11/08/2013 4:52PM

Churchill Downs adds Kentucky Derby futures pool at end of November


LOUISVILLE, Ky. – Churchill Downs officials announced late Friday that a future wager on the 2014 Kentucky Derby will be offered at the end of November, by far the earliest such parimutuel futures have been offered since first being made available in 1999.

The pool will be open for four days, from Wednesday, Nov. 27, through Saturday, Nov. 30, closing at post time of either the Remsen at Aqueduct or the Kentucky Jockey Club at Churchill, whichever is run first.

The three pools normally offered in the months preceding the Derby will be offered on this schedule: Feb. 6-8; Feb. 27-March 1; and March 27-29. The lone Kentucky Oaks futures pool will coincide with the second of those three.

The standard win and exacta formats remain, with 23 individually listed interests and a 24th “all others” option.

“We’re excited to promote this wager before a live audience at the tail-end of our fall meet,” said Churchill spokesman Darren Rogers, noting that all preceding futures have been offered during non-racing periods for Churchill.

Tyren M More than 1 year ago
Field/Revolutionary (Pool 1) paid last year. You don't know if ANY of their 23 will even make it to Churchill in May. Have at it. I'll see you in Feb...maybe.
Walter More than 1 year ago
Future bets on a pair mutuel basis are ridiculous. The only way to bet this proposition is to do it in Vegas where you lock in your odds and hope you win! CDI can keep their sorry future bet system!
Keith Hoffman More than 1 year ago
I often wager a few bucks in the early pools but isnt worth the risk for the reward, espeically that early before the Derby Churchill Downs needs to improve their services on Derby weekend and pay more attention to attendees and bettors. That will make more sence.
Joseph Malatesta More than 1 year ago
All Others will be about 2:5. No way to make money here, unless you want to lay thousands down.
hayduke More than 1 year ago
Another example of giving the fans something we don't want! The change in future wagering we are all clamoring for is that CD finally sell its Atari server, replace it with something that can handle more than 24 betting interests and give us a real futures wager with separate betting interests on all eligible two year olds.
J C More than 1 year ago
The odds offered are never worth the risk.. If they increased the betting field to all triple crown nominated horses, then it'd be fun.
Robert Brown More than 1 year ago
It would be interesting if they let you bet on all eligible horses to the KD !!!
Ray Sousa More than 1 year ago
another step the loteryfication o horseracing...pick a number any number and cross our fingers.
Ray Sousa More than 1 year ago
sorry keyboard issues ment to write..another step in the lotteryfication of horseracing pick a number and cross your fingers.
M J More than 1 year ago
Totally ridiculous bet at this time unless CD gives minimum 100-1 odds on each entry. (Don't hold your breath.)
Joe Rockhold More than 1 year ago
While I don't see myself making a wager on this I am interested to see how they determine their 23 options. Will there be some maidens with huge pedigree's waiting to debut for big time trainers? Or will it be all horses who have accomplished something on the track to date?