12/04/2006 12:00AM

Castellano heads to Hong Kong


Javier Castellano will attempt to succeed in Hong Kong on Wednesday night where he failed over this past weekend in Hanshin, Japan, when he represents the United States in the Cathay Pacific International Jockeys Challenge at Happy Valley Racecourse.

Castellano and fellow American Edgar Prado were shut out of the winner's circle at Hanshin on Saturday and Sunday in the World Super Jockeys Series, won by German-based Andreas Suborics.

Castellano will face 11 riders from around in the world in the International Jockeys Challenge. Among his foes will be Suborics; that rider's countryman and defending champ, Andrasch Starke; Frenchman Olivier Peslier; Australian Damien Oliver; and Japan's Yutaka Take, all of whom have won the Challenge in the past.