03/06/2015 1:57PM

Chapa's fine for alleged buzzer use increased to $100,000

Coady Photography/DRF Illustration
Quiet Acceleration and jockey Roman Chapa win the Richard King Stakes on Jan. 17. Chapa is charged with a felony for allegedly using a buzzer during the race.

A Texas Racing Commission official has increased a fine assessed to jockey Roman Chapa for allegedly using an electrical device from $25,000 to $100,000, according to documents provided by the commission. The case concerns the Richard King Stakes, run at Sam Houston Race Park on Jan. 17. 

Chapa won the race aboard Quiet Acceleration, but last week at a hearing before the Sam Houston board of stewards, the rider was suspended for five years and fined $25,000. The stewards also referred his case to Chuck Trout, the executive director of the commission, for further consideration. In addition, the Sam Houston stewards disqualified Quiet Acceleration and ordered that the purse of the $50,000 race be redistributed.

Chapa has appealed the decision to the commission.  

Trout acted on his authority to modify the fine for several reasons, he outlined in an order provided by the commission. Trout cited “aggravating circumstances,” writing that the case was Chapa’s third violation for possession of a prohibited device. Trout cited cases in 1994 in Texas and 2001 in New Mexico. He also said the current case has damaged the reputation of Sam Houston.

The stewards in January said they began an investigation into the case after seeing a photo of the race in which it appeared that Chapa was holding something in his hand.

The next step in the case is for Chapa’s appeal to move to the state office of administrative hearings for an evidentiary hearing, said Robert Elrod, a spokesman for the commission. No hearing date has been scheduled, Elrod said Friday.

russell More than 1 year ago
Unless the feds are involved they are not getting 100k from his bank acct unless he posted an all cash bond which almost never happens. Unless they did a search warrant and have more info its not going to happen. Believe me its bs but thats America.
Chad mc rory More than 1 year ago
What a crock! He's "convicted" once and then convicted again?
Dwayne Bell More than 1 year ago
Deserve a second chance
Karen Johnson More than 1 year ago
Didn't you read this article?? 'Trout cited “aggravating circumstances,” writing that the case was Chapa’s third violation for possession of a prohibited device.' (This is in the 4th paragraph!!)
Paul McAleavey More than 1 year ago
Almost every jockey over 35 has used a buzzer and every trainer over 50 has asked them to and hit them with a battery in their flank the morning of their race. Haven't you ever seen a horse come back from a race they looked like they lost? It happens all the time.
wayne haehner More than 1 year ago
does that make this practice acceptable? your take is absurd
Karen Johnson More than 1 year ago
"Almost every jockey"?? How many track have you been to? How many backsides have you visited? How many jockeys do you know? I can guess at your answers and, doing so, say to you: SHUT UP!
Walter More than 1 year ago
Mike Lee More than 1 year ago
Can't believe this loser wasn't banned for life!!
Thomas Mclaughlin More than 1 year ago
I believe they banned him for as long as they could. He will have a tough time getting another license anywhere at this point.