06/23/2017 10:35AM

Chance to nail down $7K Del Mar seat


Sunday is the big day on DRF Tournaments this weekend with a pair of qualifiers -- one for the Wynn Challenge and another for the Del Mar Handicapping Challenge.

First up is the $108 buy-in event that will see one in 27 players advance to the Wynn. The Wynn contest is a mythical-money tournament that focuses on Del Mar and Saratoga. It takes place on Aug. 4-5 at Wynn Las Vegas. Qualifiers will receive their $2,000 entries plus $500 in travel.

The Wynn contest has a few interesting quirks. For one thing, in a throwback to the way many contests used to be, there is no leaderboard on display throughout the contest. You’ll only see the scores at the end of day one and the end of day two. Another notable thing about the Wynn is the double-bet that allows players to maximize their strongest opinion on each day.

The biggest prize of the weekend will be awarded in the qualifier for the Del Mar Handicapping Challenge, to be held July 29-30. Entries cost $400 and one in 22 will win their $7,000 Del Mar seats plus a $500 travel voucher. In addition to the expected $300,000 in prizes (based on 140 entries), the winner of the contest will receive a shot at a $1 million bonus should he or she go on to win the Breeders’ Cup Betting Challenge, to be held at the seaside oval for the Breeders’ Cup meet in early November. What a Del Mar double that would be.

We’re approaching the next Grade 1 qualifier for the World Championship of Handicapping, where one in 10 will win their $5,000 seats to the $1 million, no-takeout finals. The Grade 1 takes place on July 8. You can buy an entry directly for $580 or win your way in via round-one contests. Round ones are held every operating day on DRFT. Entries are $90 and one in seven will move on to the Grade 1.

There are also a series of feeders, match-ups, credit-builders and winner-take-all contests. For a look at the full slate of contests, go to tournaments.drf.com.