07/20/2013 4:36PM

Closer Look: Saratoga July 22, 2013


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Race 1

70K short yrlng, 77K yrlng, 130K 2yo after 1F work 10.1; sire 14-150 (9%) 2yo FTS; SP dam (3-17, 130K, 0-1 sprint) has 2 winners from 4 runners (0-2 2yos, 1-4 sprinters); dam 1/2 G2 turf SW Big Booster (820K); barn 31-98 (32%, $2.57 ROI) past 5 years 2yo FTS MSW dirt sprints at Spa.
Slew's Brew
14K yrlng by 28-324 (9%) 2yo sire; sprint-winning dam (94K, 1-1 at 2) has 2 winners from 5 runners (0-2 2yos, 2-5 sprinters); barn 1-4 (25%, $15.85 ROI) past 5 years 2nd-time 2yo dirt sprint MSW; outsprinted early vs. Sanford entrant, but passed tired foes late.
Big Sugar Soda
45K yrlng by 10-83 (12%) 2yo sire; 1st starter from sprint-winning dam (56K, 0-1 at 2); dam 1/2 multiple G2 SW Randaroo (673K); barn 8-23 (35%, $3.19 ROI) past 5 years second-time 2yo MSW dirt sprints at Spa; 4th-finisher from debut returned to run 3rd at ELP (45 Beyer); tracked pace along rail in debut.
Flat Jack
165K yrlng, 285K 2yo after 2F work 20.4; 1/2 multiple SP sprinter Ready and Tough (181K, 2-4 at 2) by 19-185 (10%) 2yo FTS sire; sprint-winning dam (17K, 0-6 at 2) has 7 winners from 8 runners (3-5 2yos, 4-8 sprinters); barn 1-27 (4%) past 5 years 2yo FTS MSW dirt sprints at Spa; 3 works match barn's Empire Dreams (FTS - Sun. R1)
Strong Mandate
200K yrlng; 1/2 SW Full Mandate (192K, 0-2 at 2, 1-2 sprints), multiple G3 SW Newfoundland (677K, 1-4 at 2, FTS winner, 0-1 sprint), multiple G2 turf SP 2yo The Mighty Tiger (65K, 1-4 at 2) by 8% 2yo FTS sire; multiple G1-winning dam (1.0M, 1-2 at 2, 4-10 sprints) has 8 winners from 9 runners (2-5 2yos, 1 FTS winner, 2-8 sprinters); barn 1-32 (3%) 2yo FTS MSW dirt sprints Spa; 1 work match 3yo Will Take Charge (95 Beyer).
Grand Arrival
110K short yrlng, 200K yrlng by 42-281 (15%) 2yo FTS sire; route-winning dam (39K, 0-1 sprint) has 3 winners from 5 runners (1-3 2yos, 3-4 sprinters); dam 1/2 SW router Wheelaway (249K); barn 1-51 (2%) past 5 years 2yo FTS MSW dirt sprints Spa; 6/6 work .05 slower barn's 3yo Jazz Fest (35 Beyer FTS at DEL 7/13).
Closet E
250K yrlng by 8-66 (12%) 2yo FTS sire; 1st starter from route SW dam (408K, 1-4 at 2, 0-5 sprint); dam 1/2 turf SW Maid of Heaven (158K); barn 0-10 past 5 years 2yo FTS MSW dirt sprints; 7/8 work matches barn's 4yo Tummel (88 Beyer).
Financial Mogul
185K wnlng, 170K RNA yrlng 1/2 G1 SP sprinter Bear in the Woods (210K), SP sprinter Mr. Negotiator (79K, 1-6 at 2), SP Cane Garden Bay (88K, 1-3 at 2, 2-16 sprints), SP sprinter Angry Bird (76K, 1-4 at 2) by 10-50 (20%) 2yo FTS sire; dam G2 SP sprinting at 2 (68K) with 6 winners from 7 runners (4-5 2yos, 4-7 sprinters); barn 5-19 (26%, $2.67 ROI) past 5 years 2yo FTS dirt sprint MSW at Spa.

Race 2

Full multiple G3 turf SW Optimizer (915K, 1-5 at 2, FTS winner) by 6-64 (9%) 2yo FTS and 18-102 (18%) 1st-turf sire; winning dam (65K, 1-2 at 2) has 1 winner from 3 runners (1-1 with 2yos, FTS winner, 2-3 turfers, 2 first-turf winners); dam 1/2 multiple G1 SW Finder's Fee (708K); barn 1-27 past 5 years 2yo FTS; sharp bloodlines.
Sire 44-188 (23%) turf; 1st starter from unplaced dam (0-1 at 2); barn 2-4 (50%, $3.47 ROI) past 5 years 2nd-time turf MSW sprint at Spa; broke sweetly and cleared to rail and lead, but had no answer turning for home; can improve.
The Careless Cat
1/2 G3 turf SP Who's Cozy (84K, 0-2 at 2), SW American Victory (68K, 0-2 turf) by 83-471 (18%) 2yo FTS and 54-531 (10%) 1st turf sire; dam G2 SW turf (1-3 at 2, FTS winner, 1st-turf winner) has 6 winners from 7 runners (1-4 2yos, 4-7 turfers); barn 2-10 (20%, $2.92 ROI) past 5 years 2yo FTS MSW turf sprint Spa; interesting.
Whomping Willow
1/2 2yo SP sprinter Dancing Elliebelle (31K) by 57-408 (14%) 2yo and 7-150 (5%) 1st-turf sire; unplaced dam (0-1 at 2, 0-2 turf) has 1 winner from 2 runners (1-2 2yos); family G2 SW sprinter Parisian Flight; barn 1-3 (33%, $3.33 ROI) past 5 years 2yo dirt to turf MSW Spa sprints; both horses that beat her at CD dead-heated in Friday's GSTK; speedy.
Ready to Act
200K yrlng by 43-381 (11%) 2yo FTS and 69-489 (12%) first-turf sire; first starter from turf-winning dam (48K, 0-2 at 2); dam full G1 SW router Mast Track (928K); barn 2-7 (29%) past 5 years 2yo FTS MSW turf sprint at Spa; respect.
Anna Katherine
55K yrlng, 170K 2yo after 1F work 10.3; sire 4-44 (9%) 2yo FTS and 3-22 (14%) 1st-turf; unplaced dam (0-4 turf) has 2 winners from 2 runners (0-1 2yos); dam 1/2 multiple SP sprinter Gran Tenor (142K); barn 1-16 (6%) past 5 years 2yo FTS MSW turf sprint.
Super Sky
80K yrlng, 235K 2yo after 1F work 10.1; 1/2 turf SW Dyna's Lassie (182K, 0-1 at 2), SW Princess Arabella (188K, 1-1 at 2), SP turf Cairo Six (48K, 1-5 at 2) by 32-199 (16%) 2yo FTS, 25-199 (13%) 1st-turf sire; dam sprint winner (6K, 0-1 turf) has 6 winners from 6 runners (3-4 2yos, 1 FTS winner, 2-3 turf); dam full G1 SP router Invisible Ink (465K); barn 3-13 (23%, $2.46 ROI) 2yo FTS MSW turf sprint Spa.
Duff One
70K yrlng, 100K 2yo after 1F work 10.2; sire 42-281 (15%) 2yo FTS, 32-252 (13%) 1st-turf; placed dam (0-4 at 2, 0-1 turf) has 1 winner from 1 runner (1st-turf winner); dam 1/2 G3 turf SW Kindergarten Kid (338K); barn 0-13 past 5 years 2yo FTS MSW turf sprints.
Sweet Reason
185K yrlng 1/2 G3 route SW Don't Forget Gil (370K, 2-3 at 2, FTS winner, 0-2 turf) by 8-66 (12%) 2yo FTS, 10-74 (14%) 1st-turf sire; SP dam (205K, 0-3 at 2, 0-3 turf) has 6 winners from 7 runners (2-4 2yos, 1 FTS winner, 0-5 turfers); dam 1/2 G3 SW Highland Gold (266K); barn 1-16 (6%) past 3 years 2yo FTS; works fail to excite.
45K RNA yrlng, 50K RNA yrlng, 80K RNA 2yo after 1F work in 10.0; sire 53-295 (18%) 2yo FTS, 44-286 (15%) 1st-turf; 1st starter from multiple SP dam (108K, 0-3 at 2, 4-14 turf, 1st-turf winner); barn 1-1 (100%, $11.00 ROI) past 5 years 2yo FTS MSW turf sprint Spa.
1/2 to SP turf Moon Prospect (106K, 1-1 at 2, 0-1 sprint) by 47-295 (16%) 2yo FTS sire; unraced dam has 2 winners from 4 runners (1-2 with 2yos, FTS winner, 0-1 sprinters); dam full 2yo turf G3 SW Moon Driver; 3rd dam is Miesque; barn 31-98 (32%, $2.57 ROI) past 5 years 2YO FTS MSW dirt sprints Spa; MTO has lots of turf breeding.

Race 4

Part of what projects to be a hot-early pace; the winner and runner-up finishers from last both posted 85 Beyer speed figures in next-out GP-optional claiming and BEL-MSW wins; trainer yields 29% sprint winners since 2012; know him early but unsure about late.
Pacific Theater
Shown early speed in all 3 races but catches a field top heavy with other front runners; trainer is superb 28% winners with turf sprinters since 2012; they also do well with freshened-up winners; the runner-up finisher from last Beyered 79 in his next-out BEL-60K-maiden claiming win.
Joe Can Gallop
Ran to the 18-1 debut odds when fading badly; sire is 38-for-340 with 1st-turf runners; 1st foal from the dam who finished off the board in her only grass start; 2-for-42 first-turf barn since 2012 does not add to the appeal.
Speedy sort catches a field loaded with other front runners; moves up in class off the maiden-claiming defeats; trainer is 1-for the last-27 with MSW starters; ambitious placement with these; will be taking a wait and see approach.
Boardwalk Baron
Was screaming out for more distance in the 7F debut but cuts back 1.5F for this; his trainer is 1-for the last-35 with 2nd-time starters so not expecting a big improvement although some runners move forward dramatically off the debut race.
Pressed a hot pace on dirt in the career debut and will likely be part of another hot pace today; his sire is 0-for-6 with 1st-turf runners; dam did not race on grass; no foals raced on grass; new rider wins 33% for the trainer since 2012; the runner-up finisher from last Beyered 84 in a next-out PRX-MSW win.
Able Baker Charlie
Sire is 35-for-314 with 1st-turf runners; is out of a 1-for-3 grass dam (21K); no foals raced on grass; trainer is 1-for the last-30 with similar-layoff runners since 2012; the winner from last repeated to make it 2-for-2 in a BEL alw. with a 93 Beyer.
Perfect Danger
Better Beyers for the new barn but stamina is a huge issue; may have the best early speed in this event but the final yards will be a challenge; sire is 5-for-63 with 1st-turf runners; is the 1st foal out of an unraced dam.
Shutter Shock
Sire is 32-for-252 with 1st-turf runners; dam did not race on grass; her only foal to race on the lawn is 1-for-2 turfer Midnight Train (32K); trainer wins 29% with sprinters since 2012; cutting back in distance off the debut rally does not add to the appeal.
Kingston Bay
Sire is 8-for-32 with 1st-turf runners; 13-for-66 with 1st-time starters; is out of a 7-for-15 grass dam; no foals raced on North American grass; gives away experience to each rival; 8%-winning 1ster barn since 2012 does not add to the appeal.
Mongol Boss
Projects to press the pace wide; hopes like last to sit just off the speed then get 1st run on the closers; trainer is super 25% winners 2nd time off the layoff just missing in last while posting a field-best Beyer speed figure; will be hard to handle if able to rate just off the speed.

Race 5

Race 6

Full SW Quiet Dance (224K, 1-5 at 2, 0-2 turf) by 21-394 (5%) 2yo FTS and 34-471 (7%) 1st-turf sire; unplaced dam (0-2 turf) has 7 winners from 13 runners (1-9 2yos, 2-7 turfers); dam 1/2 2yo turf G1 SW Minstrella (358K); barn 1-8 (13%, $7.12 ROI) past 5 years 2yo FTS MSW turf route Spa; 7/15 work match Broken Spell (entered Sat. Race 3).
Sea Queen
1/2 G1 turf SW Nereid (303K, 0-1 at 2, 1st-turf winner) by 25-227 (11%) 2yo FTS, 46-403 (11%) 1st-turf sire; turf-winning dam (105K, 1st-turf winner) has 3 winners from 3 runners (0-2 at 2, 1-3 turf, 1st-turf winner); dam 1/2 multiple 2yo SW sprinter The Herc (129K); barn 1-4 (25%, $4.95 ROI) past 5 years 2yo FTS MSW turf route Spa.
Ma Billet Doux
500K yrlng 1/2 SW Heart of a King (254K, 0-1 at 2), 2yo SP Nockonheavensgate (58K, 1-7 at 2, 2-14 turf) by 31-247 (13%) 2yo FTS, 23-266 (9%) 1st-turf sire; winning dam (43K, 0-5 turf) has 3 winners from 3 runners (1-2 with 2yos, 1-1 turfers); dam 1/2 turf SW Pompeyano (255K); barn 0-24 past 5 years 2yo FTS MSW turf route at Spa.
Pari Nath
Sire 5-55 (9%) 2yo FTS, 1-41 (2%) 1st-turf; 1st starter from placed dam (0-2 at 2, 0-4 turf); female family G3 SW Inside the Beltway (219K); barn 0-1 past 5 years 2yo FTS.
95K yrlng by 25-178 (14%) 2yo, 10-74 (14%) 1st-turf sire; unraced dam has 0 winners from 3 runners (0-3 with 2yos); female family multiple G1 SW Excellent Meeting (1.4M); barn 4-23 (17%) past 5 years 2yo dirt-turf, sprint-route MSW (0-9 Spa); should handle trip; not out of this.
Kitten Kaboodle
Sire 32-178 (18%) 2yo FTS, 39-242 (16%) 1st-turf; dam sprint winner at 2 (30K) has 1 winner from 1 runner (0-1 with 2yos, 0-1 turfer); dam 1/2 SW sprinter Came to Pass (62K); barn 4-15 (27%, $2.15 ROI) past 5 years 2yo FTS MSW turf routes; 1 work matches barn's GSW Stephanie's Kitten.
Hillhouse High
75K yrlng, 195K 2yo after 1F work 10.2; sire 35-245 (14%) 2yo FTS, 29-248 (12%) 1st-turf; dam multiple SP (172K, 0-2 at 2, 0-1 turf) with 2 winners from 2 runners (1-1 with 2yos, 0-2 turfers); dam 1/2 multiple SP Incumbent (67K); barn 5-25 (20%, $2.19 ROI) past 5 years 2yo FTS MSW turf route Spa.
3/4 turf SP Picture Hat (40K) by 65-444 (15%) 2yo, 23-247 (9%) 1st-turf sire; dam G2 turf SW (349K, 2-3 at 2, 1st-turf winner) with 4 winners from 6 runners (2-3 with 2yos, 3-5 turfers, 2 1st-turf winners); dam 1/2 turf SW Tokyo Rose; barn 1-5 (20%) past 5 years 2nd-time 2yo MSW dirt-turf, sprint-route; bred to appreciate turf.
Candy Kitty
185K yrlng by 86-671 (13%) 2yo, 46-403 (11%) 1st-turf sire; unplaced dam (0-4 turf) has 1 winner from 3 runners (0-2 with 2yos, 0-2 turfers); dam 1/2 multiple G2 turf SW Naissance Royale (740K); barn 2-14 (14%) past 5 years 2nd-time 2yo MSW dirt-turf, sprint-route; more distance helps.
Request a Puck
Shipper makes his local debut while being offered for a tag for the first time with winners; lone turf try was solid against fellow Louisiana breds and he's been ok sprinting, but his numbers don't stack up so well with these local turfers; have to side with others on the win end.
Rip Roarin Ritchie
First part of the coupling boasts a couple of bullet drills since being beaten as the chalk while sprinting against fellow sophomores at Arlington; .500 surface hitter will tackle older here and note that each of his off the board efforts came at today's trip; while he's capable on the footing and has had little trouble taking his course with him, this outfit's runners often take plenty of tote support.
Boston Proper
Just missed in his turf debut at the trip here last summer and finally broke through to earn his maiden score in Indiana last time; colt likes the green, but he tries winners for the first time here and will need to step things up a bit to factor with this better bunch.
Statebred took a step back after pairing Beyers in his first 2 starts of the year on the Belmont lawn; 7 year old has the positional foot to stay within striking range of the front runners early and maybe he's set to move forward with his last behind him; local record isn't much, but his effort the last time he stepped over this course would be good enough to win this; consider.
Wind of Bosphorus
He's another last out graduate tackling winners for the first time in this spot; he needed the drop to claimers to get the initial score, but he was claimed by an outfit that does great work with this type; nice to see Rosario stick with a runner who proved he could sprint this winter out West.
Southern Tier
Hood comes off following a sharp downstate placing at the level in his first start of the year late last month; gelding cuts back to a trip that's still longer than the one at which he broke his maiden first out and the equipment change should allow him to relax a bit more early this time; barn's recent numbers second back from the break suggest a move forward may be on tap; one to beat.
Hebert Hall
Steps up seeking his third straight sod score after running away from conditioned claimers first time off this outfit's claim; Rosario goes elsewhere, but this guy gets a top replacement and he doesn't figure to be far off the pacesetters early in this one; contender.
Off the Page
Barn's second runner in here isn't part of the coupled entry; beaten last out chalk brings speed to the table in his return from the freshening and he did show in Florida this winter that he's capable of both figthing off pace pressure and firing fresh; pace threat.
Other half of the barn's coupling is their third entrant in this heat; sophomore will tackle older for the first time in this spot and maybe he's tighter with his return from the short break behind him; he's been breezing well of late for this and the outfit moves them up second time back.
Thomas Hill
Makes his first start off the claim by an outfit that boasts a litte recent luck with this type; gelding earns numbers that would put him in the mix here but it's been a while since he's won and he wasn't really a threat at his preferred longer trip when trying the level 2 starts back; nice to see Lezcano take the call, though.
Island Sunset
Draws outside for his return to the lawn after coming up short late in the downstate slop; lone turf sprint wasn't much and the barn doesn't do so well on the surface switch, but he is kin to a 4 time surface winner so maybe he deserves another crack over the footing.
Stonely the Lonely
MTO has speed and he should appreciate the cut back to the trip of his maiden score if this one gets rained off; front running score 2 back earned a number that fits well in here and his pedigree suggests a wet track would be right up his alley; contender.
Ten Items Or Less
MTO makes his first start off this sharp outfit's claim while tackling older rivals for the initial time; gelding boasts a bullet interim move for this and his maiden win came from a tracking spot he's likely to sit if he gets to go; big threat if the rains come.
MTO beat maidens when dropped in to face claimers at Churchill last month; Rosario will get aboard if the rains come so that's a plus and this guy's pedigree suggests the wetter the better for him.
MTO will start from the outside slot if this gets moved off and he did break his maiden first out over a track with plenty of moisture in it; cut back to this trip should benefit him and maybe he's got a little extra to offer late when the guys in front of him begin to tire.

Race 7

Unleashed a strong middle move in the last run at Churchill but did not have a clean trip when doing so; local breeze thereafter was fair and he can improve from rail position and with Rosario's timing; playable.
Mr. William
Pressed the pace in his last turf assignment but that was more than 2 months ago; his sire is turf specialist Shakespeare who banked 1.29 million including a G1 tally; the dam was unraced; winning siblings include 116K earner More Is Better; expert trainer/jockey combo is a plus.
Southern Safari
Quit early in his sole start earlier this month when caught 3-wide at the back of the pack; his sire won a G1 and 1.39 million; the dam lost her only attempt; sib to 66K bankroller Financially Secure.
Foggy Road
Nothing to write home about thus far although today marks his first race for a tag; shows a steady workout regimen at the Big A and may appreciate the change in venue; sired by the exceptional Medaglia d'Oro, he should improve at this level.
Giant's Time
Trounced in his first effort with no known excuse; the sire involved won multiple Group 1s and 3.07 million; the dam won 2 of 14 and 350K; among the winning siblings is 117K earner Carmel by the Sea.
Like a Boss
Rested since a clear-cut second over the inner dirt, he has been training in strong fashion for the return including the latest local blowout; must improve several rungs on the ladder though and is probably in need of a tightener; pass for now.
Stop Sign
Very tough beat while odds-on recently at Belmont losing to a 12-1 shot who was ridden perfectly; the final furlong of that race was completed in very slow time, however; his sire won a G2 and 475K while the dam went zero for 2; winning sibs include 212K earner Expect a Mint.
Fairy Snow
Excellent try 10 days ago when able to control a moderate pace situation, losing right on the wire; although earning a personal best Beyer in that placing, he will probably have to deal with much swifter fractions today; difficult assessment.
Dapper Draper
Twice beaten favorite makes his first outing in more than 4 months but there is only modest workout activity during that time; his sire won 769K including multiple G2 success; the dam was a G3 winner who notched 326K; sib to 6K earner Zip Up; puzzling.
Lincoln Flyer
Newcomer hails from Breeders' Cup Classic winner Awesome Again who captured 4.37 million and whose offspring have won 48 out of 539 debuts; the dam won 6 of 15 starts and 428K and there are no winning siblings to highlight; note progression to the set of breezes at five-eighths.

Race 8

Angel's South
Her turf form hasn't been bad by any means, and she's ideally drawn in post position one at this trip, but it looks like she's going to have to be ready to take her game to another level to beat the top contenders in this spot; prefer to keep looking around in here.
Sure Route (GB)
Since moving into this barn, this stakes placed mare has run well without winning and this will be her first turf start since that 62.5k claim three back; she merits her share of respect in this spot, even if this race has to be moved to the main track; Alvarado has won with 21 of 76 (28%) mounts for this barn in 2013.
The only time she's finished out of the top three was via disqualification and she has to be considered a legitimate contender in this spot while going out for a top turf barn with a strong turf rider aboard; it's probably a good idea to look for this Ramsey-owned miss to be making some late noise.
Sire wins with approximately 12% of his turf starters and dam won once from eight starts for 25k, including one of seven turf starts for 25k; It looks like she's flashed some ability in her synthetic surface starts racing overseas and Clement sees fit to place her over turf with Rosario aboard for her first start in America.
Peace Preserver
She'll appreciate getting back over grass after staying in an off-the-turf event in her latest start, a race that saw her give a solid account of herself while fiishing behind today's rival Sure Route; she was a strong runner-up behind Dayatthespa over the Saratoga turf a year ago, and she had a little bit of trouble in that race before getting clear late, her only other start over this turf course was in her career debut going 5 1/2f.
Fantasy of Flight
Sire wins with approximately 11% of his turf starters and G3 stakes placed dam won 5 of 14 starts for 138k, including 4 of 8 turf starts for 111k; turf is a question, but she's multiple graded stakes placed racing over dirt and she owns the early speed to try to take it right at this field from the bell.
Open Water
Southern California shipper is two races removed from a G2 score and she's run well in all four of her turf starts against graded stakes competition; have to view her in the light of a contender, but prefer to look in another direction for the top spot.
A few horses in the main body of this race sport solid dirt form and this might prove to be a tough spot for this multiple stakes placed runner to land in if this race has to be taken off the turf, and she might be at her best at distances up to 6 1/2f; leaning toward others.

Race 9

This race is named for the accomplished DRF racing writer and last year Lunar Victory was coming off an open N1X win before getting an ideal 2-hole trip in this race with a winning 92 Beyer; a tough beat 2nd the last time in a stakes, the place horse 3/30 took a $15K claimer next out, then ran out of the money; in open company last time, this guy had several taxing races in a row; inside again, has some things to iron out.
Awesome Vision
Hung wide in last 3, runner proved agile enough to win 2/16 despite stumbling; key off his stakes win in March and he fits; May 1 show horse took a $75K optional next out, then ran out of the money in a $100K stakes; winner May 1 repeated in an $88K stakes with a 99 Beyer for Chad Brown; a bit more keen to run early in last, could see this runner sitting within 3 or 4 of the leaders, hoping they wilt; fit enough to drill several times since the last effort; rates long look in all the slots.
It took him awhile to win but he has been consistent since; off a career Beyer now and the winner 5/23 clicked right back in the $147K Jaipur when his number was put up; his route style is no secret, got to figure rider will again put him on the lead and play come catch me; just may get brave again if he can secure a lonely lead.
Bigger Is Bettor
Veteran made amends for the May flop as chalk last time; his prior win came in a $101K state-bred stakes in 2011 with a 90 Beyer; runner was getting a little late in last and now has to go a furlong farther; he should be in the first flight, but has to find a way to turn the tables on the arch rival on the direct inside.
This guy has won multiple stakes and he was third beaten a neck in this very race in 2010 with a 89 Beyer; clever win on the cut back in last and note show horse was nearly 3 clear; the feeling is he can get the trip; in a 9-furlong $25K optional here in 2009, this guy was a fast-closing second beaten a head with an 81 Beyer; if it's Maker, it's live.
So Scott
Nearly 4 times as many slices as win; that just makes him a tough on-top only ticket; 3 clear in last, runner was far from disgraced in the June opener and he was still running late; in his lone try at this distance, this guy was third beaten three quarters while getting to the winner in a $35K optional last May; can't be dismissed.