Updated on 05/16/2014 4:22PM

Churchill Downs wants money back from Welker's friend


Photos taken at the Kentucky Derby show Denver Broncos wide receiver Wes Welker passing out $100 bills to fans after scoring big on the Derby at Churchill Downs. But did he or someone from his group win too much?

Churchill Downs said Friday that someone from his party received an overpayment in winnings of $14,898 from a betting-terminal malfunction combined with mutuel-clerk error, track spokesman Darren Rogers said.

According to Rogers, the overpayment occurred when the betting-terminal screen went blank as the winning patron was cashing multiple tickets, confusing the clerk and resulting in the patron being paid twice on some tickets.

Churchill Downs has sent a letter to the ticket-cashing person in Welker’s party, requesting that the overpayment be returned, though he is not financially obligated to do so, Rogers said.

As a guest via telephone on “The Dan Patrick Show” on Friday, Welker said he never knew the precise amount he and his friends were due after winning on the Derby, a race in which they keyed their wagers on 37-1 shot Commanding Curve, the runner-up.

He told Patrick he won “pretty much everything: exacta, trifecta, superfecta. I had [Commanding Curve] across the board. You name the bet, I pretty much had it.”

He declined to disclose the amount of his winnings on the show. Later, when asked by Patrick what he thought of Churchill Downs requesting that more than $14,000 be returned by someone in his group, he scoffed at it, saying, “Well, get in line.”

The mutuel clerk involved in the incident is not being penalized by the track, Rogers said.

“We’re not worried about this,” Rogers said of Churchill’s claim of overpayment. “At the end of the day, we hope they come back to the Derby next year with extra bullets to fire. The irony of this is that we must have a million tickets cashed here Derby Day, and the person this happens to is an acquaintance of a NFL football player.”

GQ More than 1 year ago
Deja vu!!!!! Does anyone else think this was the takeout gods in full effect. You got what you deserved for crushing us in the takeout department Churchill Dows. You bunch of robbers. GQ
. More than 1 year ago
lol. The story is not clear enough. who is at fault, the machine or the clerk? if the machine had not malfunctioned would the clerk have screwed up?
Getta Lyfe More than 1 year ago
This guy should do what Churchill does to the tracks they own, the fans and owners, Screw'em
Craig More than 1 year ago
I called out a pic three on turfway park at a florida jai alai venue, 18 year old teller gave me a trifecta ticket, both came in, I was singling a 50/1 in first leg, tri paid $1,500, my pic three came back $15,000, does anyone think this crap jai alai joint gave me the $13,500 difference!?!? Tell CDI monopoly to take it out of their new bs max takeouts, wes, hope you laugh and run from CDI faster than you did Taleb in playoffs last year, btw, arlington park owned by CDI is the greatest facility in america being run into the ground by their toll booth charges, $10 daily admission, $5 for any seat anywhere, $15 for a fatty corned beef sandwhich, $5 for a soda, $5 for Arlington Parkcorn, etc, etc Not one of their 1,000 employees is customer friendly, rudest, laziest tellers ever. I once askd the lady at information desk where the national handicapping contest was being held, sge said she had no idea but everyone keeps asking her that question! The registration table ended up being twenty feet away to her left, in her plain view. CDI is the worst thing to happen
. More than 1 year ago
I always look at my ticket before leaving the window. $10 daily admission at Arlington? holy sheet. I was there in the mid 2000's they were high then too. Arlington is too pretty, like it's a big weekend deal for the middle class yuppies and their wives. The wives,GF's love all the flowers. if you have the membership card it might be free.
Ian GW More than 1 year ago
Funny how Karma works. Takes are insane. I stopped playing numerous tracks due to high takes outs. I loved Woodbine but TRI take is 28.3% as is a lot of other bets high. Shame but I refuse to play high takes like this.
John Stevelberg More than 1 year ago
CDI is not getting much on the PR front here. Since the Derby I have successfully refrained from placing any bets at CD. My mini protest over their boost in the takeout. Everyone needs to make their own decision, but am hopeful that at least a few would see it my way and also refrain. Remember there are many tracks running and some are more bettor friendly the others.
24 Carrots More than 1 year ago
Byron King and DRF: It strikes me as unprofessional to update an article like this without noting what changes were made and when. As you know, the first version of this article gave no information other than an unspecified "terminal malfunction", no mention of a clerk error, of the letter CDI sent, and didn't include the comments by Darren Rogers. None of that is noted. Why do I care? Because I commented on the original article, and now the article is different; yet my comment remains. You moved the goal posts and now I look like a jerk. The DRF trades in written information—how about demonstrating a shred of journalistic integrity? I don’t want to comment on a moving target. At the very least, allow users to delete their own posts.
Lou Hodges More than 1 year ago
We want our money back from the Downs. We bought $50 tickets and were herded into the back field and told to watch it on a big TV. Nobody tells you that you can't see the race, live. If they pulled this stunt at NASCAR, there would be a riot. When you buy a ticket to a sports event to see it live, you don't pay to see it on a TV. We went home and watched it on our own TV. Plus, the keg-tossers and Spring Breakers took over the infield. The whole track was blocked off from view. The Derby sucks. Don't waste your time and money.
mikey More than 1 year ago
Take it out of the uncashed ticket fund.Ask the owners of California Chrome to pay the bill.The way they were treated is another black eye on CD. Stop saying you are sorry.They have become the anti- track in the USA.
Emily Wilmot More than 1 year ago
Ridiculous. I had to sign at CD on Derby Day in 2006 and they got my name wrong after sending me to 3 different windows. Screw you, Churchill.