01/23/2015 8:47PM

Chapa appeals riding suspension


Jockey Roman Chapa on Friday appealed a summary suspension the Sam Houston Race Park board of stewards levied against him pending an investigation into his ride in last Saturday night’s ninth race, the $50,000 Richard King Handicap, which he won aboard Quiet Acceleration.

The ride is being investigated after a photo of the finish of the race shows what may be a foreign object in Chapa’s hand.

Chapa has been off his mounts since Monday. The appeal is set to be heard by the stewards Feb. 9, said David Rollinson, a steward at Sam Houston.

Chapa was interviewed Monday at Sam Houston as part of the investigation, according to the Sam Houston stewards. At the time of his suspension, he was the leading rider at the meet, which opened Jan. 16. Chapa is currently tied for second in the standings with a 5-for-7 record.




redboy More than 1 year ago
it will be a real SHOCKER if his suspension get overturned !
TEDK215 More than 1 year ago
if you zoom in on the poor horses face as hes crossing the line, you can actually see the FEAR in this horses eyes as if to say, would someone please get this piece of #### off my back,FAST!
mg More than 1 year ago
Are you serious. No doubt it's wrong and he should not go unpunished but I think your post was dramatic. Drama Queen
mike More than 1 year ago
Maybe you might sing a different tune if you ever got a shock.
Randy Baker More than 1 year ago
It's different than the shock of looking at your kids' cell phone bill.
G More than 1 year ago
Chapa was suspended before for a major violation and was out 10 years. He will likely be gone again. The major problem and yes I know the jock has the device, is that the trainers use these devices when training and then they want the jock to use them. I have known a lot of jockeys at lower level tracks and some of them would pay the fine to be taken off the mount right before the race because the trainer wanted them to use a shocker.
Robert Menefield More than 1 year ago
he is done if u cant see that machine and prongs sticking out then u are blind
John Smith More than 1 year ago
Perhaps Pish can loan his good buddy a few thousand to hire an attorney who will defend the incident with the following: "Did anyone see him carry a machine? Did you find the machine on the turf course afterwards? Did you find a machine in his locker or on his person? Did anyone witness him carrying a machine? Is it possible that the track photograph photo shopped the winner picture? Can it be proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that the object in the picture is, in fact, an electrical device?:".... blah blah. blah.. I am no computer expert but I think there is a way you can determine if the object in the picture is real or not.. Anybody got any thoughts?
TEDK215 More than 1 year ago
a pic is worth a 1000 words, and last time I checked that one, it CLEARLY showed a zapper. and I highly doubt anyone of sound mind would doctor a pic from Sam Houston!
John Smith More than 1 year ago
I know its an electrical device..you know its an electrical device.. the jockey and trainer know its an electrical device, everyone who knows anything about horse racing knows its an electrical device...but a good attorney will try to show the image could have been enhanced or altered via computer.. Not sure the jockey can be convicted on the basis of this image without other incriminating evidence.
Mark D More than 1 year ago
This will never stop until jockeys start to rat each other out.
Mark D More than 1 year ago
Want to beat this Chapa??? Before your hearing I recommend you call Brady and Belichick for some advice.
Michael Beauregard More than 1 year ago
Funny every time someone wins they are called cheaters. What we have here is a sore loser
Cliff Amyotte More than 1 year ago
24kCrates More than 1 year ago
Is this guy serious? Someone needs to smack this clown upside the head.
Steve More than 1 year ago
He may be lacking in brains, but he sure has a lot of nerve