (432K, 9-37 sprint), SW sprinter Perilous Night (129K, 1-5 at 2, 4-16 sprint); barn 0-9 past 5 years 2yos turf/dirt; faced runaway on grass and that experience should help here; may offer some value.
180K 2yo after 2F work 21.2; full G3 SW Winslow Homer (273K, 2-3 at 2, 1-4 sprint) by 13% 2yo FTS sire; dam 2yo G3 SW (168K, 1-4 sprint) with 1 wnnr/3 rnnrs (1-2 with 2yos, 1-3 sprint); 3rd dam route SW Rose Park (217K, 2-7 at 2, 0-5 sprint); barn 38%, $2.81 pst 5 yrs 2yo FTS MSW dirt sprint Spa; 4 works match Village Warrior (FTS - R5); jock 2nd call
Hail to the Nile
1/2 G3 route SW No Giveaway (218K, 5-9 sprint), G2 SP Melissa Jo (101K, 1-3 at 2, 1-5 sprint) by G1 route SW (1.6M, 2-5 at 2, 4-19 with 2yos); unraced dam has 6 wnnrs/7 rnnrs (3-4 2yos, 6-7 sprint); dam 1/2 G2 SW Supercilious (843K, 1-6 at 2, 6-15 sprint), barn 1-6, $2.69 pst 5 yrs 2yo FTS MSW dirt sprint Spa; took on good group; can improve.
70K wnlng, 300K 2yo after 2F work 21.2; sire 15% 2yo; 1st starter from route winner (22K, 0-1 at 2, 0-3 sprint); dam 1/2 SP 2yo router Arezzo (61K, 1-3 sprint), 2yo G2 SW Raw Gold (509K, 8-19 sprint), 2yo G1 sprint SW Point Ashley (237K); barn 1-14, $0.22 pst 5 yrs 2yos adding blinkers dirt; expect improved speed; jock's 2nd call
150K 2yo after 1F work 10.1; sire 13% 2yo; dam G2 SP sprinter (111K, 1-1 at 2) with 0 winners from 2 runners (0-2 with 2yos, 0-2 with sprinters); 2nd dam 2yo G3 SW Fancy Ribbons (242K, 2-5 at 2, 1-2 sprint); barn 1-6 (17%, $0.59 ROI) past 5 years 2nd-out 2yos adding Lasix MSW dirt sprint; ran very well in debut; dangerous; jock's 1st call

Race 4

Tahoe Lake (BRZ)
G1 stakes placed veteran has obviously seen faster days, and even though you have to go back 14 starts to October 2011 to find his latest victory, he still seems to be capable of showing up with a competitive performance at this level of competition.
Newfound Zapper
He ran some nice races over turf as a 2-year-old, including a stakes placing in his final start last year, and maybe he can be ready to regain some of his better form while making back-to-back starts for the first time in a long time.
Idle American
He ran into a very sharp winner in Plainview when last seen and he'll appreciate landing in a softer spot this time around; he's won half his six turf starts and his best effort places him squarely in the mix against these.
State Flag
He's been in good form lately and he finished close behind one of today's key rivals in Cheyenne Nation in his latest outing; he goes out for the leading owner at the meeting, and with Rosario sidelined, they see fit to call upon Castellano.
His first two starts in America were pretty decent performances, but it would've been nice to have seen him show more in his latest outing while making his first start back from a layoff, and he can afford to show up with anything less than a top try against these.
Yellow Mountain (IRE)
His most recent race can be viewed as being his best performance to date, but he is going to have to step it up over that effort if he's to threaten the top contenders in this one.
Cheyenne Nation
He made his first start for this barn a winning one after being claimed for 35k two starts ago, and of the horses in the main body of this race, he boasts the best last race Beyer Speed Figure; tough veteran enjoys racing over this turf course and back-to-back wins appears to be within his reach.
Lure of the South
He ran well two starts ago when running on through the lane to finish fourth and he followed that performance up with a near miss in his latest outing; he looks like he's going to need to see a few of these show up with less than their best to have a chance at the top spot, but a minor award isn't out of the question.
Have to respect the improvement he's shown since being placed over turf four starts ago and he earned a career best Beyer Speed Figure in breaking his maiden in his latest outing with the addition of blinkers; runner-up from latest returned to win next out here on 8/23 going 1 1/8m over turf vs. MSW rivals with an 85 Beyer.
Comes the Dream
The possibility of a slow early pace exists in this race, and that might beat to the liking of this 3-year-old; like to see the way that he grabbed the early lead and never looked back in breaking his maiden three starts ago.
Box Office
Although he didn't run all that well in his turf debut in his latest start, feel that that race can serve as a useful conditioner for this, and he had run well in a number of starts over dirt prior to that.
Most Happy Fella
Multiple stakes placed veteran appears to be on top of his game right now, and as long as the early pace doesn't heat up all that much, he's likely going to be involved in the running every step of the way; first call for Solis.
Kid Sidney
He seems to be very comfortable racing over the main track here and like to see that he's handy enough to keep himself within close striking range through the opening stages; he'll merit his share of consideration if he gets to go in this spot.
North Ocean
Relatively lightly raced 4-year-old is out of a multiple G1 winning dam who won 10 of 25 starts for $2.7 million, seven wins routing, and this gelding has looked good in reeling off three straight wins prior to this; obvious threat.

Race 5

No Dishonor
Sire 85-604 (14%) 2yos; 1st starter from route-placed dam (5K, 0-1 sprint); 3rd dam G3 SW Totemic (138K, 1-6 at 2, 2-4 sprint); barn 1-5 (20%, $3.16 ROI) past 5 years 2nd-out 2yos turf/dirt in sprints; passed some tired ones when chasing runaway on grass; tough inside post.
Grand Arrival
110K short yearling, 200K yearling; by 143-839 (17%) 2yo sire; route-winning dam (39K, 0-1 sprint) has 3 winners from 6 runners (1-4 2yos, 3-5 sprinters); dam 1/2 SW router Wheelaway (249K, 0-1 sprint); barn 1-10 (10%, $0.48 ROI) past 5 years 2nd-out 2yos MSW dirt sprint Spa; finished ahead of 92-Beyer graduate Strong Mandate; contender
All My Memories
60K yearling, 120K 2yo after 1F work 10.3; sire 43-270 (16%) 2yo FTS; dam G2 route SW (268K, 0-2 at 2, 0-1 sprint) with 0 winners from 1 runner (0-1 with 2yos, 0-1 with sprinters); dam 1/2 G2 SP Miss Hellie (172K, 0-1 sprint); barn 1-23 (4%, $0.45 ROI) past 5 years 2yo FTS MSW dirt sprint; 4 works match Gino and the Jets (FTS - Fri. R2);
Commanding Curve
60K yrling, 75K 2yo after 2F work 21.3; 1/2 SP Hot Roots (124K, 1-1 at 2, 2-12 sprint) by 13% 2yo FTS sire; dam won sprint (78K, 0-1 at 2, 2-8 sprint) with 1 winner from 1 runner (1-1 with 2yos, FTS winner, 1-1 with sprinters); dam 1/2 SP Professor Biggs (212K, 2-7 at 2, 1-5 sprint); barn 3-13 (23%, $8.55 ROI) past 5 years 2yo FTS MSW dirt sprint Spa.
Canadian Winner
1/2 multiple G3 SW Biofuel (781K, 2-5 at 2, 2-4 sprint), G3 SW sprint Tu Endie Wei (528K, 3-4 at 2) by 15% 2yo sire; unraced dam has 3 wnnrs/4 rnnrs (2-4 with 2yos, 3-3 sprint); barn 1-15, $0.48 pst 5 yrs 2yo turf/dirt; 8/22 work match Channel Isle (82 Beyer polytrack); off slow and no pace to run at on turf; can improve at price; jock's 1st call
Can't Stop the Kid
65K 2yo after 2F work 21.4; 1/2 multiple 2yo G3 SP turf A. P. Reality (97K) by 200-1305 (15%) 2yo sire; dam 2yo SW (205K, 3-5 at 2, 1-3 sprint) with 3 winners from 6 runners (2-6 with 2yos, 2-4 with sprinters); female family G2 sprint SW Funistrada (479K, 1-4 at 2, 5-18 sprint); barn 0-29 past 5 years turf/dirt; made up ground after poor break in debut
Good Response
1/2 G3 SP router Distorted Love (221K, 1-12 sprint) by 23-180 (13%) 2yo FTS sire; dam G1 turf SW in Argentina (237K, 1-4 at 2, 0-1 sprint) with 5 winners from 5 runners (0-1 with 2yos, 1-4 with sprinters); barn 12%, $1.37 pst 5 yrs 2yo FTS MSW dirt sprint Spa; 8/24 work match Side Road (89 turf Beyer); expecting solid showing.
Village Warrior
Sire 9-73 (12%) 2yo FTS; winning dam (172K, 0-5 at 2, 3-20 sprint) has 2 winners from 3 runners (1-2 with 2yos, 1-2 sprint); dam 1/2 G3 SP 2yo Carson Creek (195K, 5-15 sprint), 2yo G3 SW Mass Market (452K, 3-5 sprint); barn 38%, $2.81 pst 5 yrs 2yo FTS MSW dirt sprint Spa; 4 works match Misconnect (FTS - R3); must respect barn.
Justin Nguyen
65K yearling by 143-839 (17%) 2yo sire; dam multiple SW sprinter (474K, 1-4 at 2, 12-33 sprint) with 0 winners from 2 runners (0-2 with 2yos, 0-2 with sprinters); female family SP sprinter She's the Mint (46K, 2-12 at 2, 2-15 sprint); barn 6-52 (12%, $1.83 ROI) past 5 years 2yos dirt; gave good effort debut; factor; jock's 2nd call.
195K wnlng, 220K yrlng, 130K 2yo after 1F work 10.2; 1/2 SW sprint Double Down Vinman (538K, 2-4 at 2) by 15% 2yo sire; unplaced dam (0-1 at 2, 0-1 sprint) has 6 wnnrs/7 rnnrs (2-6 2yos, 4-6 sprint); dam 1/2 G1 SW Christmas Kid (596K, 1-3 at 2, 0-1 sprint), barn 1-1, $6.40 pst 5 yrs 2nd-out 2yo turf/dirt MSW sprint Spa; vet scratch 7/27

Race 6

Accomplish First
Posted a 2nd-career start Beyer speed figure regression which is almost always an improvement effort; beaten-betting choice when dueled into defeat in last chasing the debut winner who made it 2-for-2 in an AQU alw. win with a 67 Beyer; was troubled in her debut losing to Live Life Fast and the show runner who graduated next out in a BEL-MSW race (63 speed figure).
Baal Perazim
Career-best Beyer at longer on less-than-firm turf; her lone exacta finish was when rallying at longer; getting up in time is a serious issue; mild rally in latest for a 1-for-20 MSW trainer who is 0-for the last-12 with turf sprinters; worked another dirt bullet for this; saves ground then makes 1 run.
Sire is 2-for-22 with 1st-turf starters (1-for-51 with debut runners); is out of an 0-for-1 dam who did not race on grass; her only other foal to race 1-for-13 Tomorrow Moon (16K) who went 0-for-1 on turf; posted an August 3-bullet dirt workout for this.
Courageous Karen
Her gate speed has been much better since switched to grass posting 3 consecutive new Beyer speed figure Tops; the dirt workout for this was lacking while she will need to show new-found stamina to turn the tables on Stock Fund and Baal Perazim.
Stock Fund
In 5 straight and 6 of 7 starts she has been a beaten-betting favorite; the 13 minor awards on her resume is alarming as many times during career she has raced well in defeat; the 3-back runner-up finisher Beyered 75 in her next-out BEL-MSW win then repeated with an 81 speed figure taking a SAR allowance.
Lakeview Lady
30%-winning 1st-off-the-claim trainer sends her back to her best surface grass after finishing last in a key-race dirt debut; the 6th and 8th-place finishers from last posted 72-56 Beyers in next-out GP-50K and MTH-40K-maiden claiming wins.
Cake N Cookies
21%-winning 1ster trainer adds to the appal; sire is 6-for-71 with 1st-turf starters (18-for-165 with debut runners); she is out of an 0-for-1 dam who did not race on grass producing 7 winners from 9 other foals to race; 2 of 6 foals to race on turf are grass winners including 138K-grasser stakes-placed Mynavigator (3-for-20).
Rosalie's Pleasure
Outfinished in her 1st start following nearly a 1-year layoff; best finish was in her only grass start on firm footing; is eligible to improve her stamina for this; the 2-back runner-up finisher Beyered 78 in her next-out BEL-80K stakes win.
Live Life Fast
Long absence after being well backed as the betting choice in both defeats; she cuts back to her debut distance which produced a career-best Beyer despite a troubled-gate break when beating the show runner who Beyered 63 in a next-out BEL-MSW event.
Rufus Ruth
Cuts back to her shortest-distance test ever; has not shown enough stamina to get excited about a big improvement; leaps back up to MSW company after fading 1st time on dirt; new rider is her 4th different rider for start 5 which is not a good win angle.
Carla Sweetrevenge
Main Track Only is the one to catch if in racing on the lead in her debut and in last pair; leaves a high-win percentage trainer for a new barn 1-for-18 first-time out with newly-acquired runners since 2012; mild-dirt workout for this after being dueled into defeat; blew a big lead on dirt 3 races ago.
Rock N Cozy
Follows MTO Carla Sweetrevenge here off the SAR-dirt loss 1st time over the track; the 2-back winner repeated with an 86 Beyer taking a BEL-optional claimer; best speed figure was posted at longer as she has never raced this short of a distance during 15-race career.

Race 7

Googleado (ARG)
He has a good deal of early speed to employ after breaking out of post one, but there are a number of horses lined up outside of him to apply early pace pressure, and it looks like he's going to have to be ready to run hard every step of the way in order to get the job done.
He's tough to beat out of the gate, and he's clearly capable of a very sharp performance on his best day, but in a race that figures to have a fast and contested early pace, he might find this to be a tough assignment; runner up from latest won next out at Bel on 7/6 going 1m vs. N1X rivals with a 90 Beyer.
Multiple stakes placed 3-year-old sports some of the faster Beyer Speed Figures in this event, and with the prospect of a fast early pace, his ability to run his race from off the pace can prove to be a key; he has been known to settle for minor awards, but still viewing him as being a top contender.
Gombey Dancer
He was a sharp runner-up finisher in his latest start after a layoff, and if he's ready to take a step forward with that race behind him, he'll prove to be tough to deal with; winner from latest returned to finish sixth of 14 in the G1 King's Bishop.
So Raise Yourglass
His career debut was a very impressive performance and feel that this 3-year-old is an interesting option to consider as he gets ready to make his first start since the middle of February; that said, demand value before backing this runner because this is a tough spot for his first start against winners.
Justa Runner
He's tough to ignore based on what he's done in his first two starts, but he is an early speed type in a race loaded with early zip; he worked well over dirt as a 2-year-old at Santa Anita and the third place finisher from his latest race returned to win next out at Dmr on 8/10 going 6 1/2f vs. MSW rivals with a 93 Beyer.
Indian Nobility
He might be able to add more fuel to the early pace fire but this looks like a very tough spot for him to land in after being beaten by a couple of today's rivals in his latest outing.
Simple Interest
He's another in here who likes to get involved in the running right from the bell and this might prove to be a tough spot for him to make his second start over dirt; certainly respect the ability he's shown through his first three starts, but going to lean toward others.
Handsome Jack
He's G2 stakes placed racing over the main track here but don't like to see that his first two starts as a 3-year-old haven't been anywhere near what he showed us during his 2-year-old season; maybe that 8/11 workout is a sign that he's going to be ready to bounce back with a sharper try, but going to give the nod to others in this one.
From a race shape standpoint, he has to be considered an interesting player, and his career best Beyer Speed Figure of 95 tops that of any of his rivals in here; it is worth noting the presence of C.V. aboard another in here, but he loses nothing with Castellano taking the call.

Race 8

Paris Vegas
Gray was beaten less than a length in his return to the races here last month; local course winner at the trip will tackle better in this spot and the barn's numbers second off the break aren't very good so don't know that he'll be set to take the needed step forward off the try to contend at this level; prefer to side with others on the win end.
So Long George
Canadian shipper rode a rail run to victory against G2 stakes foes North of the border last month and now he'll cut back a half panel for his local debut; he's been a new runner this year and clearly enters this in career best form, but he'll be tackling some tougher rivals in this spot; don't think he'll have a serious say on the win end, but maybe he gets involved for a minor share.
He was one of the better turf milers in the country a coule of seasons back and in fact took this heat's renewal as a 4 year old; he hasn't found the winner's circle in nearly 2 years but his local return did offer a glimmer of hope that he's still got some run in him and he'll switch back to his regular pilot for this; don't k think he'll be as good as he once was, but he wouldn't need to move forward all that much to get in the exotics mix here.
Willyconker (IRE)
Failed to threaten after sitting a groundsaving spot in the G2 Fourstardave here a few weeks back; there's no Wise Dan in here and that helps, but it's not going to be enough to move this guy up to contend for the top spot today; looms a big price once again.
Got a quick pace to track in his first for this barn and ran away from that cheaper set while earning a career best number at the local trip; maybe he's just a new runner for this sharp trainer/jockey combo and there does look to be another pace target for him, but he will get tested against a classier bunch in his return to stakes company; contender.
Za Approval
G1 SP turfer returns from the freshening to the scene of his maiden score nearly 2 years ago; he's been quite good in his limited starts this year, finishing off the board just once and 2 of his scores have come at today's trip; thinking they'll have this Live Oak colorbearer to beat here.
Silver Max
Speedy colt goes from the fence to the outside slot in his local debut after wiring Monmouth G3 foes at this trip; there doesn't appear to be much in the way of him setting up shop early and his record at the trip is rather impeccable; sharp local breeze says his lick remains intact; they'll have to come and get him to win.

Race 9

Stars like Groovy, Housebuster, Orientate and Midnight Lute have won this race in the past but this Jersey-bred will be trying to win a Grade 1 for the first time; proven at this demanding distance and runner was getting to the winner in last; runner has some semblance of speed but sure can't see him clearing here; runner finished the final furlongs in :12.68 in the local defeat; not sold on chances.
Jackson Bend
Pro came from third last winning this race two years ago but wonder if he is losing the zest for the game a bit at 6?; he was coming off a higher Beyer going into this race last year but was dull early and just never kicked; needs a performance like the Carter last year to make a huge impact.
Sage Valley
Five clever wins since being claimed, this guy looked good in last but basically just flattered the Lukas charge; 4th finisher in last took a $100K optional next out, 5th finisher took a $100K stakes and the show horse was 3rd a head in a $30K optional; he figures to get a similar pace to run into as he did last time with the Groom in the cast but this guy can be closer if in the mood; too sharp to ignore.
New game sprinting for this guy; sire did win the Hopeful at this trip locally; both of dam's wins came at 9 furlongs on the grass; colt doesn't duck anybody, and there are no Wise Dans in here; not thrilled with the way he lost ground in the lane in every race this year; his trainer is hoping he can repeat and improve the 2013 opener, Stall: "He ran so well in that one [dirt] race. We like the way the horse is training, and if you go by [Ragozin numbers], the race on dirt was the best race in his life by many, many points. The next race was either the [Grade 2 Bernard] Baruch [on Saturday], which we didn't want to do, or the [Grade 1 Woodbine Mile on September 15] with Wise Dan at level weights, or the Shadwell with Wise Dan"; has things to prove.
Saratoga Snacks
In tight last time, forced to check, and also was steadied and had to alter course; factor in the mud which he may have hated and he's due for a trip; the trailer in last took a state-bred $50K Finger Lakes stakes on 8/17 with a 90 Beyer; could need Empire-breds to show top talent.
Fast Bullet
Off a year layoff in the toughest races of his life came the lone defeat; like the way he has extended in all of the wins; work on the 12th was 2 ticks the best and tied with Baffert student Secret Circle, a Grade 2 winner and millionaire; 5th finisher in last took the Marvin and 6th finisher took a $20K optional; note stablemate in last was over 4 clear and this guy went hard right to the wire in last; he ran his last furlong in :11.71; versatile enough to sit just off of it and still cash; may not be able to stop this Bullet.
Justin Phillip
The winner of this race last year, Emcee, was coming of a 3rd in the Vanderbuilt with a 103 Beyer before drawing off late in this race with a 108 Beyer; runner looms the long-fused half of the coupling; he had aim on the Bullet three back but lost ground in the drive; like the series of drills since his last and he is going great guns; entry is double tough.
Strapping Groom
The restricted race last time was for runners that had not won a Graded stakes this year; he only beat 5 foes in the win at this distance but gave way badly in the lone Graded effort; must find a way to turn back the Rodriquez runner among others; has some things to iron out.
Golddigger's Boy
Troubled in this race back in 2011, runner seemed in the right spot at the shore in last but just never kicked; show horse in the 2012 closer took a $40K state-bred stakes at Pimlico, lost next three; in good hands and runner did win in a second off the layoff run in 2010 in an N1X Philly fray with an 82 Beyer; can't endorse.

Race 10

Ron the Greek
6-year-old seems to have lost a step or two lately and with Cross Traffic passing and Fort Larned scratching the shape of the race probably won't work in his favor; he did make a bit of a move before flattening out in the Whitney so it is possible he'll move forward here; he loves a wet track and his chances improve dramatically if it rains, others look more attractive if it doesn't.
Successful Dan
Toss his race in the Stephen Foster where nobody was going to beat Fort Larned and he's been solid for the past two years; he's also versatile and he doesn't need to get as far behind as he did in the Whitney; that was a nice move he made to get up for second, though and the last time he came back in a similar time period he beat Fort Larned and Mucho Macho Man in the Grade 2 Alysheba while earning his career-best Beyer Speed Figure; he could come back with a similar performance here; the pick in a wide open race.
Fort Larned
It was reported Thursday morning that he will be scratched which changes the shape of the race considerably.
Flat Out
He earned his career-best Beyer Speed Figure when he beat Cross Traffic in the Westchester so he may have bounced when he finished third in the Metropolitan; he got back on track in the Suburban and Mott chose to skip the Whitney to focus on this race; with two bullets in tow it looks like he is coming into the race perfectly and with his tactical speed he should get a nice trip from a stalking position; he also won the Jockey Club Gold Cup coming off a similar break last year; contender.
His connections have to be pleased Cross Traffic and Fort Larned aren't running because he is now the one they will have to catch; we know from his in in the Grade 1 Haskell last year he can carry his speed this far and he may have bounced or didn't care for the Polytrack at Del Mar following his big effort in his first start of the year; the horse that beat him in his latest came back to finish second behind Game On Dude in the Grade 1 Pacific Classic last Sunday; lightly raced 4-year-old could be coming up to a peak performance in just his third start of the year and Baffert doesn't usually bring them east if they aren't firing on all cylinders; big shot.
Mucho Macho Man
Hard to believe he hasn't won a Grade 1 yet but he sure has come close and with any luck he probably would have won this race last year; not a bad effort in the Whitney and it appears he is back on his game after being eased in the Sunshine Millions where he didn't handle the sloppy conditiions; he should get the perfect trip from just off Paynter and if he takes the expected move forward with a good race behind him he could be the winner.
He just hasn't come close since he dead-heated for first with Golden Ticket in the Travers last year and he was never in the race when he finished sixth in the Whitney; blinkers and Velazquez go on so it wouldn't be surprising to see him show more early interest; he does have an excellent record over this surface but his career-best Beyer Speed Figure of 100 isn't going to cut it and unless there is dramatic improvement he isn't going to make much of an impact; passing.

Race 11

Masterel (ITY)
Well traveled gelding makes his first local start while dropping in to face conditioned claimers in his first start of the year; there is a long run to the turn here so the fact he's coming out of a sprint try should help him secure a decent spot early and though he hasn't been very good this year, he does own back numbers that fit; price should be right for an excellent turf outfit.
Maker 6 year old will also drop for his first start under their care after a weak try first time over the course; he owns numbers that are fast enough to win this but it's been a while since he's seen the winner's circle; maybe the class relief is what he needs to get going here; contender.
Statebred is his barn's other runner in here and he'll make his first start off their claim today; neither of his last 2 over the course was much and he'll need to find more to get to foes who have defeated him at the local stand.
Jet Set Cat
Tries the lawn again after getting crushed from a tracking spot on the main track last month; colt's prior surface efforts don't suggest the move to this footing is going to move him up enough to contend; passing on this longshot.
Brown Indian
Sprinter stretches out after a couple of one turn fades since returning from the time off; barn has had an excellent meeting and they do a nice job with runners tackling added ground; though the lead is likely his for the taking, don't know that the 2 turn trip is going to agree with him; takes them as far as he goes.
Minnie Punt
First part of the coupling was just too far back to make any real impact in his local return and despite the trouble he encountered along the way, wasn't too far off the top 2 at the wire; this statebred may not be what he once was but he was good enough to get second in a statebred stake here just last summer and that's enough to warrant him a look at this level in his second start for this outfit.
Barn has had a pretty nice meeting with relatively few starters thus far; geldin ran big for second money from an outfit slot last time and he is a local winner so another big effort wouldn't be a surprise, but it would be nice to see him get a little more involved early this time which given a good break is likely with the better draw today; consider.
In My Eyes
Statebred drew the outside slot in his last out crack at the level and paid the price for it with a wide trip; though he wasn't beaten much, all things considered, he'll catch some foes who regularly run several lengths faster and he doesn't own the back numbers to go with them; have to side with others for the money spots.
East of Danzig
Goes first off the claim by an outfit that hits at a weak recent clip with this type right back; gelding has been rather consistent on the Beyer scale for a while now and he does have a right to be better with his return from the time off behind him; doesn't win often but he does usually pick up a check; if he gets a better clip to chase he's capable of having a big say in the outcome.
Bill of Rights
Front running gelding seeks his third straight score following the popular win at the level here a few weeks back; he sat an early tracking spot from an outside draw in the maiden score 2 back so maybe he adapts to the pace situation with the stretchout sprinter drawn inside him today.
He was taken again out of the sharp last out effort and now he'll move to an outside draw; he's shown some improved early foot of late and did offer quite a bit of ability last year; barn does a great job with this type right back and a top pilot gets aboard; giving him the nod to get there first today.
Beaten chalk is another last out claim making his firt start for a barn that excels with this type; meet's top pilot gets aboard and maybe he gets a better clip in front of him today, but his numbers suggest he'll likely get hit hard at the windows again and keep in mind he's only run 3 times in the past 22 months.
Yankee Fourtune
AE will start from the outside slot if a scratch allows him to make his second start off this barn's claim; he'll get a new pilot while again catching a foe who defeated him in each of his last 2 starts; maybe for a minor award if he draws in.
Romancing the Gold
MTO hasn't been very good since moving to this barn and the fact his last 2 came over a wet track which he's likely to get here as well if he goes doesn't bode so well for him; maybe the drop helps him some and Castellano will stick with him if the rains come.
MTO wasn't close early in either of his last 2 starts and left himself with a lot to do late both times; it's been a while since he'll been a serious threat, but his wet track record suggests he must be considered if this gets moved to dirt.
MTO is the second half of the barn's entry and he'll turn back from a 16 panel heat in which his entrymate beat him home; he likes the local main track and handles the wet going; 9 year old doesn't look to catch a tough field if this comes off the green and should be a threat in the lane.

Race 12

Liberal Spin
Nowhere in his local debut although breaking slowest of all did not help matters; best efforts have been in routes and this race may be a stepping stone in that direction; rail slot in this bulky field is no bargain either.
Much Stronger
Goes for the hat trick after barely living up to favoritism in the last score; should be able to rally from close range but Castellano lands elsewhere; obvious true contender but does not warrant a similar short price this afternoon.
Did not have a clean break in his latest try in an added money event; should benefit by that needed venture; his running style suits this race nicely and his perfect in-money-money record can remain intact with a clean trip.
Makes his first start for these connections and did not have a smooth trip when losing to some of these same foes last month; should advance today if there is a more intense early pace which figures to be the case if all runners go; consider on that premise.
Closed belatedly in the last try at 7 furlongs but the cutback in distance can actually work in his favor as there are several rivals intent on the lead here; trainer excels with runners directly off the claim and a square price is likely.
Hard to judge any horse off one performance but he crushed his competition in his maiden voyage earning this field's best Beyer; the fact that he was unchallenged in that score must be factored in your opinion; gets a true test for character.
Nubin Ridge
Never got untracked last month, his first outing since early May; graduated over this soil last year and has shown above average late kick at times; picks up Rocco who has done very well at the meet, booting home several longshots.
Stonely the Lonely
Should have gained some conditioning in his grass debut 20 days ago; previous efforts on the main showed versatile running styles and a fair amount of gate speed; reverts to original rider Ortiz and could prove the right value play in this open race.
Displayed much more in the way of early speed in his latest test and this trainer does well in many categories, including turf-to-dirt; can rate just off the pace if need be and that versatility enhances this gelding's chance of an upset.
Whiskey Romeo
Speed merchant ran into a real fast one at the shore and was unable to gain the early lead in that affair; must try to get the jump on Confrontation today and will prove dangerous if accomplishing that goal; goes back to winning rider Velasquez.
Reggie D
Closed with a rush to capture the place last month and, based on his lifetime portfolio, warrants inclusion in your exotic wagering approach here if all front-runners remain in attendance; has improved since being defeat by Stonely the Lonely in May.
Midnight Music
Raced evenly despite trouble in his first try over the lawn recently; before that was a dead game placing behind Much Stronger who had a far easier trip on 7/24; wide post can work in his favor now with all the one-dimensional speed to the left.
Island Sunset
Earned a personal best in the last score, completing the final quarter-mile in well under 24 seconds; although he takes a major class hike today, his sharp current form makes him a possibility; might fly under the betting radaragain.
King Henny
Respectable try behind Much Stronger recently and he lost serious ground when middle moving in that event; the leading money winner in the field, he may be able to overcome this difficult slot and is playable if the odds are more enticing.
Set a wild pace with the blinker addition recently and their scheduled removal now may afford him a chance to relax in the early stages; statebred has only one lifetime victory though and is now facing some heavy hitters for the class involved.
Request a Puck
Confronted experience turf runners in the last go but did not lose any ground in the stretch; took a long time to break through the soft n2l class and appears to be aiming way too high in this spot; cannot endorse for the top spot.