05/08/2013 4:26PM

Churchill Downs: Borel not getting many mounts

Barbara D. Livingston
Jockey Calvin Borel was winless in 14 mounts through the first six days of the Churchill Downs meet.

Calvin Borel may or may not have had a chance to get a feel for the wet racetrack before riding Revolutionary to a third-place finish in the Kentucky Derby. After all, Borel had just one other mount on the Derby Day card, and that was aboard a maiden named Indy Awesome, who was away slowly before finishing a no-factor sixth in the fourth race.

For whatever reason, Borel – the three-time Derby winner who last month was voted into the Hall of Fame – has had a difficult time securing mounts at this meet.

Through the first six days of racing, Borel had gone winless in 14 mounts. By stark contrast, Joel Rosario rode 14 winners, including Orb in the Derby. Furthermore, Borel has not had a winner since April 12 at Oaklawn Park, a streak of 29 races.

Roberta Gonzalez More than 1 year ago
If you look at the video after the Derby, the connections say, themselves, that Revolutionary was on the rail, waiting for one horse to move off, and that that horse was waiting for another one in front of him; what is that saying, they were in line like a train, and until Borel finally got out (too late) Revolutionary had no where to run. This is a horse that when given a chance, can get out of trouble, but he can't do it alone, I found a site that had the Derby that could be stopped at different intervals of the race, and all the horses numbers were clearly shown, so you could see all the different movements at different stages. No one got squeezed up on the rail more than Revolutionary, and no one that stayed on the rail did anything, unless they got off. Of the ones on the rail, Revolutionary did the best, just think what could have happened, if he wasn't pinned on the rail until it was too late, by a jockey that only knows to ride the Derby that way! As everyone said, including other jockeys, the Derby is a jockey's race, because of so many horses, it is so important to get your horse in a place that they can run, but even more so, because of the track conditions. Borel went up the rail, like everyone knew he would, no matter how the race played out; he never changes his ride, you have to go along with what's happening in the race, and your horse!!
Roberta Gonzalez More than 1 year ago
When I heard that Winstar had picked Borel, I was very sorry; I think a good fit for this horse would have been Rosie, I think she gets a better feel for a horse, and Revolutionary has a lot of talent, and a lot of heart, but needs more maturity. Borel knows one thing, up the rail, no matter what. He stayed on the rail too long, waiting, waiting, until it was too late, and then tried to catch a very good horse. He might not have won, but I feel he was the only one that could have made it a good horse race. I am proud of Revolutionary, but I feel he had more then the track to overcome that day, he had to try to overcome Borel's ride. Just because he has guts, to put his life, and his horses life on the line, bouncing off the rail, squeezing through tiny holes, does not make him a good jockey; a special touch, knowing your horse, and working with his strengths, while helping him through his weaknesses, being a good horseman, that's what makes a good jockey; which Borel will never be' It's too bad, because Winstar's loyalty is working against a horse that could be greater then Borel will let him show! Please Winstar, another jockey for the Belmont; get Rosie if you can!!
James Rhodes More than 1 year ago
spot on Marty....
Thomas Crowder More than 1 year ago
He better win today in the 2nd race ! I singled him !
Forego137 More than 1 year ago
Here's another bad write up about racing, Borel is coming off a wrist injury and his long time agent has retired, that is not mentioned instead this is written like something is going on w/Borel, it's just a negative write up about Borel and is written in a way that implys he should retire or he has other issues for him not getting mounts. Very poorly written and all this write up is I have to write something to get paid.
Milton Mcmahan More than 1 year ago
Like the manager of base ball,coach of a football,basketball you get the horses you win .You get too much credit when you win too much blame when you lose.
morton erskine More than 1 year ago
Gone downhill since that fight with Castellano in the Breeders Cup.
Lise McLain More than 1 year ago
Hi! Over time one loses his or her touch so, therefore, a reorganization is needed. It happens to many jockeys. Look what happened to Edgar Prado, for instance. He wasn't getting good mounts for a long time until he got a new agent. Whammo! He is now beginning to win some good stakes races. Good for him. He is just one example. New strategies are needed, otherwise, the same old thing will continue to happen. Thank you! Lise from Maine
Mike More than 1 year ago
Please folks this is horse racing - "journalists" do not ask tough questions - or question things that are right under their nose! How else could all of racings decline have happened over the last 20 years?
Ruben Flores Diaz More than 1 year ago
most overrated jockey in the US, dirty and no class, he should of gotten punched in the nose after what he did to dreaming of julia
Bryan E More than 1 year ago
My guess is that most likely RTG was trained to do that for her races at Oaklawn where the rail was an almost insurmountable advantage on a couple of her race days this winter. I don't think it helped her much from the 9 post at Churchill so I doubt he did it on purpose. He usually saves that move for when he can just bowl over 2-3 horses to get to the rail.
Diana Leeson More than 1 year ago
Most overrated -a three time Derby winner in four years? Dirty - explain yourself, I have never seen him do anything dirty and it's Calvin who has class and you who don't! When there is a Rosario around other jockeys don't get the best horses, without the best horses you aren't going to be on a winning streak.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I have never thought of the word "dirty" to describe Calvin and if you are using the term "no class" because he is missing a few teeth and talks "Cajun" well that is just plain mean. The ONLY ride I have ever seen of his that I would criticize was his ride on Rachel in the Woodward when, in my opinion, he excessively whipped her. THAT bothered me alot and I wasn't even a Rachel FAN.
ctgreyhound More than 1 year ago
Have to agree with you re: Borel's ride on Rachel. It was hard to watch & I was surprised that more wasn't made of that controversial ride. As I recall he similarly rode her in a race the following year when she no longer had the will to run.